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  1. You're sleeping on the "best" bit of that guy: that his handle is "Outlaw1977"
  2. I liked that promo but come on Max Caster. A better ass than Sonny Kiss? As a wise man once said: now you're just lying to the people.
  3. That has a bit to do with it being impossible to get to any sort of succinct point in a 20 minute promo. 2 minutes is a great length for a promo. Eddie Kingston is also pretty good the whole promo thing.
  4. I can only conclude that you are not feeling frisky.
  5. Depends on your standards. If we're talking old style, two title switches per year if we're feeling really frisky, then no Cesaro probably could stay in that "High as you can get without winning the big one" bracket next to Jake the Snake and Eddie Kingston without me raising an eyebrow. In a world - or should I say Universe? - where Jack Swagger, Jinder Mahal and Alberto del Rio are all former world champions (ie. the one we actually live in,) then he absolutely should have at least five.
  6. Oh yeah, I don't disagree, I just think there's a way to do a time limit draw without completely stymieing Miro.
  7. There's a way to style through it where he spends the first ten minutes of the match throwing him into the crowd and mugging before getting increasingly frustrated to a time limit finish. Could argue that it makes him look like a dumbass but he could wear it maybe.
  8. If you want to go "oh, it's just two guys wrestling" about a judo throw on to ice (a position that I am not entirely convinced by, it must be said,) well I guess you can argue than Panarin is retaliating and that sort of thing shouldn't be necessary in a professional sport played by adults. The punch was an absolute dog shot and if that's the "maximum allowable under the CBA," then throw it, and the people who negotiated it, into the sea and get a disciplinary system which eliminates that sort of rubbish.
  9. Yano, for all his supposed amateur pedigree was abysmal as a serious wrestler.
  10. There is a fairly decent number of comic actors who wound up being good dramatic actors, so I think this one might belong in a "sensible statements" thread, instead of this thread of utter bollocks.
  11. This is the most self-evidently sensible thing to do, which is why it will never happen.
  12. I knew a guy in El Paso who took all his clothes off and jumped into a bed of cacti, and I asked him the very same thing. You know what he told me?
  13. Beautiful to see the French lose one five minutes after the eighty for once. Also nice for Wales to win the Championship, or as my mates put it, the Jam-pionship.
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