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  1. There's a way to style through it where he spends the first ten minutes of the match throwing him into the crowd and mugging before getting increasingly frustrated to a time limit finish. Could argue that it makes him look like a dumbass but he could wear it maybe.
  2. If you want to go "oh, it's just two guys wrestling" about a judo throw on to ice (a position that I am not entirely convinced by, it must be said,) well I guess you can argue than Panarin is retaliating and that sort of thing shouldn't be necessary in a professional sport played by adults. The punch was an absolute dog shot and if that's the "maximum allowable under the CBA," then throw it, and the people who negotiated it, into the sea and get a disciplinary system which eliminates that sort of rubbish.
  3. Yano, for all his supposed amateur pedigree was abysmal as a serious wrestler.
  4. There is a fairly decent number of comic actors who wound up being good dramatic actors, so I think this one might belong in a "sensible statements" thread, instead of this thread of utter bollocks.
  5. This is the most self-evidently sensible thing to do, which is why it will never happen.
  6. I knew a guy in El Paso who took all his clothes off and jumped into a bed of cacti, and I asked him the very same thing. You know what he told me?
  7. Beautiful to see the French lose one five minutes after the eighty for once. Also nice for Wales to win the Championship, or as my mates put it, the Jam-pionship.
  8. Goddamn, he was just launching it. And Bairstow has finally had a decent game, too.
  9. .\_/. I am not amused by that finish. Then again, Wales had no business going for a Grand Slam this year, so the fact that they can still win the championship is actually great. Also, England "won" a Triple Uncrown for the first time since '76, lost to the other home nations. Believe it or not, that is a consolation.
  10. Also the DFA Jinx has killed the Miyogiryu Yusho charge. Or maybe he deserved the "lol" and this is just the natural order of things.
  11. I will get back to you on this just as soon as I work out how Craig and Greg rhyme.
  12. I'm glad that mostly AEW has killed the "driving up to the edge of the arena" thing after Trent got him mum to drive him up, but if anyone was going to rock up with a ludicrous stretch hummer a la Chono, it's gotta be this incarnation of Omega.
  13. Rishabh Pant is just in Fuck You mode. He drove the first ball of the new ball back down to long off; a little later he put a reverse sweep to the boundary on Jimmy Anderson. As I'm typing this with Pant on 94, he smashed a six for the century. India were 80-4 earlier, Kohli with his second duck of the series, England thinking that maybe they could sneak into the turn ahead, but here comes Pant. EDIT: then he smashes it down Joe Root's throat at mid-wicket. Sat down for 101; 259-7 when they finally got rid of him.
  14. This is the correct response to ratings talk. Possibly awards talk, too.
  15. That flashing you see is the light reflecting off my teeth, such is my grin. Wales win the Triple Crown, despite looking like they've been going nowhere for the last year or so.
  16. This is about half of the Circle of Art, followed by [SOMEONE ELSE] starting off as a third rate imitator, but then finding their own style and then becoming a legit great [THING WHICH IS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT]
  17. Yeah, I watched it, and I don't know how it happened. Joe Root took five. That's a damning indictment of someone, I'm not sure if it's the Big Brain who left Dom Bess in the hotel, or the Big Brain who decided to play on the Sand Pit pitch. Axar Patel's first over in the second innings clowned Zack Crawley, and then made Johnny Bairstow look like a prat twice. Absolutely incredible stuff.
  18. Axar Patel made Crawley and Bairstow look silly. And @The Natural, if you want to claim credit for Root, you've also got to take the blame for Michael Vaughn. EDIT: On closer inspection, Vaughn was born in Eccles put played for Yorkshire, Root is from Sheffield. Partial Demerit there, I think.
  19. With the exception of Zack Crawley, England not looking good in Ahmedabad. I say that, here comes Ben Stokes, clubbing a four. EDIT: 81-4 at "tea."
  20. I'm no expert but "get the fuck out of here" is not how I would de-escalate anything, so good luck with that one.
  21. Go back to 2008 and Matt Ryan ruins it.
  22. He is though. Mohammed Siraj was getting bigger cheers for seeing off a few dot balls with Ashwin on 90-odd than he did for a six after Ashwin hit his hundred. Shame they didn't survive until my breakfast the next day.
  23. There were three really swish catches taken there, so it wasn't all England being terrible. Unless you're talking about all the former England captains carping about the pitch as the current team collapse, that kind of nonsense I can do without. Although, having said that, watching Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill and ignore all that stuff about patience and building an innings and launching every remotely bad ball to the seats. India are on 35 already.
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