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  1. Sami came thisclose to corpsing when Randy and Riddle brought up the Rusty name. My favorite thing of the week by far.
  2. I don't see the point. They went in to business for themselves and injured arguably MLW's two biggest stars. Showing that would only make Hammerstone and Fatu look weak, especially if there's never going to be any payoff/comeuppance.
  3. Kerry Morton is great at selling a knockout blow. 60 seconds with GAAGZ THE GYMP was pretty funny. No disrespect to Jennacide or MJ Jenkins but that match felt like it dragged on FOREVER. Tennessee Santa has the hots for Natalia Markova I think. Colby/Caprice was fucking awesome. Madusa is 78 times better than Idol on commentary. NWA rules.
  4. As a hockey guy, I really wish commentary would have clued viewers in on the significance of Punk wearing a Tavares jersey on Long Island. That's a detail important enough for Punk to go over it with them pre-show or something. Also, Barry Fucking Horowitz.
  5. My house doesn't use concrete for a foundation, it has King Kong Bundy LJNs instead.
  6. I always have trouble finding that shirt.
  7. Kenzie Paige/Natalia Markova is a really good little TV match. Blk Jeez can't be more than 5'5". Ricky Morton/Legursky was perfectly acceptable wrestling. I enjoy Wrecking Ball a little more every time I see him. There's a bootleg CONNECTING PEOPLE THROUGH WRESTLING~! frame in the crowd. That infuriates me. Tennessee Santa is in the front row which makes me feel better. Tennessee Santa RULES!
  8. Sounds like a General Skandor Akbar stable.
  9. Bobby Fucking Cruise.
  10. I checked out of the Scooby franchise in 1979 when Scrappy-Doo was introduced. Fuck him.
  11. Watching all of those Lakers games will fuck with anyone's head.
  12. "That's... 'titles', Mr. Connery. Not 'titties'".
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