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  1. The T20 world Cup preliminary rounds have begun, and Ireland's Bowler Curtis Campher did a Hat Trick one better, (four wickets in four deliveries) in Ireland's first T20 game against Netherlands. https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/icc-men-s-t20-world-cup-2021-22-1267897/ireland-vs-netherlands-3rd-match-first-round-group-a-1273714/match-report Ump didn't want to give them, two of them were DRS reviews
  2. Name for the heel hook finisher.. TORQUE-madas revenge
  3. Those kicks from the mutual heelhooks, they were landing pretty flush.
  4. While the SupaKliqElite took the W, I think the Dark Order really shined in that one. Loved the bucks running the ropes for the kiss adam cole spot, getting tripped, and the DO taking their spots. Cole had the best reaction. Thought for a second that the team finisher (one of the times where Knox's complete disregard of tag rules works against the Bucks) was going to be enough, but the Bucks broke up the pinfall. But still, I can see the Dark Order (and possibly Danielson, as I mentioned earlier) playing defense from the Elite shenanigans ala Sting with the Five Aces taking out Omega's support, giving Hangman the title, ending the long running storyline between Omega and Page, allowing Page to feud with Moxley (considering the end of the Casino match was Mox and Page, I can see that being his first feud), and Omega-Danielson 2, which doesn't need the belt to main event PPV. (Seriously, Iron Man, or 2/3 falls, 1 hour time limit. I wouldn't be surprised if they go 1-1 hour draw if that's the case.) And Arn brings up the Dusty history. That gave me glee.
  5. I can see Omega doing some fuckery to cost Danielson the match, and Danielson helping the Dark Order fend off the Supa Elite in response.
  6. you know if this was WWE-related, Vince would team them and call them FishHook. That Page promo. Is the Inner Circle headed for another Blood and Guts match? I can see the MMA fighters saying "This is a cage. We fight best in a cage", and the Inner Circle showing that um, things are slightly different in a blood and guts cage.
  7. Dear god. Danielson goes from the strikefest with Suzuki yesterday to the hurty-TORQUE fest with Fish. That finish looked GNARLY. I mean, from a workrate perspective, within 24 hours he had the match with Suzuki and now Fish.
  8. Also the first team in MLB Postseason history to hit grand slams in consecutive innings. So they got that going for them, at least.
  9. Holy fuckshit, two goal of the month candidates from Salah and Greenwood within hours of each other. Salah gets bonus points for putting his defender on his backside before the shot, but Greenwood's was a feckin HOWITZER.
  10. Top 10-ish, the fact that it was a dream match but a one-off keeps it from being higher I think. To clarify: I think that some of the other matches had a storyline that made the match itself bigger. (thunder rosa-Britt Baker, for example).This was the science and brutality of wrestling, but because it was "Just a dream match" with no/little build up, keeps the "artistic" side down just very slightly. Or if I can use the old figure skating judges scoreline, 6.0's (max) for technical), 5.8's for artistical.
  11. Good lord, the impacts in that Suzuki-Danielson match.
  12. Hyuuuuuge three points for the young Yanks (average age 22).
  13. Same type of play happened in 2019, same result. (Two bases, with a team denied a run by the play). The funny part of it was that Tampa was in the field for that one. https://www.mlb.com/video/galvis-doubles-in-run-on-review
  14. The ruling is correct by the rule, and it immediately reminded me of 2004...
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