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  1. I expected most of the card to be Six-Man Tags, since there are three big title matches on the show and all will go long presumably, but Match 2 is completely unnecessary, You could have that on any random NOAH show. And a 14-Man tag? Do we really need Haoh, Nioh and Tadasuke in there? Just scrap those three and three of the DDT guys and this would look much better. At least we get a small taste of the Nakamura/Sakaguchi confrontation I was hoping for. Match 4 is looking the best to me out of all the matches. Let's hope this show can even take place at this point.
  2. Oh, wow, I for sure thought someone would have already posted those by now. Both well worth a watch:
  3. Didn't they say Falcon & Winter Soldier would tie into multiple future projects? I wonder if Thunderbolts is one of them. I, for one, would totally be up for some Thunderbolts.
  4. Isn't it kind of weird that they are having two NXT UK Championship defenses within 24 hours and they don't even mention the respective other match on the respective other program? I guess everyone knows that NXT UK is pre-taped and that WALTER will retain in both matches, but just from a kayfabe-perspective, shouldn't they address what happens, if Ciampa wins the belt?
  5. If they like old people so much, why not sign Ishikawa and Ikeda to contracts? Cowards!
  6. I've been waiting for something like this. Just give me Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Yukio Sakaguchi, that's all I want.
  7. Just coming in here to recommend a show, that might have went under the radar. One of the things I miss the most about Covid-era wrestling is PWG and all the Lucha guys like Bandido, Black Taurus and Laredo Kid. (I can't be bothered to watch Impact or ROH to see those guys and actual Lucha Libre from Mexico is completely unwatchable for me personally.) However this Lucha Memes show from January that's on IWTV completely filled my hole. Just look at this amazing card: Almost everything on this show is worth a watch! I mean Tony Deppen vs. Ricky Marvin, which genius booked
  8. New Logo looks cool and green is back, both in the logo and in the arena!
  9. A lot of people seem to think that Mutoh is winning the belt here, but I hope NOAH realizes this is not the way go. Having your company ace lose to a barely mobile 58-year old is not how you grow your company, even if that 58-year old is one of the biggest legends of the sport without doubt. That's a WWE-style move and even in the corny cartoony sports-entertainment world of WWE this is barely acceptable, but at least there you expect this kind of stuff. Sure, it would create some headlines, but in terms of actually establishing yourselves as the No. 2 promotion in Japan and as a ser
  10. Last week's show was done by Mark Pickering and Stewart Fulton.
  11. Not really familiar to be honest, but this probably still deserves a mention:
  12. You only have to scroll down to his last review of a WALTER WWE match: https://handwerkreviews.wordpress.com/2019/10/29/walter-vs-kushida-wwe-nxt-10-9-2019/ But don't read too much of it or you might run the risk of having your eyes permanently stuck in the back of your head.
  13. I thought this would finally be the year. Unless Mark Davis is still injured and Kyle Fletcher is the mystery partner, but I doubt it.
  14. Wow, couldn't possibly disagree more. Blake Christian is cool and all, but Alex Zayne is in my opinion the best highflyer in the world right now not named Ospreay or Bandido.
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