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  1. It became US vs England and Europe because England didn't have enough good golfers, so it became a non-event. Doing so again would be not quite as bad, but still not that great. And getting rid of England is , well not quite sacrilege but you get my point. Besides, Adding Europe to england in the Cup happened before the EU.
  2. File under D for Dumbass. Get caught missing multiple drug tests, attempt to bribe (!) the drug-test collector, face a five game suspension, have your union make an agreement with the league to be a two game suspension instead, THEN appeal it, and a joint arbitrator appointed together by the league and the NFLPA say "Naw, you get five games for chutzpah" https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32280659/sources-dallas-cowboys-lael-collins-attempted-bribe-nfl-drug-test-collector
  3. After Brexit, nothing's coming home to England.
  4. I forget the date of the Young Bucks-FTR title match, I remember that one being very good.
  5. Ok, now more thoughts. Rewatched the Main Event. I get that they put it over as a fight, but really, it was like 85-90% suzuki-gun, and not enough back and forth war. I'm pretty sure that this would have been better served to be one of those walking brawls like the Tupelo Concession Brawl. It actually hurt Mox and Kingston to take that much of a beatdown for that long, and only be saved by Homicide. (am I the only one who thinks HOmicide is going to turn on Kingston and we're going to get a war between the two? Hobbs - Punk, other than the one hurricanrana botch after two attempts was prime level "Young heel hoss takes on wily veteran face" The 8 man tag was.. rather insane. Always something happening, but it was.. disjointed. Same goes a lot for the 6-man tag. Right now, I'm all for the women taking over the Dark Order. Hardy is leveling up his Shitweaseling skill. Hair Vs Hair, Orange Cassidy vs.. Chuck Taylor. (and everyone's breath deflates) Dynamite was a clearly better show Considering we normally rag on dynamite's announcers, have to say that Taz and Starks were a net minus on this one. Their giggling over Miro stuff made it seem more of a stunt then a "OH MY GOD!" moment. Rampage was still very good, mind you, but I have problems with this one that I didn't with Dynamite.
  6. Ok, Am I crazy, or did they give Archer and Suzuki way too much in that main? Seemed like 85% of the match was just an extended beatdown.
  7. Darby Allin vs Miro Not the greatest match, but it got over Darby's heart and Miro's destuctiveness. 10 man tag, Dark Order vs Elite. The Inner Circle vs Pinnacle blood and guts (despite it's ending) Jeez, I've picked three matches where the bad guy went over.
  8. Not with an inconclusive ending. Too much risk.
  9. Thank you! Your description has just reminded me of what Cody's reaction looked like. The bug eyed Jean Claude Van Damme look when he got powder thrown in his eyes in Bloodsport.
  10. Beware, spoilers are out there. I looked at them because I'm not sure I'll be able to watch Friday. But it looks like a good card. Don't be a schmendrick and spoil in plain sight. I guess the mods will decide if we can discuss in spoiler tags. Confirmed Matches: Anna Jay vs Penelope Ford Men of the Year vs Jericho/Hager CM Punk vs Powerhouse Hobbs 8 Man Tag HFO (Private Party+Butcher and Blade) vs Lucha Bros+Santana/Ortiz) Elite-SuperKlik (Cole and Young Bucks) vs Cage/Jurassic Express Archer and Suzuki vs Moxley and Kingston - Light's Out Match
  11. In the 2000's we would have called it the Cena Scale on a 1-3, but never 4. It's the Muta Scale of the 2020's.
  12. I mean, one of the things that why AEW works, is they don't go out and try to hit a homerun every segment, in a "This changes AEW 4EVER!" kind of way. They slow build some things, like Page, and Cody's turn, etcetera, because they have so much other.. well.. (waves hand at everything going on in AEW), that it just wouldn't have the same impact that it can have.
  13. I'm just afraid that Sting is going to complete the circle and turn on Darby. No I'm not, but it'd be so fitting, wouldn't it?
  14. oh, that sting saw the chair and caught himself moment.. you can teach an old dog, er Icon, new tricks...
  15. I actually think that Cody's "I'm never going to turn heel" and what happened here is actually working towards Cody eventually snapping. He's doing all the good guy stuff, checking on his mentor when he gets knocked down, doing all the fiery babyface spots, and getting booed for it. "You don't want me to be the good guy? You don't want me to be Cody RHODES? Fine. You're going to get what you want. At about 900 miles per hour". THe facial expressions were the key. It was like he couldn't believe that the fans didn't believe in him. Arn pushing him away after that spot and then getting corruption-misted and his reaction after being pinned is another point in a small build. Black isn't here to destroy cody, to make him retire. No, he's here to corrupt Cody. A real American NIGHTMARE.
  16. I know I'm gushing about this card, but also, I have nothing but good things to say about the announcing. They added to the match, didn't distract from the stories being told while pumping everyone up. I love that even the face announcers appreciate good wrestling from heels (you can almost hear the fact that praising MJF causes Tony S physical pain).. They pointed out useful things (like Rebel and Hayter willing to sacrifice themselves if Soho wanted to suplex Baker to the outside)
  17. Oh, bringing up MJF-Pillman, I have to say that it was good to see the "face to turnbuckle ten count". Pillman Sr was seeing those arm drags and hip tosses and nodding in approval. It was like turning back the clock. And MJF is the most punchable man. Ever.
  18. I'd definitely say a solid 4 star, 4 and a half star. Didn't like they went back to the well with the chop/kicks thing multiple times, and they kept it a smidge below top gear to give them somewhere to go to, but you have to think they could have added another 15 minutes to that match and sold it on PPV even not in super top gear.
  19. Something that I just thought of. When we heard the Young Bucks were one of the forces behind AEW, I don't think anyone doubted we were going to see some amazing matches. But after they "blew their wad" in "indy dream matches", what would sustain AEW? Once you've seen every dream match, where do you go? And they have had some indy dream matches. But the storytelling has been great as well. Not just "Who's the better man" matches, like Danielson-Omega, but results in matches that build MORE dream matches, new dreams. They're not sacrificing long-term booking in the name of short-term pops. Honestly, when the Bucks and Cole superkicked Danielson after the match, I was thinking "This would be the spot to bring Hangman back".. but they can hold that off for a while longer, since you have the Jurassic Express and Christian Cage available. I think we're all worried that Hangman's storyline is getting forgotten, but I don't think it is. One of these times when Omega is in those "Deep, deep waters", and calls in his cronies, Page is going to stop them, and the place is going to become unglued.
  20. All of this. Biggest Dynamite ever, biggest AEW crowd ever, and they still built to MORE. More Omega-Danielson. More MJF Heat. More Darby Allin. More Ruby Soho-Britt Baker. MORE. MORE! MORE!!!! Today, I'm a mark.
  21. Dang, Australia beats South Africa twice. Guess they're a different team when they don't have the dark arts.
  22. Blues Traveler was right... The Hook brings you back.. and chokes you out...
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