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  1. Hard to believe it's been four years already. We'll always miss you, brother.
  2. I was like "hah, that's an okay parody headline" and then it slowly dawned on me it was real.
  3. Tampa/Florida is gonna be one to remember, folks.
  4. Ura's been fantastic. Nice to see Yutakayama figuring out some stuff in juryo as well. Asanoyama's ankle is definitely bothering him but even that can't excuse everything. It's been about as mediocre as a 4-4 record can be, and I say that as a pretty big fan of the guy. He's usually Mr. Consistency and this tournament has been ugly. Wakatakakage is the real deal. I don't know if he mounts an Ozeki challenge this year, but he will at some point.
  5. There's some really great stuff from that weird Karate vs New Japan feud that I have never been able to dig up on youtube. There's a Kuniayaki Kobayashi vs. Akitoshi Saito match from TV, apparently being fought over some kind of wood carving(?), where they absolutely destroy each other for about 7 minutes that's one of the wildest matches I've ever seen. If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can dig it up online by all means post it, because Saito bleeds like a motherfucker in it on top of the match being great.
  6. I genuinely like The Sandman even though there's not really much objective evidence that he was good.
  7. I'm trying not to just stomp on people living in fantasyland but why do people still think PPVs are the be all end all in 2021, there is literally no financial evidence whatsoever to support this notion anymore. Which isn't to say you shouldn't still build the shows up to be huge, but especially on the longer cycle between PPV's taht AEW runs the idea that doing a Blood & Guts on free TV is some kind of massive faux pas is utter nonsense that I don't want to spend any time breaking down at all.
  8. I thought Ori was great and Hollow Knight has a wonderful soundtrack, art style, and abysmal gameplay. We are not the same.
  9. Moxley/Nagata was really good and the right length for what it was, great slobberknocker. I prefer Nagata post-40 to pre-40, and it's honestly not that close either. I changed the channel at one point in Cody's promo. The problem with wrestlers trying to be sincere is it goes against their very nature, it's not great. SCU/Bucks was better than I expected. Kazarian's still got it and was honestly pretty great in this. Daniels is kind of whatever at this point. Bucks mocking the Shawn/Flair superkick cheese ruled. Bucks should never be babyfaces again it's a massive fucking waste, thei
  10. Imagine wanting Torts over Gallant, my God. I'm not saying it'll happen but it would be a very James Dolan thing.
  11. I feel like this is going to be SCU's last match but I'm open to being surprised, hopefully in some sort of way that sends more WWE employees crying to the Obverver again about the business "being set back 30 years".
  12. I think they absolutely have to play this year through whatever format works. And even so they are going to have trouble getting some fans and sponsors back.
  13. So obviously that's only one team out of 9 but gives a fair idea of the economics of the lost season.
  14. Lemieux was just an unbelievable freak. It's scary to think what his numbers would look like if his body hadn't completely betrayed him. I think that Lemieux playoff run that produced *that* permanent highlight reel finals goal against Minnesota was probably just about the 2 best months of hockey I ever saw anyone have. McDavid manages to excite me in the same way. Hopefully something big about to go off in these playoffs.
  15. I didn't know I needed a Harnarayan Singh/Celine Dion duet until it happened
  16. 53 games to make 100 points. I have nothing I can possibly even begin to add. Given the context of how the NHL has changed in my lifetime this might be the greatest regular season I've ever watched.
  17. Can't lie, that's pretty good.
  18. "I only want realism in my wrestling", pounding the desk, watching Flair and Steamboat sit in an armlock for 20 minutes, "only realism for me"
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