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  1. Watching it live, the highest I saw the viewer count hit was a little bit under 100,000. Somewhere around 98,400.
  2. Someone zoomed in on a still photo of TK holding a notebook and presto, we might have the whole Full Gear card leaked. Spoilers in the spoiler tag. Edit to add: if you click through to the replies on Twitter, people have pretty much been able to read the whole thing.
  3. That first sentence really speaks to me, except for the gym part.
  4. Put Lio Rush anywhere near Malakai Black and I'm gonna start fantasy booking a path to the return of Blackheart. Do we know who has the second most wins in the women's division? Is there any chance at all that someone beats Shida to 50?
  5. Didn't watch, will catch up on it tomorrow. Just can't believe the amount of stuff I apparently missed. Is this the same company that did the same Sting interview segment for like 12 weeks in a row?
  6. Didn't watch, but if they had given Reggie vs. Ricochet like 10 minutes I absolutely would have checked that out.
  7. I knew the Lights Out match was the main event, but I did NOT think about the possibility of Mark Henry interviewing Minoru Suzuki.
  8. 3rd highest rating all-time but I'm still disappointed. Apparently a bunch of shows started new seasons this week, including Survivor
  9. I've said this before - Griffin Newman!
  10. My interest in movies as a whole has been way down, but I'm trying to get back into it with a plan for October. Just 10 movies, all 1970s horror, all first-time watches.
  11. I'm not exactly sure why, but I found it screamingly hilarious that Ruby delivers her big "banging one of the boys in the back" line, they go to crowd reaction shots, and one of them is a guy in a Penta mask doing the Cero Miedo taunt.
  12. Have we considered that "Elite Hunter" might mean he's the AEW version of Hunter Hearst Helmsley and that's why they're constantly jobbing him?
  13. No reason next week's Dynamite shouldn't be their highest rated episode ever. (Although I thought that about their first show after All Out too, and was wrong)
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