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  1. Wow, thanks to this English Dragon Gate commentary, I found out that the winner of the battle royale won one year worth of toilet paper. This was worth the subscription alone to understand this.
  2. Every time I see 2.0 in mainstream wrestling I think they always come off as great shit talking JTTS tag team. All they need to do is refresh their gimmicks every six months, and you got a new set of jerks you can kick around.
  3. 2.0 is back, and they freed Davey Richards clone from the lab.
  4. I don’t think I ever saw an ad in my area. I do remember Schlitz malt liquor ads on Univision.
  5. 25 years ago it felt like the opposite with those two.
  6. Yup… Flair about to win back the belt that he tried to con Highspots into “buying” it from him. … to be honest that would be the right thing to do for Corgan. I think he realizes who his audience is, and what they’d like to see. But let’s realize that RnR can still go unlike Flair.
  7. I don’t see TK doing that. Now Billy Corgan, and the NWA…
  8. Good promo from Malakai Black. He’s doing less goofy facial expressions in his acting, and it’s making me take him seriously. He’s really turned this completely around from where he was prior to his WWE release as a wrestling character. Edit: Oh lord…
  9. I’ve heard people criticize that match, but that is the first time that Kaito has shown any real lick of personality whatsoever. I hope he gets even better out of this. He’s a Tanahashi at the Carnival away from being a major player.
  10. @alsteinIt might… But I hope it’s closer to what the Best Friends did with Ortiz & Santana. Have Julia crack Caster over the head with a light tube.
  11. I don’t know, I like Miro, but he’s cutting heel promos, and getting cheered like a face. I prefer the MJF’s, and Max Caster’s of the world that don’t come across as likable. I do think Max is going too far, especially after #Metoo, that I think he needs to tone it down about three notches.
  12. Hopefully they cut the shit, and it leads to a blood feud with the Varsity Blondes. Both teams need a major program of their own. I wish they can use this to further their careers.
  13. The fact that anybody’s talking about a rap on a very obscure wrestling YouTube program is a good sign for AEW’s relevancy.
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