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  1. I don't think the T-20 sides have home and away kits.
  2. 259-3 entering day 5. This is.. not normal.
  3. England 176-3, chasing 378. Surely not....
  4. # of days since my smuggler has killed a Hutt in The Old Republic needs to be reset to 0. This time, I dropped most of his palace on him. (serves him right for making such an annoying plot)
  5. Yes, I'm on a posting spree, but that match has me super hype like a triple caramel Macchiato. Couple last thoughts for now. I wish Jericho had taken the Parker spot? Why? Because "Parker Punishment Pinball" is fun wordplay.. "Jericho is a Pinball Wizard" would be Wordplay AND a reference to one of the greatest songs of all time. Kinda interesting that they basically wrote their (interim) champion out of the match with 10-12 minutes to go in the match with the Judas Effect, Rubbing Alcohol and DDT on the tacks. Yuta didn't take any death spots either (gotta keep their Pure Champ unstained? ;)) Glad they used Tay Conti opening the cage door for two reasons, one of course is to allow the fight to go up top, and two to get her backstage so she didn't have to watch the Sammy flying spot from ringside. That's a bit much to ask of anyone, especially a heel. Speaking of that spot, Kingston should've wished Sammy well in his future endeavors before throwing him off the cage. (no: Seriously, great job of foreshadowing the spot by mentioning that Hell in a Cell fall obliquely as well as Jericho taking the throw off the cage last time.) and finally, UFC gives bonuses to the fight of the night. No offense to what went before it (which I will now go and watch), but if they do give out bonuses, this needs to be a 12 or so way bonus. They earned their fucking paycheck (and spot) tonight/ Anyway, going to shut up now and try to figure out how to dump this adrenaline high.
  6. Was it a MATCH of the year candidate? I dunno. I think that there's just way too much happening in here to call it a Match of The Year. plu syou know, technically, 85% of the in-ring stuff happened technically BEFORE the match begun (due to Blood and Guts not officially starting until all 12 men are in). FIGHT of the year candidate? Indubitably.
  7. Sammy keeps one-upping his crazy spots. Here's a sneak peek of his next one.
  8. I think they wanted a reason to focus on the top of the cage, so they destroyed the ring area to give people a reason to stay down in the ring, and let the fight on top be everyone's focus. The rubbing alcohol was smashed into Mox's open wounds, so I'm thinking that there was no flaming table spot planned.
  9. Blood and Guts Thoughts: The JAS with the Magic Mike entrance! Kingston's Crew are appropriately amped for this FIGHT. Claudio is hype. Wheeler Yuta looks like he is completely methed up for the match. WIIIIIILLLD THING! Moxley with the Triple H water spit! Twice! Regal officially retires once and for all by putting over how much damage Claudio and Mox did him. Regal tries to recruit Stone Cold to AEW... Claudio is going to be larger then so many opponents in AEW which is going to be huge for his push. Sammy is such a great smaller guy for Claudio to show off. Poor Sammy is such a great heel. Never should turn face. Regal is so good at putting over people that he's supposed to hate in his commentary. REGAL WITH THE HEENAN REFERENCE! "Lose if you have to, win if you can, but always cheat". I nominate Yuta as the new Prince of German Suplexes. So many great germans. Pops it purposefully and with menace. So many awkward bumps with the distance between rings and cage. They really need to work on that for future matches. SPINNING SPRINGBOARD UPPERCUT. I missed Claudio so much. Regal loves the fight, you can hear it. Moxley in early, and let the NASTINESS commence. We're only halfway in and we have people getting forked up already. They need a pencil to honor the original sheik while they're at it, just for weapon bingo. And we have Color! Menard with the greatest lights are on but no one's home bloody look. Triple Hammer Elbows. Parker is a nine hundred percent great chickenshit heel before Claudio catches him and they get to play Parker Punishment Pinball. Taz gets to use the word plethora! Someone gave him a word of the day calendar for christmas, didn't they? Taz and Regal, being known as supreme ass-kickers, are loving this and putting it over so much. And never mind Annie Lenox's Walking on Broken Glass, Jon Moxley's Piledriver on Broken Glass is the song of violence for the 2020's and here's the thing about Blood and Guts compared to NXT WarGames. They are willing to go that extra mile in just sheer "We have so much hate that we're going to to things that would get us years in prison, and you can't stop us". And they don't spend a lot of useless time facing off when there's fighting to be done. Did that Piledriver on glass happen during PiP (I got this... um. elsewhere). Yup. I didn't think they'd show the replay when they came back. Oh my god that pop up European from Claudio. You just hang in mid air, looking down at Claudio, and look down, and know what's about to hit you at nine billion miles an hour. So good. Eddie has that "deranged Austin" look down when he's looking at Jericho. Just casual *thwack thwack thwack thwack* with the cane to get his hands on Jericho. That awkward space between rings strikes again with the Hagerbombed through the table. Looked so uncomfortable. Sheesh. The last time I saw this much ring disassembling, Daniel Bryan was fired from WWE. God. RUBBING ALCOHOL TO THE OPEN WOUND OF MOX! JUDAS EFFECT INTO THE TACKS. DAYUMN. Mox has twenty tacks in his back and legs and takes a DDT on the tacks for good measure. No surprise, but Jon Moxley is one sick fuck. JR with the Jezebel reference. Classic. Oh no, Jerico climbing to the top of the DIABOLICAL STRUCTURE (JR didn't use that one, but you know that he wanted to). and Kingston's like "You've just activated my trap card!" Nice that most of the top of the cage is reinforced, makes this top of the cage stuff more active. I wish there was fighting in the ring, but you know, I guess they want everyone to focus on the roof. Sammy says his goodbyes to Jericho, knowing what's about to happen.. I'd like to think he said "If I don't make it Chris, stay away from Tay, you got it?" BON VOYAGE SAMMY! Funny, the landing is just perfect, as the towel on Sammy makes it looks like he's a neck brace already. Best time for a PiP. No one's gonna change the channel during THIS commercial break. HOCKEY FIGHT ON TOP OF THE CAGE!. I think this cage top area fight is a bit too long, but eh. Running Boot in top of the cage? OW. GIANT FUCKING SWING ON TOP OF THE CAGE? OK. That's fucking nuts. DOUBLE SUBMISSION ON TOP OF THE CAGE FOR THE WIN. Holy shit.
  10. Dear Tony K: I don't ask for much. (mostly because you give it to me without asking), but PLEASE, give Yuta/Claudio a tag run for a bit. Can you imagine those two versus the Young Bucks?
  11. They don't have either of the Turner networks, actually
  12. It sucks that Fubo TV has every network that I want, EXCEPT TNT. So, I'll be looking for recaps and or replays to see how crazy this is going to be. (I used to have YouTubeTV but that was missing NESN)
  13. It's funny in a "Dude, know when to cut your losses" kinda way. This all started when someone stole a shipment of blasters (oh, and MY SHIP). I managed to get the ship back, but the blasters were long gone. I've attempted multiple times to make restitution, the real offending party's body is in the middle of a blackhole, but every time they send MORE assassins out, I'm required to take down another major part of their organization. At some point, realize that antagonizing me is just going to end up blowing up in your face, again, and Again, AND AGAIN! Sheesh. (and if I read spoilers correctly, we're apparently on the same side of this intergalactic war. Don't matter none to me no more, I think I'm going to go ECW Taz and turn the Butcher into JUST ANOTHER VICTIM Really, I'm not bloodthirsty.. I'm.. practical.
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