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  1. I set it up to pitch only, and my 97 ranked Houdini-path pitcher just threw a perfect game. Then I ended up pulling Christian Yelich and Orel Hershiser from The SHow packs, so the luck was still with me I think.
  2. now if the rangers could stop getting their ass kicked in the fights, that would be great.
  3. yeah, the Pats fans who wanted Fields are all like "WTF BILL Y U NO MAKE TRADE?" But two firsts, a fourth and a fifth to move up NINE spots? No thanks.
  4. Me, rising out of bed after a mid-afternoon nap, checking phone: "Hah! Man Yoo losing to Roma at home in the Europa League! Doesn't look like any trophies this year!" (proceeds to feed dogs, put them out, and sits at the computer.) Now: "Manchester United have scored five unanswered second half goals to lead 6-2!" Me: 0_o
  5. Ah, fuck RIP May stars light his path until next we meet.
  6. Just a random wrestling related thought. What moves did you see a lot growing up that have pretty much disappeared these days? Some that I thought of when the topic flitted by randomly: Atomic Knee Drop (back or front) 10 punch in the corner (doesn't help with no crowds, currently) Scoop-type slams. Argentine backbreaker (Lex Luger's Torture Rack) Enzuigiri
  7. what's worse than giving up 36 runs in an over? (six sixes, the theoretical maximum) Giving up 37! (6, 6, 6 +1nb, 6, 2, 4) https://www.bbc.com/sport/cricket/56878840
  8. The County Championship on England kicks off today. https://www.bbc.com/sport/live/cricket/55341739
  9. Honestly, if I was booker-man, (and thank god I'm not, that leads to Archer backstage with Jake going. Archer: "After I thought about what the Stinger said. I understand. If I want that spot, if I want that position, I gotta step out and PROVE it. Step out from the shadows of the past and.." Jake: "So, Sting, you have an angry legend-destroyer fired up and what he's going to do to you.." Archer: "You have it wrong, Jake. I have to step out of the shadow. YOUR shadow." (archer then uses cinematic stuff to destroy Jake, because god knows we can't have him take a bump i
  10. Putting the main event schwerve aside (which felt like they were channeling into "Must have moment at the end of the show, even if it makes no logical sense", I liked the show. Tay Conti and Bunny=Yes, more please. JD Drake and Darby Allin=Yes, more please and twice as much/long. Darby's made for fighting from underneath, and Drake really is a hoss. I actually get where Sting is going. For once, he's playing the mind games with Jake Roberts. What has Jake done his entire career? Been hugely hot in spots, then disappeared for a while, then jumps back into a top spot, and t
  11. Speaking as an AFC Easter.. dislike. But hell, it's going to be interesting to watch.
  12. 1812 Overture stuff from Stokes today.
  13. Wot a game between France and Wales. France need a bonus point win by 21 or more against Scotland to pip Wales for the Six Nations.
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