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  1. Knowing NOAH’s past history, and what caused their downfall. They made the right choice on who went over.
  2. I totally forgot this existed. I remember their G1, and IWGP matches, but this was a rare non-title singles match for the two. It’s a good one, and from a time when Okada had a very strict formula. So don’t expect anything special until the very end.
  3. It works on the Firestick’s many browsers. Same with all streaming services really. I believe it works on Chromecast, but I gave up on that device after awhile because it was too buggy. It’s probably improved since. It’s just when NJWorld got an official app on the Amazon store, I immediately jumped over to the competitor.
  4. That main event was on fire. Those two were completely locked in. Kenny hasn’t looked this good since the PAC match.
  5. Jefferson Starship catalog might be tougher. Edit: Apparently going by Jefferson Airplane again.
  6. I can’t imagine that music is all that pricey. So more power to using licensed tracks if it’s affordable.
  7. So I’ve actually watched an ROH YouTube clip. I had seen this lady on these thumbnails for the videos for months without knowing who she was. I’ll say this, after seeing her work here she might be the best on screen Kayfabe personality in wrestling since Gene Okerlund. This woman is committed to being a caricature of a real life sports announcer. You don’t hear, or see wrestling announcers like this anymore so it’s kind of refreshing that this person exists. Now I don’t want announcers like this all the time, but I’m okay with this one personality. Quinn McKay is her name, and she’ll prob
  8. You know I thought TV would survive a little longer, but then I saw that Discovery, and their family of channels was starting up a Discovery+ service, with exclusive programming. That is a huge blow to cable. Outside of Sports, Wrestling, and News, a lot of those Discovery channels pull in the bulk of TV subscribers.
  9. Also to be fair being a dedicated TV channel in 2021 means nothing anymore. All the networks are putting all their eggs into the streaming service model. TV has turned into a mall that only has big department stores, and a food court. Sports, Wrestling & Cable News being the department stores, and local news being the food court. The rest is just kiosks filled with things that nobody buys. I give Vice a year before they ironically air reruns of Miami Vice, and becomes a shell channel.
  10. I kinda get a kick out of it because I hear the average person use it now too. At least “Smark” seems to have been erased from the lingo today.
  11. This isn’t much of a spoiler since people have openly talked about how dark the game is. I wish the ending was silly honestly. The setting at the end was calling for an action romp to lighten the mood.
  12. Well, Hulk, I also think people find your personality very grading, especially when you have lost so much influence in the industry that nobody has to force themselves to kiss up to you.
  13. Yes, it’s like watching George Lucas’s attempt at a Robert Rodriguez shot in his garage budget film. Somehow worse given that first film feels like an escalation of the franchise budget before the third film.
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