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  1. Jericho is a wonderful heel and a pale comparison as a babyface. It’s consistent tho. The early WCW lion heart was hilariously 1980s in a time where an edgier attitude was somewhat needed. I cant imagine WWE creative helping matters. He was a babyface at the height of the company and ringing off ‘trash bag ho’ lines to Steph, not too dissimilar to his teen boy rantings this past weekend. Malakai Black is a megastar on the rocketing rise. Welcome to the huge consensus bandwagon. We won’t fault you for the late arrival.
  2. My issue with Cage is his Arsenal features too many devastatingly crushing maneuvers that when applied don’t get the job done or amount to much. End result being they make him look weak. Ppl hate the ‘he needs to learn how to work as a big man’ Nash-esque talk, but he strikes me as a good example of this talking point. Not unlike the young Lance Hoyt of TitsNAss fame. His look is also a bit cheese whiz. The out of touch faux hawk and cute reverse colour designs. He always seemed capable enough on the mic with some direction. I hope he finds his way. And hope it’s in a tag combo. Either with a similarly sized partner or somebody smaller and faster. And a mouthpiece.
  3. Kiera Hogan coming in and paying some dues with a series of losses is A okay, but at some point they need to give her a shot at climbing the ladder. I wouldn't claim to know anything more than this early AEW run and a few highlights from Impact, but from what I gather she's got a lot more polish in ring, and on the mic, than anybody not named Baker, Hayter or Deeb. I really hope you're right. I wanna say minus the boring domination, of course, but I'm also game to see Malakai kill a few dudes ala Moxley's decimation of young Wheeler Yuta. That squash was just what the doctor ordered for mean mean Mox. Certainly there's an argument to be made, but hasn't it proven to be a fun element of the company that constantly causes for discussion? I mean ultimately there's a lot of unrealistic movement surrounding it, but as somebody who only side glances it, I love it. Not unlike how I loved reading PWI rankings as a kid.
  4. A follow up win for Hobbs certainly seems to have been missed. The previous mention of Hobbs being a 'monster heel' feels like a fair tag in theory, but a bit of a stretch in reality. Hobbs is a talented young guy who pretty clearly needs some serious ring time before he gets to that next level. They know it and he knows it. It's always good to see fans wanting to see a guy climb the ladder quickly, but he's got lots of time before he hits his peak. I wouldn't be opposed to the Brian Cage-Team Taz exit angle being ultimately a show of tough love from the team, and then welcoming him back in the fold after Cage signals a show of respect. A Cage-Hobbs team always felt like the right direction. AEW could use a pair of big toughs in the tag division. As is, Brian Cage feels dead in the water. He's got an excellent set of tools, but needs the compliment of a partner and manager. Jim Neidhart wasn't a singles guy either, but the Anvil was a great tag presence beside the Hitman and the Mouth of the South.
  5. Lame as per usual from babyface Jericho. He's a fun heel, and a cliche of a teenage boy as a babyface. Sammy's mic work could use some work too.
  6. I loved the comedy of Arn burning things up in the backyard last week. And Cody's attempt to save his tie. This week I'm laughing and carrying on again. I don't support a cinematic shift on Dynamite to where we can hear the inner workings of the wrestler's mind or in this case the tinnitus, but I couldn't help but enjoy myself throughout this show and that segment. I so love that Cody is refusing to go heel. Cody's had some duds, maybe this segment I enjoyed included, but I am fascinated to see how this all plays out. Something tells me this segment did not turn him babyface for next week. I have little doubt that Moxley's winning this tournament and challenging Hangman for the title. There will be some nice wrestling bouts (see next week's Dustin v Danielson for example) from here to then.
  7. I love this company, but I really wish they'd evolve passed saves being preceded by entrance music. Interruptions preceded by pressing play on the theme music is fine and often great. Big saves I'll never understand the sacrificing of a more natural surprise element. I mean you can always fire up the music after the ring is cleared.
  8. The excellent Seagulls debut is sorta obscured by those cuts, but the songs, yes, they ought to be heard regularly. Stakes are a bit higher after last night's pretty blowaway show, but I like this line-up. Who are we getting in the tag match? I did hear that they had a nice battle with Laredo Kid and Vikingo in Meh-hee-CO recently. Love to see Vikingo finally find his way to the Elite roster. Somebody mentioned 2.0 under hoods and I'd be more than game for that too. I felt a bolt of excitement during that Dante-Malakai segment last week and expect this to shine. I'm also really into the idea of a Wheeler Yuta-Moxley match. Here's hoping Kiera Hogan gets a nice showing. Danielson is on such an incredible run right now that a dance partner like Fish will no doubt equal something pretty special. Pro Wrestling!
  9. Anybody know what Cornette's response has been to Lambert lampooning his lame bullshit? SEARCH ANSWER EDIT I'm with everybody on Danielson-Suzuki! Excellent evening of pro wrestling. The Punk's lost any ring rust comments are right on the money. JTTSydal continues to quietly be an important piece of the AEW puzzle. I was hoping for a Riho save on the Ruby beatdown. Ruby's a fun bumper. Six man was terrific and very much agree with @DEANon Hager. He worked so well with Dos Santos in particular. JDS helped make that table spot one of the better breaks I remember seeing in the last while. Guevarra was a lightning bolt in that match. Raising the action to a feverish pitch every time he got in there. Fish-Moriarty was really strong down the stretch. Fish seems to lack audience connectability at points, but maybe he's just better suited for tag action. That said, I like him as a low card JTTS act. In due time the sky shall be the limit for the talented young Lee Moriarty. Happy to have him on the team.
  10. I’m an Emi Sakura fan but what were they thinking allowing her to have Ruby beaten so badly, and really early, that she had to lift her on the 2 to allow the match to continue? So stoopid. Good thing nobody watches this show. FTR dark/elevation bouts are a treat. I dig young Lee. LSG looked good too. Other than the silly missed dive and sell like he hit it. Also, enough of these lame acronym wrestler names. You should at least have to earn the distinction of an acronym. Random job guy doesn’t cut it. Crowbar looked good until that messy finish. Kayla Rossi’s flip was a bit of insanity. Is she a Jersey indie worker? Ugh, really awkward having a Crowbar-Meanie shitty shoot promo. The ‘shoot’ portion was completely unnecessary. I sometimes regret taking the time to watch this hit and miss show, but glad to have seen that FTR bout. Loving that entrance music.
  11. Garcia and 2.0 continue to impress. So to Punk. I love Jade. Solid win for the tag champs. Bloody Starks was a nice closing visual. Brian Cage badly needs some direction (babyface doesn't seem like it's gonna cut it) and, dare I say, a tag partner. Classic Excalibur ridiculously claiming Rosa's running to the ring with “the chair that Jade used to incapacitate her last week”. Maybe one day he'll mature passed these random wacky calls. Very thankful for the extra Mark Henry segment. Love the simple and beautiful split screen style (tho the actual current set-up could use to improve). Mark's kind energy and warm, generous smile is infectious. And seems clear that everybody loves the big guy. I know I do. Who'd have thought Mark Henry would be well on his way to becoming the next great backstage wrestling journalist. I suppose the answer is Tony Khan. Also, I love Tony's unpolished mic work. He sounds hilarious. Like he's doing an impression of himself yelling '9 days' or whatever from his Elevation debut.
  12. 100%! Poetry in motion. So thankful for FTR squashes/competitive squashes returning to Dark. Inevitable big run now on it's way! Here's the source material to that wonderful theme for anybody that missed it. Maybe the greatest song ever written.
  13. Good point that completely loses me on the ‘business exposing’ argument. I don’t see anything OC does as business exposing as much as say an ‘Irish whip’ or punch to the face not resulting in a bruise or... the list goes on and on. The first part of your argument mostly works tho. Cassidy is a chess master or perhaps a ‘cerebral assassin’.
  14. The audio mix on all of their taped programs has the commentary too high compared to the crowd. The result is they are flattening the live crowd sound, but you're not wrong. These marathon tapings are brutal. Also see every PPV they've had since the first. 4 hours or approx is far too long to keep even a boisterous AEW crowd hyped. They oughtta just cut Dark Elevation from the live taping and record two Ramapage segments prior to Dynamite and the Main Event or third segment post. Keep the live experience to a slick streamlined 3 hours. There's no reason why both Dark and Elevation couldn't use the Universal Studios tapings. They just need to keep the shows to a traditional broadcast style 45 minutes. Or approx. And grant my wish of more and more and more promo reps on those shows.
  15. Really? I love Mark Henry with the split screen. I've been digging these back and forth early 90s Sean Mooney hosted 'Event Center' style promos. I just wish they'd linger a little longer on Mark's generous smile. Lights up a room and the whole show. And nothing but love for carny heel Matt Hardy. There's so much life in a Matt Hardy manager/wrestler character and it's wonderful that he's found such an excellent place for his current day/level talent. Lastly, I really hope Jack takes the aforementioned 'skeeziest look in all of televised wrestling' further and wears his hair as it was left. Fun segment, fun show. p.s. Chuck Taylor really oughtta go with an english or imperial style moustache.
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