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  1. Sorry GGG lost the second fight. Not by much but he lost. If you are going to hate a guy because he may have gotten some beneficial judging you must hate just about every fighter that has pulled on a pair of gloves
  2. So Felix Verdejo is a fairly depraved human being
  3. God bless them, they are doing something right. The lit up announce team and the slap fight was the only real entertainment that night.
  4. Listening to Oscar De La Hoyas commentary on this Triller show makes me want to stage an intervention for him
  5. Every Vito Antefuermo fight tape should be burned
  6. Given the competition level of the Scottish Premier League it is very conceivable
  7. Is there any murmurs about this? You have to figure Corgan will throw in the towel sometime soon
  8. That one. They are interchangeable. Benavides would be an interesting fight but he seems destined for 175 since he doesn't feel like cutting the weight
  9. No he is more likely to be matched up with Dirrell
  10. Hope no one is holding their breath on that
  11. Why would he worry? It isn't like it is the Stanley Cup and there is one 1 of the trophy. Gary Bettman should have gasped when Guy Charbonneau threw the Stanley Cup off the roof of Vinny Paul of Pantera's house trying to get it in the swimming pool only for it to land 6 inches short
  12. Sooooooo how do you racially hot take the stupid $30 million dollar contract Jacoby Brissett got?
  13. My wife enjoyed the halftime show due to the one song sampling Siouxsie & The Banshees Happy House. So we are old and White
  14. Only in boxing can a guy wait for over 6 years now for a court mandated rematch. They should figured it out by now that Fres will never go away
  15. Would be nice but looks like the Jays plan to do a lot of piggyback pitching this year. They have a pile of starters probably best served going 2-4 innings. Pearson is going to be on short innings so its time to see if TJ Zeuch, Anthony Kay, Ryan Borucki, Stripling, Matz, Trent Thornton are future starting pitchers or will they be openers or short starters whatever you call guys like that. Maybe they step up or they are best served throwing their best 2 pitches and only facing the opposing lineup once not 2-3 times
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