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  1. In that particular case, it was Hogan who was being the jerk.
  2. I pretty much agree with all of this, and I would just like to add that it's important that she has come out and talked about what she was going through. Mental Health is weird because things seem like they should be a choice, but accepting that some things are not a choice is the first step to making the best possible choice. That might not make a lot of sense to everyone, but it's been my experience, both of making the best possible choice and staying in bed for weeks on end. Piers Morgan has not once displayed any sort of ability to be honest with himself and should listen to Wittgenstein: "whereof one cannot speak, thereof one should keep one's fuckin' mouth shut."
  3. In my experience the first step to good mental health is being honest with myself. If Simone Biles is being honest with us (and I've got no reason to believe that she's not being honest,) she says she felt she couldn't perform at the right level - borne out by her earlier performances - and that she didn't want to drag her team down. Would she have been doing the right thing for the team if she went out and flubbed it? I would argue not. Let's not forget that there were three other ladies who did stand up and took Silver. She now has to deal with this, and get herself right for the rest of the events. She's the Greatest Ever and yet she was dragging the team down? Come on, man. That must suck. I can absolutely see how that might bring someone into a vicious circle of beating themselves up, and for her to be able to be honest with herself is laudable. Maybe it will be easier for her to get her head right, without feeling like she's letting down the team if she doesn't succeed. I can easily believe that might be the case without her "just being out for herself," or whatever.
  4. It somehow makes less sense than Spurs having dragged their shirt up from the Hell Dimension.
  5. I guess they can't all be the town, who are playing in old Arsenal kits at home, Philly Eagle Green away from home and all the while TikTok are the main sponsors.
  6. If all I knew about Dillashaw was that half of his face on the poster, I'd still want him smacked so hard in the gob that it spins round like Daffy Duck.
  7. If England don't win a tournament without Australia and NZ then they, as an entire country, just want to give it all up.
  8. You don't think they're getting ahead of themselves announcing them for 11 years away when they haven't got this set of games off without getting cancelled?
  9. Hakuho and his blatant contempt for at least half of the top division is one of the highlights of sumo for me.
  10. The YDC didn't keep their mouth shut about Hakuho's 'behaviour' either.
  11. I agree, Alexa Sawada JULIE is absolutely the right way to go with this nonsense.
  12. Reports of Hakuho's demise have been greatly exaggerated.
  13. I'm still furious with Midorifuji. I normally don't mind a Henka if you need the win, but the man was Make Koshi already.
  14. I'm still working my way through the day's bouts but I just had to pop in to say that was an utterly SCANDALOUS henka from Midorifuji. 5-9, up against a guy going for the Juryo Yusho in Abi, and he pulls that? Boothatman.gif
  15. What the hell happened in today's Main Event? Hakuho lined up at the very back of the dohyo and then start slapping the hell out of Shodai. At any rate, I'm pulling for Takayasu, the big ol' grumpy bear.
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