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  1. It was black mist. He's going to be breastfeeding the baby soon if past incidents showed accurate black mist effects.
  2. Ehhhh they're good but they're also sort of not(I pre-ordered so I played the beta). If you're in an area with cool lighting FX it looks great, but when you're in a regular-ass field or something it's kind of whatever. Animations still feel weird even in 60fps mode, but I feel like they constrained themselves by really going out of their way to change nothing gameplay wise and only update the visuals and sound.
  3. Just remember that before you do, go into the system options and turn off the option about using HDR for non HDR supported games. It makes it look like FUCKING SHIT trust me and it's on by default
  4. Sounds more like Kraven in the Spider-man trailer than Morlun. Morlun's MO is to eat the Spidermen, not test himself against them.
  5. I don't like how Darby runs like Beaker if Beaker had legs and that for some reason Kevin Dunn is running switcher
  6. Predator is fucking fun with a group of friends, I played the shit out of it with the MMMshow guys when it first came out and was the best at it
  7. And I thought the Motorhead version of Enter Sandman sucked, JFC Game looks dope in concept at least
  8. So if that rumor ended up being true I wonder if the one about it not being current gen will too. Good times
  9. So was Agents of Mayhem more or less. I have no faith in it being good after playing that game.
  10. If you think Control is Lynchian stop playing it and play Deadly Premonition instead.
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