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  1. Yeah, I would have thought the correct response to beating him up was giving her a medal, and a whisper in the ear to do it properly next time.
  2. There's three more pages of this for me to not read, but I've storyboarded the Suzuki video package that would have headed all this off. So, with Kaze ni Nare playing in the background: 1). Suzuki booting a young lion. (this step can be repeated after steps 2, 3 and 4.) 2). "Shut up, I hope you go outside and get hit by a car" 3). Suzuki riding a bike into someone. 4). An arena shouting along with his theme. 5). Fade on Suzuki pulling a face. Any face will do. If this doesn't tell you what Suzuki is all about and doesn't get you hyped, well I'm sorry.
  3. Terunofuji looks unstoppable through two days, just an absolute force of nature. I am sad that Takayasu has started so poorly. Terutsuyoshi slapped the absolute piss out of Ura on Day 2, proper "how's your face, mate?" stuff.
  4. Hey @Death From Above , these punks are stealing your twitter gimmick. Go hit them with some real knowledge like how Phil Lafon's name means Phil the Fon or something.
  5. His dad says most of the stuff that I might have thought a player might get blacklisted for saying not the man himself, but it wouldn't be the first time his dad said something stupid and got him into trouble. Also, it's Cam's name on the channel, so it's far to assume that anything that dad said that Cam didn't want out there would get cut. He harps on his professionalism and makes a big point of not ragging on the Patriots or on anyone that he can actually put a name to, so it's obviously an attempt to leave bridges back to the NFL unburned. It seems to me like it would be a mistake if this was the One Thing that stopped him getting signed somewhere else, but it all seems like it's of a piece with the Cam Newton Experience, both blessing and curse to use his phrasing, and I guess it might make the decision easier.
  6. India pull out of the Fifth test because of positive tests in their backroom staff. Apparently the IPL restart next week did not factor into their thinking.
  7. You are the reason WWE wrestlers can't have surnames, dammit.
  8. I thought all the best British Tennis players were Canadian born apart Andy Murray who is infamously Scottish
  9. You're not the only one, everyone else in that zone looks like they've gone off in a huff, too.
  10. EngLOLand were looking good for it until lunch. Hameed and Burns racked up fifties, but them Malan got run out like a chump and it was all downhill from there. Bumrah made the Pope and the Bairstowtaker look foolish.
  11. I'll only be impressed with the shades if he does his post match interview in them and the voice oooh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, Mean Johnny Agnew, oooh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.
  12. And as an added bonus, England are three down going into the start of the second day. Good luck getting drunk enough to cope with a Root-less England batting innings
  13. Muto wishes he walks as well as Jackie Chan these days.
  14. I don't know about Football, but in Rugby League, Scotland seems to be allowed to call on anyone on the planet named Lachlan.
  15. I'm a little sad that talk of bread and wrestling hasn't turned to Bakery Yagi, but I can't think of a decent (read: terrible enough) joke to make it fit.
  16. Banzuke is out, Takayasu went down to Komisubi and I was one out with my Hoshoryu prediction: M1. Ichinojo, who is quite possibly the worst wrestler in terms of technique in the top division, is back up in San'yaku. I remain furious with Midorifuji, who clings on to a Juryo spot despite his utter sluggery against my boy Abi. Even with the win, Abi wouldn't have been promoted - looks like only Yutakayama went up this time - but next time.
  17. I've been away in a field this weekend, and I was hoping to listen to the final day on the radio on the train home. So much for that.
  18. I've been going down the Bread Club tweets for getting people on board with Koji; just find some of his English language tweets, anyone who doesn't love that isn't worth knowing.
  19. Takemura helps in that regard. In the manga, he's bragging about the awesome Tenryu vs. Hashimoto fight he saw, drops a DDT on someone, and has a WAR t-shirt. My favourite Pro-wres reference in a manga is Flame of Recca, once the tournament begins, before the heroes are taking it seriously, one guy has Masa Saito's theme blaring out of a tape deck before his fight.
  20. I don't know, feels like a long time since they've tried anything else.
  21. Despite the stat posted by my esteemed colleague @The Natural, Rory Burns is England's second highest run scorer on the year, if you don't count extras. This goes some way to explaining why Sibley has been dropped in favour of Dawid Malan, but Burns survives despite his last outing, the kind of dismissal the word "bamboozled" was invented for.
  22. Getting off the Titanic just in time to cadge a lift on the Lusitania.
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