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  1. I actually liked London 2012, but yeah, this one is too cartoony for me
  2. Just to put that time in its perspective.. (from the BBC) His blistering 45.94 second lap, which I must reiterate was achieved despite hurdles, would have seen him win the 2021 British Championships over the regular, flat 400m.
  3. To steal a WWE gimmick.. not bad for a B plus USA team.. get BENT mexico
  4. Let's try a little something to broaden our football-watching habits. Tell me who you're a fan of currently (if any), and what sports networks/streaming services you have access to. I will randomly suggest a number of teams to become a fan of. Who knows, maybe it will cause more discussion in the main thread. Peacock/NBC English Premier League ESPN/ESPN+ Men's Leagues: Spanish LaLiga (All 1st division, some 2nd Division) Bundesliga (1 and 2), A-League (Aus), Belgian League. English League Championship (and some lower division games), Dutch Eredivise, Indian Super League, Danish Super Liga, MLS (Shared), NCAA Soccer Women's Leagues: Ligue 1 (FRA), NCAA Women's Soccer, W-League (Aus) BeIN Sports Ligue 1 (France) Turkish Super League GOL TV: Liga NOS (Portugal) Ecuador Uruguay CBS Sports Italian Serie A (Starts August 2021) Brazil Serie A Argentine First Division Scottish Premiership NWSL I'll even start with myself: Fan of: Liverpool (EPL), Cambridge United (League One, England), Celtic (SPL) Access to: All streaming services Suggested fan of: Corinthians (Brazil). Reason: I did not know that Corinthians was named after a famed amateur English side, that was so committed to fair play and gentlemanly conduct, that they would purposefully allow their opponents to score on Penalty Kicks (figuring that if they had committed a foul, then the opponents deserved the goal), and would purposefully miss their own penalty kicks, thinking they were unearned goals for them. Despite this, they were one of the best teams in the early days (1880's-1890's)of English Football (despite never competing in anything but friendlies, they once beat a full-strength Manchester United side 11-3). Amongst other distinctions, their white uniforms were the inspiration for a team.. ahem.. less committed to fair play and gentleman-like conduct, that being Real Madrid. And because my friends joke that I'm a front-runner, cheering for Celtic and Liverpool amongst other teams, Corinthians (Paulista) are one of the most successful sides in the Brazillian Serie A, winning the national title 7 times.
  5. Wow, the SPL had its first games today on Paramount Plus here in the US, and what a result for Hearts back in the Scottish Premiership, including two RIDICULOUS saves by ex-Celtic goalkeeper Craig Gordon, and a goal by comeback legend John Souttar (coming back from shredding his Achillies TWICE!) gives them a 2-1 win over Celtic.
  6. FIFA: Mexican Soccer, I'm pretty sure you know why we called you into the office.. Mexico: No, not really. FIFA: You've been naughty. Again. Mexico: Yeah, but did you see how many youtube videos that cup bouncing off the player's head got? Besides, we (accidentally) hit one of our own players as well, so it evened out right? FIFA: No, that's.. well.. that's NOT the specific reason we called you in today. But don't do THAT again, either. Mexico: So, what's the problem? FIFA: That chant. Mexico: Oh.... FIFA: Yes, we asked you to stop it. We told you to stop it.. Mexico: And.. FIFA: You didn't stop it. Mexico: I don't see a problem here. FIFA: We do. Mexico: Oh. FIFA: Since you can't or won't stop your fans from that chant.. Mexico: A bit from column A, a bit from column B, really. FIFA: We're going to have to force you to play a couple World Cup Qualifiers behind closed doors. Mexico: Ow. FIFA: Anyway, we hope that we won't have to call you in.. Mexico: Wait, that means men's and women's qualifiers, right? FIFA: Well, we didn't specify, but.. um.. I guess. Mexico: Well, that sucks, but not as bad then. FIFA: So, now that this matter's closed.. what's that noise.. Mexico: It's our fans doing THAT chant again. FIFA: (takes off their glasses, pinches their nose, and rubs their forehead) Mexico: I don't see a problem here.
  7. Nine Olympic Goals for the US disallowed in this tournament. Trump is running the VAR booth *laughs* And Rapinoe with the winning PK. Because, of course
  8. The Dodgers are Malibu Beach House Barbie. They have one of everything.
  9. Back when he announced that he was joining and one of the first champions there was a "AEW's wasting their time with a nostalgia act"
  10. I remember when folks thought Jericho AEW was going to be some light comedy and "remember all the wacky stuff you got into when you were a scamp?". Instead, he seems to have gone full on Crazy Grandpa mode. "Throw me from the top of the cage? Sure! Have some deathmatch maniac use my forehead as a cutting board with a pizza cutter? Love the idea!" What's next? Pirahna? Bed of Nails? Not saying it's a bad thing, I think that people owe Jericho an apology for thinking he was going to pull some quasi-Triple H burying young talent. He put over OC clean as a whistle several times, and when you add the feud vs the Elite, and now MJF, he's been doing the grizzled veteran helping the next generation role PERFECTLY.
  11. Congrats to the British and Irish Lions, for taking the first game against the Springboks. When they said it's coming home, they obviously meant the OTHER code of football.
  12. That bottom of the 10th in the Yankees/Red Sox game. Craayyyzee. 2 Runs, No Hits, None Left. 4 wild pitches and a walk, plus the bonus runner)
  13. This card exposed the best of WWE. Also the worst. Best: No one does moment-crowd pops like WWE. Cena's return was off-the-charts. (even with the hysterical oversell by Cole and crew). That one or two seconds of "wait, what? OMG!" is great. Worst: When they did the Rollins interview they just killed the main event. KILLED it. THey might as well have put up a giant flashing sign that said "Hi. I'm Seth Rollins. I'm going to do what's called a "run-in" and cost Edge the title against Roman Reigns in the main event. Don't bother watching it or getting invested in it." (and yes, I did that reference deliberately)
  14. I think the only reason Darby Allin's still with us on God's Green Earth is because he wasn't headhunted by Lucha Underground. No, I don't mean LITERALLY (although with LU, you never quite knew), but you KNOW they would have him do some crazy-ass shit. Not that coffin dropping a coffin isn't some crazy-ass shit, mind you. Couple of WWE-ish camera oopsies in the main event (missing the missed Stinger Splash), but man, that had the hate. It wasn't some mystical "Cage the spirit forever" coffin match, it was "I hate you motherfucker, and this shit won't stop till one or both of us are underground, and then we might do it again in Hell." AEW does hate well. By that I mean, most mid and upper card feuds in WWE aren't exactly filled with emotion. They're marking time. to flip a saying around, if you're not on last, they treat feuds like they're on first. Just meaningless matches to fill time. Here, they do a job to tell us WHY these people hate each other, let them actually say they hate each other, and then act out that hate in the ring. Gives the matches more meaning. And yes, Give the Dark Order the tag titles. Either team. Hell, have one team win it, and then have a Dark Order vs Dark Order tag title match, with the rest of the Dark Order telling the fans to cheer "ALL THESE GUYS!"
  15. Lions series kicks off with a game against Japan prior to their tour of South Africa, and sadly, we already have some significant injuries
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