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  1. I'm not. He was a good guy to keep the team together when they were homeless during the pandemic and seemed like a nice guy but the teams body language has been horrible lately. Schneider always seemed to be the next guy. Think he would have got the job to start the year if they didn't win 91 games last year
  2. Guess this finally ends the Jays have to trade for Benintendi chatter the local fan sites ask for on a daily basis
  3. Of course you could blame Charlie for overusing certain relief pitchers leading to their injuries. Even if you don't trust certain guys you can't keep rolling out Yimi Garcia 3 nights in a row
  4. There's been regression with a lot of the players this year. There is chatter there is too much of a hands off approach to the young guys and there is a lack of accountability. When Guerrero has 2 balls pass through the webbing of his glove in one half season why is he still using a shitty glove. Probably the same reason his ass is getting bigger. He only works out in the off season and no one is keeping on him. Charlie also has his little league approach to the lineup. Everyone gets a turn. Raimel Tapia is the 4th OF we shouldn't be seeing him every day when the other guys are healthy. No reason Bo Bichette still needs to throw the high heat all the time on routine ground balls. No need for guys to have weekly games off. Charlie was a good guy for a team with no expectations that was young with several Spanish speaking players. He is struggling this year and often has that confused look on his face
  5. The stuff about wanting his chode massaged made me throw up a little
  6. I sense that too. Fulton is a tough one to solve.
  7. Raced home from the midnight shift to catch that mugging. Donaire will probably soldier on. He has said he can go down to 115. Best to go somewhere Inoue isnt. Would Inoue dare try to fight Fulton at 122
  8. Easy win for Haney tonight. I still feel Haney is only fighting at 75% of his potential. Another fight with a rematch clause that I have no desire to see again. Kambosos had no plan.
  9. Really? Iovine produced a lot of big albums before he ever became Mr Interscope
  10. Interesting to see what happens at 135 for Stevenson. Lomachenko in theory gets the next shot at 135. If Loma regains the title does Arum feed him to Stevenson to try and catapult Shakur to the next level? No way Gervontae Davis gets in the ring with him. Stevenson is in a shitty situation. Too good to get in the ring with and not a big box office attraction, and doesn't really have a style that will make him an attraction, to lure opponents in with monster paydays
  11. No it's the draftniks making people think any of these QBs were 1st round talents.
  12. Cody has worked himself into getting paid better than he ever would have before. Good for him. Don't think the Mrs will be the chief Brandi officer of WWE though. Cody is close to 40. It's the time for him to make as much money as possible.
  13. I'm sure he wants to. I thought he said in a somewhat recent interview that Impact allowed him to quit his regular job and just wrestle
  14. Dave Shultz said in his biography he knew he was in trouble when he punched Gillies and he smiled back at him. Jethro was the rare enforcer that didn't have to drop the gloves that often. He just wasn't messed with.
  15. It does. Probably the only time in Marvin's career he got legitimately dazed by a punch
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