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  1. That's ok. MLW has 23 other streaming/TV deals to fall back on.
  2. Fantastic job with the Swinger's Palace closing montage. Makes me wonder what's next for those guys.
  3. Me, just arriving home, after eating 3 Carnitas Burritos.
  4. Well, if Malakai Black is What, and Jim Neidhart is Who then what about How? Why? When?
  5. Dragunov/A-Kid was a war. Good fucking shit. Helped to have some fans in there too.
  6. MLW is bringing in longtime Indy commentator Joe Dombrowski. I know quite a few of you on here know Joe and are very familiar with his work.
  7. You're not going to compete against a Giants home playoff game in town against their hated rival Los Angeles. I'd put zero stock in that number.
  8. I've got Doudrop's song in my head.
  9. That's a beautiful building. Same venue in Pittsburgh that Blackcraft ran their PPV from a few years back.
  10. "You're gonna need more than condoms to protect yourself from Mei Ying." - An actual line uttered on commentary tonight.
  11. I don't mark out much anymore at my ripe old age of 39, but I'll be damned if I didn't mark out like an 8-year-old last night. What a sweetheart.
  12. AIW show in Akron was a lot of fun. Super-hot crowd, sold out. They're using Cardona to basically re-do the Gage/Cardona angle as he won the title from local hero Joshua Bishop. The scene wasn't nearly as wild as when he beat Gage but there were a couple of fans who had to be held back from jumping the rail after the match. LOL I imagine Matt is having the time of his life doing this shit.
  13. McAfee burying Edge for being stupid(and rightfully so) had me laughing out loud. "He's calling Daniel and David? Call the police!" Was it a coincidence those names were chosen? My mind immediately went to Benoit's sons.
  14. Any specific reasoning behind the cult following of Tex Slazenger at WCW's Center Stage Theater in early '93?
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