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  1. Yeah. She wasn't going to win and that wouldn't have been good for the brand.
  2. Can't wait until NBC gets buyers remorse when the chatter dies down about this situation for whatever obscene amount of money they give Maria Taylor for a talking head position. Sports talking heads are overpaid at the best of times
  3. Draw was fair since Castano faded in the late rounds and he was in his opponents home state and the B side fighter for the promoter. There was no justification for a 117-111 score. I had a hard time giving Charlo 6 rounds for a draw let alone 9
  4. Fury only loses if he is busy counting the Joshua money in his head
  5. Ron Francis was born at night but it wasn't last night
  6. Punch landed a microsecond after the bell but they were both exchanging. Far from blatant
  7. Sorry GGG lost the second fight. Not by much but he lost. If you are going to hate a guy because he may have gotten some beneficial judging you must hate just about every fighter that has pulled on a pair of gloves
  8. So Felix Verdejo is a fairly depraved human being
  9. God bless them, they are doing something right. The lit up announce team and the slap fight was the only real entertainment that night.
  10. Listening to Oscar De La Hoyas commentary on this Triller show makes me want to stage an intervention for him
  11. Every Vito Antefuermo fight tape should be burned
  12. Given the competition level of the Scottish Premier League it is very conceivable
  13. Is there any murmurs about this? You have to figure Corgan will throw in the towel sometime soon
  14. That one. They are interchangeable. Benavides would be an interesting fight but he seems destined for 175 since he doesn't feel like cutting the weight
  15. No he is more likely to be matched up with Dirrell
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