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  1. Yes, and Kenny bladed at Slammiversary before Sami "used" the pizza cutter on him. Pizza Cutter is no Cheese Grater, folks.
  2. That's one guy I'd like to see Nick Gage take a pizza cutter to.
  3. Was it ever actually confirmed by anyone legit that his time off was for mental health reasons/Brodie? Just curious.
  4. McAfee pulled a Heenan and telegraphed it at the beginning of the match, saying Bianca needed to keep an eye on Sasha. All of the talk of crowd piping made me remember that at the Impact tapings the day after Slammiversary, Penzer asked us all to stand and cheer for like 10-15 seconds straight(with no action going on) while we were being recorded and then asked us all to boo for 10-15 seconds so that could be recorded as well.
  5. The same Aubrey Huff who Tweeted this last week? Lovely.
  6. JOCK JAMS VOLUME 1!!!!! Brought me back to playing NHL 96 as a 14-year-old.
  7. I noticed that everyone was wearing masks inside the CWC during this episode. Is that a recent change? I don't remember noticing that during past NXT episodes over the past month or two but I could definitely be wrong.
  8. Why are we cheering Dakota? How is she the babyface here? Raquel didn't do anything to deserve to be attacked like that.
  9. Good for Reginald. He rules. Plus they get to dust off the 2011 Sin Cara Trampoline® Hope Nattie is ok. That sucked. Byron Getting Drip-Sticked Every Week is the new Lana Getting Put Through A Table Every Week.
  10. Missy Hyatt, sharing a frequent DVDVR thought over the years:
  11. I think she's hinting that Tommy needs a Bro.. or is it Mansiere?
  12. Nice touch announcing that on her birthday too.
  13. Sting beating his chest in slow motion had me laughing out loud.
  14. Late to the party, just watched this tonight. That was a fucking Megastar promo from Britt.
  15. Alexander/Taurus was a REALLY good match. LOD 2021/Myers & Hyatt was 15 minutes of pure silliness and fun and I mean that in the best way possible. A few of the chants got Tommy to break for a minute.
  16. Super-fun show to attend. Had Omega's blood splatter on to me when the two were brawling outside. That's a first for me attending a show. lol Here's some vids I took, including the above-mentioned brawl as well as Sami looking directly in to my camera before the piledriver through the table.
  17. I've been on a two-week road trip which actually culminated with the Slammiversary PPV(and the tapings the following day) so I'm still trying to catch up with what I've missed on this board since then but I will say that that Slammiversary crowd was one of the best crowds I've ever been a part of, big promotion or small. I hope it came off well on the PPV.
  18. I read that he just wasn't ready for TV yet. Not sure how accurate or legit that is.
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