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  1. Just came in here to post the NOAH that I expected @DEAN to have already posted: Short, but sweet. Excellet, as one would expect The NOAH Juniors are often maligned, but don't sleep on this 8-Man Elimination Tag Match. I couldn't find Kenoh vs. Masa Kitamiya, but if you can find it it's Must Watch.
  2. Whatever brings us closer to the possibility of WALTER vs. Samoa Joe.
  3. I noticed that, too, but he does have a profile on WrestlingData and on Wikipedia. He's an MMA fighter, but he also has a long history with shoot-style wrestling as he wrestled for U-Style way back in 2004/2005 and more recently for Hard Hit and HEAT-UP. He joined Sugiura-Gun in a 14-Man Tag last December, but this was only his first match for NOAH since then.
  4. This was a match I was looking forward to and it turned out to be pretty good: Hopefully Nakamura will wrestle more frequently for NOAH in the future, would love to see him against Nakajima.
  5. OK, I trust you on that one. But technically Marufuji, Ogawa and Inoue are the only three still left from the first show. Akitoshi Saito also joined NOAH before Sugiura. (I admit I had to look that up.)
  6. The last three who have been with NOAH since the beginning? Never forget about Masao f'n Inoue!
  7. Masahiro Takanashi Return Show: Card: Baliyan Akki & Minoru Fujita VS Chris Brooks & Sakaguchi Yukio "Neo Biishiki Gun" Mei Saint-Michel & Saki Sama VS Yuna Mizumori & Emi Sakura "Beauty As Is" Fuminori Abe VS Masahiro Takanashi Andrade El Idolo vs. Laredo Kid from last weekend. This is apparently just mediocre.
  8. I'm pretty sure they signed the Matt Striker they intended to sign. Striker was a school teacher at the time and made some national news headlines, because he called in sick to his school to drive to some Indy show he was booked for. WWE being all like "all publicity is good publicity" decided to sign him, because of that.
  9. The thing that's making me laugh right now is that they announced the full field of the Breakout Tournament, when they already announced on last week's 205 live that two more qualifying matches would be happening on this week's 205 live. According to some reports they actually did tape those two matches yesterday (Grayson Waller vs. Odyssey Jones and Asher Hale vs. Josh Briggs). So they just went ahead and spoiled the results of those two matches, because nobody watches 205 live anyways, I guess?
  10. Another great show from NOAH today! Nakajima vs. Kitamiya totally lived up to the expectations, but the Junior rumble and Marufuji/Mochizuki vs. Inamura/Kiyomiya were a lot of fun as well.
  11. Well, that's exactly what it is, except for the back-up cancers:
  12. I don't know. I have an NVIDIA Shield personally, which I can recommend, but I stream Wrestle Universe to it via Chromecast through my PC as I explained above. I tried it on my phone, but I ran upon the same issue that you have.
  13. I got in the mood to watch some DDT after the Cyberfight Festival and the tournament matches of the King of DDT tournament are indeed very good for the most part. However, the comedy side of DDT is really almost completely unwatchable to me at this point. Back in the 2000s I used to like both sides of DDT, but back then the comedy used to be universal, nowadays it seems like you're completely lost, if you don't speak Japanese. Two guys oiling each other up so they slip through their opponents hands? That's hilarious and requires no explanation! Now it's never-ending PowerPoint presentations, Antonio Honda stopping matches midway through to tell some long-winded story, there's a guy doing a Magnum TOKYO tribute gimmick and I have no idea what his whole deal is etc. Of course there's still Danshoku Dino, but he's been doing the same old shtick for the last 20 years and I just think I've seen enough of that gimmick at this point. The only DDT comedy I still enjoy is happening on the special shows (like the one at the water park) and the Chris Brookes Produce shows (Mecha Mummy vs. Mokujin Ken? Yes, please!).
  14. They introduced a new video player that supports HD at the end of May. Do you have to do it through your phone? Streaming to your TV via Chromecast still works on PC. You just have to right-click on the video and select "Stream...". I don't know how do it on Andoid Phones, though.
  15. The match wasn't bad actually and Kiyomiya has been on a losing streak lately. Another sports-entertainment-trope that has made it's way into NOAH.
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