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  1. Go eat a big meal before swimming.
  2. Punk is also suffering a bit by being in his own world too, to be honest.
  3. That plays into it. And yeah he hasn’t been interacting much with the rest of the roster. Just think how much over he’d be if he was tagging with Bryan, and Hangman against the Elite.
  4. Cody was at his best when he was a Ric Flair tweener that sometimes jumped between two hats depending on the territory. Once he stopped whipping people, that’s when he lost a piece of himself.
  5. So they’ve basically laid a mine field in front of Tessa. Now she needs to avoid blowing up. I guess this will replace bowling in some markets? It is weird that this happening in the first place. Maybe infomercials aren’t lighting the world on fire anymore?
  6. Let’s see… 1. Talented 2. Charismatic 3. Multi media crossover star 4. Beautiful Wife 5. Dashing 6. Has a Husky …So much to list. I mean it’s pretty obvious. Did you see the Internets reaction to the Twitch leak? It’s nothing but pure J E A L O U S Y!
  7. Arn’s probably gonna throw Cody a loaded revolver, and tell Cody to shoot him one day. Cody will chicken out, but that would be a hell of a segment. Can’t wait until this leads to “Rambo” Rhodes.
  8. Open challenge championship TV belts. They can be as important as the world belt depending on the person who holds it. I’ll say it… I don’t like the look of the new belt. I think they can do better, and I hope they do. No reason this should not be rectangular like the majority of TBS logos have been. Could’ve went with different side plates as well.
  9. I think it’s also a way to rehab Tessa in the eyes of promoters. If she nails this by making this a success, and stays on her best behavior, then she might have a chance. God knows she was almost there with IMPACT, but she fucked that up hard.
  10. I actually like Sky a lot with Page. Before 2Point0 got the gig, they were pretty great with Darby & Sting. They just don’t really fit with Lambert’s crew on the surface, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were paired together because behind the scenes Scorpio is the one who is sparring with these Top Team guys to get them ready. So naturally he probably maneuvered themselves over to this angle thinking it’d be good exposure given all the celebrity athletes involved. That’s what I at least believed happened.
  11. Hell of an episode… The ladder match was way better than their past attempt at this. It was a TV ladder match, and they needed to hit every car crash spot before 10 PM, which they did. They also teased some potential matches with men who haven’t faced each other yet in the company like OC Vs. Andrade, Mox Vs. Page, and Archer Vs. Page. Though I must say, I didn’t care for the logic of Andrade not grabbing the chip when he had his chance, but I accept Archer wanting to kill everybody before grabbing. That’s just his gimmick. Actually they should lean into that more. Women’s match was great, and it looked like Deeb is being set up as a potential finalist in that TBS tournament, and maybe even champion. I thought the Dan Lambert squad segment was one of their better ones, as the Top Team guys mauled a defenseless Sammy on the ground like they were a family of lions taking turns. Speaking of Sammy… I enjoyed the TNT title match, and how the champion won convincingly over this first time outsider. As it should be. But if Fish is signed, and they are struggling to find him a spot, he’d fit perfectly with the Top Team guys. Because he just doesn’t stylistically fit in with The Elite, and probably that will never be the case, even though he’s friends with Cole in real life.
  12. Vince: Adam how would you like if you were on the main roster, and a millionaire? Adam Cole: Hahaha… Well actually… No wonder Cole doesn’t have time to put on muscle.
  13. I remember when NWA relaunched I wondered why they wouldn’t go for a CBS timeslot given that an average viewer for something like a WWE is 50+. They have such a retro production like Price Is Right, which is known to have an older audience, with products advertised to older people specifically. Seeing this now is a start, I guess.
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