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  1. Six years after arriving, the family and I have the ceremony to officially become Aussie citizens tomorrow morning. Barbie and beer afterwards come rain or shine, of course (and I know how blessed we are to have such a normal life down here, one of the reasons I have avoided the COVID chat in these parts, can’t help but feel guilty about it all)
  2. Every time I hear the NXT PPV's name, I can't help but think of the UK reality TV show where a ballet dancer had to try to convince a panel of experts that he was actually a grizzled professional wrestler. It aired 20 years ago and I haven't seen since but I recall they kept kayfabe when narrating the match. The gimmick he chose? The Dandy Highwayman.
  3. Sorry not hip to the street lingo, I’m guessing this a good thing? Like ‘the dogs bollocks’ as it’s in that general perineal vicinity? I can’t wait to watch this show once my working day is over, looks like the main event is being lauded across the board.
  4. Good thing Shane Helms and Fred Ottman aren’t in AEW, Spears would be no match for them either (just to pile another dad joke on the first dad joke. Go big or go home)
  5. Truth seems to be a guy who lucked out from Vince’s stubbornness in first impressions. Just as there are some blokes he just didn’t get and can never seem to get behind (Aleister Black comes to mind), there are others that he is enamoured with and have a great relationship, like Truth. Good on him riding it out well into his 40s as he has done.
  6. Okay maybe I was overly harsh in writing him off in that sweeping statement. But at least for the moment he’s sat firmly in that camp with Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc in the pre-Moxley ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ AEW of guys you could round out a promotion with, if you had to, but were quickly eclipsed as the promotion got rolling.
  7. I wouldn’t stick someone in for the sake of neat symmetry. MJF as featured guy, FTR as featured tag team, Wardlow as muscle, Tully as coach/very rarely player works for me. Edit: fair call by Craig on Ethan Page as alternative.
  8. I saw ‘Winner Circle’ suggested for MJF’s new faction, but I much prefer @Wyld Samurai’s ‘Burberry Street Posse’. That’s fantastic. As for Spears, he has the ‘good (for 2010 WWE)’ stench all over him. He was knocking about since the OVW days, you would hear all the how good and polished he was back then. And in the doldrums of WWE at that time you would have these ‘good (for 2010 WWE)’ types that you would have to try and get excited for because they were the best you were going to get, like the Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryders (and speaking of Ryder, there was a bit of the being-held-back-b
  9. Who better, I guess. (I’m not touching that surname with a 10 foot pole, don’t want Cash in my future). As for Johnny, this is just shameless nepotism by Daniel Bryan. And judging from the trademarks, they’ve finally got a name for Randy’s discharges.
  10. To @Shartnado’s point about the volume of discussion for this PPV, it seems nothing gets the juices of the wrestling community flowing and brings people together like shared mockery or commiseration of mishaps and wrestlecrap. (Cf. Titus taking a dive on the way to the ring, and, to a lesser extent, ‘my hole!’) That, and glimpses of brilliance in an otherwise unremarkable product that remind us why we love wrestling the first place (I remember the fervour in the thread after the Nexus attack, for example).
  11. Wow some blasts from the past in this thread! Gotta throw Archer into the mix, though nothing in AEW has yet matched his stellar G1 run awhile back, I’m sure he still has the goods to bring it in a high profile match again.
  12. Naylor sharing a clip of someone else recounting their disappointing explosives experience. I wouldn't be surprised if Maffew or some other contributor interwove the audio from this with the main event footage in the next Botchamania.
  13. I felt the women’s match was great, the Battle Royale and cinematic match both exceeded expectations, and the tag title match was good. The ladder match just dragged and dragged, I was with JR getting exasperated that one man would get a turn, then he would go down and the next man would get a turn, rinse and repeat. As for the main, the match itself was enthralling and they did a fine job putting on a spectacle. I really couldn’t help having an embarrassed laugh at the end though, especially after Callis hyping and hyping. Oh well, hopefully lessons learned. Happy to see Maki
  14. Cue JR critiquing Tony Jones in Beyond The Mat ‘work on your arms, get something that’s a bit more flattering for you, you could be in the hunt!’
  15. I haven’t seen it, but apparently according to wreddit the Road To show was 51st with 347k viewers, not too shabby. With the Wednesday ratings you would have to think they break 100k for the PPV. I’m certainly buying after this great run and build, never mind the intrigue of the new signing, ladder participant and the car crash spectacle of the Mox/Omega confrontation.
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