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  1. Hines was WR coach at Florida Atlantic last year I thought
  2. Houston must have their next guy picked out and need to satisfy Rooney rule requirements
  3. Is Vince Russo booking the Green Bay Cincinnati game?
  4. Wound up being a dramatic fight since Fury decided to show up dumpy with sloppy technique. Deontay proved again he is an awful boxer with novice technique terrible stamina shitty sportsman with a million dollar punch but you always run into a guy you can't knock out. 33 rounds Wilder won 3.
  5. Probably stress from her. Sounds like she had the moving trucks ready for Seattle and to get out of Quebec. Happy wife happy life and stuff. Hopefully he gets over this. Like I say to everyone who asks why hockey players would rather play in Dallas/Phoenix/Florida etc rather than in a place that lives and breathes hockey. It's because no one deserves the scrutiny and the abuse, in both official languages of Canada,these guys have to endure when they let in a soft goal
  6. The countdown has to be on for what day Urban sneaks into the Jags locker room and leaves everyone the Bobby Petrino style Dear John letter to say he is quitting
  7. They are on the hook for the money and injuries happen. He must be really causing headaches complaining about losing his starting job. Or was forcing his way out
  8. With the amount of ex-Jays they employed this season I almost expect them to hire John Gibbons to replace Rojas
  9. Toronto has drawn in the past. They weren't buying Rogers overpriced cock tease games. Silly to think a market this size wouldn't sell out but who here would shell out team and stadium money
  10. God bless central Canada. We don't get the fringe parties on the ticket here anymore. I think I voted for the Marxist-Leninist party once when Cretien was PM and no one was even a remote challenge to him
  11. Trudeau chose to run the shortest election cycle possible. Normally they aren't this short
  12. So if they are convinced this judge voted against Fox because of racism what was the excuse for the other two judges that apparently aren't getting suspended
  13. Surprised Manny is going through with this. Terrible opponent as a late sub when you are 42 and haven't fought in 2 years
  14. Taylor Saucedo shouldn't be up right now. Next week things should balance out when one of the starters goes to the BP. And if Pearson finds his groove he will help out. Losing Phelps and Merryweather early on was such a kick in the teeth. Interesting note that came up was that Austin Martin was Minnesota's backup choice in the Barrios deal. They wanted teenager Orelvis Martinez but Toronto wouldn't move him. Interesting having Cimber finish the game. Romano seems to have lost his groove trying to be the 9th inning guy. Moving him back may help him
  15. Groshans has stepped up this year and could potentially be a 3rd baseman. Martin doesn't have the arm for 3rd. I would have liked more for Martin but you trade from surplus and there are a gang of SS in the system that you can convert to OF
  16. I'd trade Pearson in a heartbeat if something big can happen in the off-season. Fragile big man whose arm will explode soon
  17. Not really SWR is trending the wrong way. He's gotten hammered this year. Scuttlebutt from the recent futures game was that Austin Martin was the least impressive one out there. Austin is a guy that plays a couple of positions but apparently none of them very good so he needs to be plus with the bat but the Jays have a glut of middle infield guys hitting better than Martin.
  18. Yeah. She wasn't going to win and that wouldn't have been good for the brand.
  19. Can't wait until NBC gets buyers remorse when the chatter dies down about this situation for whatever obscene amount of money they give Maria Taylor for a talking head position. Sports talking heads are overpaid at the best of times
  20. Draw was fair since Castano faded in the late rounds and he was in his opponents home state and the B side fighter for the promoter. There was no justification for a 117-111 score. I had a hard time giving Charlo 6 rounds for a draw let alone 9
  21. Fury only loses if he is busy counting the Joshua money in his head
  22. Ron Francis was born at night but it wasn't last night
  23. Punch landed a microsecond after the bell but they were both exchanging. Far from blatant
  24. Sorry GGG lost the second fight. Not by much but he lost. If you are going to hate a guy because he may have gotten some beneficial judging you must hate just about every fighter that has pulled on a pair of gloves
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