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  1. Raised By Wolves is awesome. It’s like a non-sense Sci-Fi themed 90’s perfume and cologne ad directed by Ridley Scott turned into a series. I can’t get enough of it.
  2. That’s why I love the books. Leonard knew every inch of his favorite cities. I’m never lost in his books when he describes the set pieces in Miami. The show just doesn’t have that same kind of detail. But then movies, and TV can never catch up to literature.
  3. I’m surprised Monk isn’t being revived for TV movies. That character along with Raylan are the kind of modern TV fixtures that could make bi—annual returns like Columbo, and Matlock did. I hope this Justified revival has a bigger budget. I’ll probably still end up loving it, but one thing that was always distracting as soon as it was pointed out to me, was the fact it was shot in Los Angeles, and all the sets were re-used sets from other tv shows, TV movies, and crummy FMV point & click games.
  4. But a chance that it could become a regular thing where the character continuously returns for these limited series. When this was first reported Raylan was just coming in as a cameo to christen this new crew, but it looks like exces weren’t going to okay this, so they changed their mind, and it’s just more Raylan. It could still end up being a back door pilot, though.
  5. Piper is such a weird comparison that he himself has made because Piper never had the greatest grasp of simple phrases, and would get lost in what he was saying all the time. Even at his best.
  6. She’s good… But I don’t know? MJF is on another level of deep Kayfabe.
  7. I think I’m either there, or near there. She just had the spot with Debra that she fucked up twice on.
  8. Honestly… Hook. I’d like to see Hook get tested, and have him lose, but gain respect in a loss. Another one I can think of is Orange Cassidy.
  9. If they did train her to be a wrestler, she would’ve been the Flair of women’s wrestling. No doubt about it. There just isn’t a women’s wrestler who comes close to that natural charisma since.
  10. I wanted to say Sunny, but you took that out of the equation. I honestly don’t know really. Even Lana Star was pretty average for playing that archetype. Charlotte Flair is trying to be her dad, but is just a little too shooty guilt trippy.
  11. He’s going to need to run it through with his opponents constantly to avoid confusion.
  12. Tom Phillips finally making IMPACT tolerable again might make him a front runner to hire.
  13. See I was wondering if he was lining his contract expiring with the new deal for a bigger pay day.
  14. I hope Dante & Hobbs have a better match in them this time. The last time these two worked each other it started very well, and then Hobbs got KO’d on a Dante dive.
  15. If they really did cut into MLW’s rumored Tubi deal, then they might have a real case.
  16. Court’s done almost everything to get MLW noticed except whip out a shotgun, and shoot it up into the air in the middle of a crowd. This is a newer take I guess. If they ran a consistent promotion like GCW does then they’d probably get more attention.
  17. I wonder if MLW will produce a video package for this too.
  18. Dante needs to stop doing the Nosedive(double springboard moonsault). Two times in one week where he swung too close into the ropes. He’s going to “Kidman” himself one day with that. Maybe do the moonsault further away from the corner.
  19. I don’t remember John Lennon, Marvin Gaye, Natalie Wood, or other famous celebs dying from ingesting Hogan’s vitamins in the 80’s, brother.
  20. For some reason I think Bret is looking worse in this, than Hogan. I can’t believe I’m saying this… Fuck Bret Hart! Naaaaah… Just kidding, I don’t give a fuck. On further reflection on my Nitro re-watch… “WCW being uncool” doesn’t start until April 28, 1997. “Tradition Bites nWo 4 Life” is the propaganda slogan, with Piper looking like reality slapped him in the face, and then the following week Piper gets comically buried in a banner with that slogan.
  21. Well I didn’t expect this thread to be closed so soon…
  22. That’s been my favorite part about him leveling up. He’s become more confident on the mic, and is actually playing a character, and not just a guy spouting lines anymore. I live near Doral. Rich Latin Americans talking with a dumb bravado is extremely common. If that’s what he’s going for, then he’s nailing it.
  23. I quite enjoy Fish’s inner thigh kicks. Don’t know how you make something like that into a work though. That doesn’t look pleasant to take. Neither does the exploder on the ropes.
  24. UFC fighters, and other pro athletes have fake heights. So it’s not just restricted to wrestling.
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