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  1. This show is so fun at 530am, and easily my favorite early morning programming since Our Gang/Little Rascals topped the 5-7 block. It's a happy feeling seeing a guy like Ricky Starks make the most of his time. Darby v Joe was fucking incredible. So too FTR v Acclaimed. Of course it had a clean finish! Eh E Dub! Okay, Briscoes v FTR 3 as requested, and I'm buying the ROH PPV. Nothing but love and affection for a Saturday afternoon PPV start time.
  2. TK from the Media call: Certainly this could just be his reference in the MJF-Danielson build, but it sure would be nice to get one more promo from his Lordship.
  3. I'm with you, especially on Nana, but is this something that turned into telephone game ( @Matt D can't seem to tag) or did Khan actually suggest all the ROH stuff has been kept off Dynamite? I find that distinguishment from him both odd and funny.
  4. I’ll happily purchase for FTR-Briscoes 3. Seeing as neither have a match booked, well, ‘book that shit Killer Khan!’
  5. Rampage moves at a faster than balanced clip. Pace isn't this production team's strong suit - tho this week's show was mostly fine. Perhaps a second look at that talk segment would've clarified the above. Still, it wouldn't hurt for AEW to evaluate the importance of what they put out there 'Live' and the necessary double downs to sink said things into the viewer. Obviously, the excessive reminders on the Titan Sports brand shows is a little more than necessary. I'd say in the case of an unknown (to most) wrestler like Shane Taylor showing up and that a little background may have helped. The public at large doesn't have a Dean to supply the goods on Taylor, and seeing as the company has a whole ROH library featuring Taylor's entire run, maybe it could've been worth sharing a highlight or two? And who is this JD Griffey (@DEAN)? To your comment on the need for storylines, I agree, I don't need 'em. I'm of the feeling that the 'character study' or informing on the character is far more important than any sort of longer or even shorter narrative. I think we differ on what promotional video packages offer. Tho, I'm on your side when the crowd gets more cantakerous than necessary.
  6. Ethan Page and Matt Hardy provide a nice bit of sports entertainment there. Loved that. '99 Hardy sure, but let's have a look and see what this battleworn heavy footed old cuss might still have left in the gas tank. I do have a small fear that Page's nasty looking version of the Razor's Edge might break his body. I sometimes wonder if Athena isn't the most thrilling performer in the company right now!? She's found her path. Yeah, Taylor v Keith Lee is a fresh and exciting Battle, but Taylor mentioned the named JD Griffey, and it made me wonder if he was indicating a tag match. That whole situation could have (maybe I missed it) used a clarifyier from Excalibur. I don't know Griffey, but I'm game for a Swerve/Big Keith bout with Taylor and a pal. One thing on Taylor... I'm wondering if there isn't a better, more flattering attire for the big man? Big ol wide-legged loose fitting black cargos tucked into the boots perhaps. He might only be a couple of strong aesthetic choices away from being a considerable threat and potential player.
  7. Well said, (from the first few pages) it feels like it's being overlooked how well Friedman did making himself unlikeable again. At the very least offer some points for not being a cool heel. Further, it feels inconclusive in 2022 whether the 'X-Pac heat' is actually damaging. Or if it's actual go away heat in the case of Max Friedman. The turn on Regal and everything he did in this re-established himself Truly as a Heel. He also set-up a lot of potential matches. I heard the name Eddie Kingston and thought 'that's certainly a program I'd care to see'. I kinda liked him digging in on all his favorite topics. And I liked his flat out proclaiming himself to wrestle only on PPV, and on rare occasion! Bryan was so great selling the Regal shit. Goddamn am I ever sad to see William go... but... considering they were losing him, this felt like an incredibly fun exit for the Gentleman Villain. Regal in AEW, and the BCC, and what could have been? I've been watching everything on tape delay. And in preference. Early Thursday mornings for Dynamite. Wrestling over breakfast is a beautiful thing. This week's show at an hour 50 with a few skims was excellent - where maybe it didn't seem as such over the 2 hour duration, and without whatever that Acclaimed promo was. Watching this show with the ability to skim Willow-Anna and mostly ffwd the clearly terrible Jade segment made it inevitably a hit. I'm sold. I was initially amused by this song choice. Then on 3rd run I was thinking maybe less so. I don't know the Kansas catalog outside of the 2 songs that have repetitiously played on the radio since their 70 something release. When those songs come on the radio I change the channel. Always. But Wrestling certainly has a way with music! The Omega visual is the perfect sell. Re: 11/30/22 Dax Harwood v Bryan Danielson was 'fucking awesome!' I especially loved the somewhat unique (or fresh to me) work around the barricade. So fun! Similar thoughts on Joe v AR Fox. Just a perfect assbeating with enough thrills to come away better for it. Grumpy old man assbeater Joe is the best Joe! Bring on the slightly promoted Final Battle PPV. Which I'm fine with being a thrown together set of dream matches - one featuring the Briscoes. I'll happily take a 3rd round of FTR v Briscoes? Put a cage on it if you must. Omega/Bucks v Death Triangle still have a long way to 7 but thus far it's been an exceptional 'piece of business.' Note: all matches viewed with heavenly audio effect that brings the live crowd to the forefront (a good one in this instance) while making the commentary a background squeak. I love it so much!
  8. Great signings all around. *fart sound to the bloated roster theorists. I really hope Jake Atlas can pull things together and get back on the saddle. I also hope we see a freshly trained Paige again. She has such natural charisma.
  9. I guess we need to WILL IT INTO EXISTENCE: Let's band together for An'hell'ico v Danny Garcia! I'd like a new coat of paint (and manager) for the 30 something South African superstar.
  10. Just got caught up with WWE (other than last night's Raw). Wargames was mostly passable entertainment. The rules in front of, and behind the scenes, hinder these matches horribly. They should retire the concept or retool and give generously. Both the Men's and Women's were far too long. 'WWE Hardcore' style isn't exactly what I consider a really good time. I think my expectations were too high for Finn Balor v AJ Styles in a WWE ring. Didn't watch Rousey and Shotsy. I dug the Rollins v Lashley v Theory three way. Generally speaking the sling blade is an ugly and weak looking maneuver, but Seth Rollins' sling blade is even worse than most. Not to say Rollins wasn't mostly the glue here. Really fun finish and ending stretch. The backstage skits are so fucking lame, but Zayn kills it so hard that it's worth the 'cringe' as they say. I had no desire to watch the complete Wargames Main Event match. I ffwd pretty much all the way to the Reigns entry and official start. I skimmed a little, but enjoyed what I saw. Then finish featuring further example of the Genius of Sami Zayn. Holy fucking shit! Everything down the stretch to the finish was just perfection. That feels like as good as it possibly gets in the WWE universe.
  11. Sounds like a fun show. I suspect even more fun, like all WWE, at a streamlined running time minus all the floor routine entrances, company ads and lengthy recaps. Sami Zayn is an incredible performer, and enough reason for me to stop and watch after ffwding passed all the dumb posturing Uso promos and lengthy Roman Reigns lame catchphrases/stoic character bits.
  12. Excellent stuff in the 10 Man (yeah, loved that Factory hug), Cage-Starks and the emotional Kingston-Akiyama bouts. No surprise to see Luchasaurus v Jungle Boy put on a helluva deal! Christian provided some great comedy with the key steal and toss out. And then fuckin’ Kansas plays. Wrestling has a way of taking the most tired, never-wanna-hear-it-again-songs, and making them seem fun or funny. Death Triangle v the Elite was as spectacular as expected. I bet a few of those salty posters who feel the need to express their hate of the Elite secretly loved this. A Best of 7 sounds like a fucking lot of wrestling from the same 6 guys, but I have a feeling they’re going to find a way to make it work. Nyla v Jade was fine. Sammy-Jericho-Danielson-Claudio proved the right people can make 4 ways work just fine. Beautifully in fact. Pleased to see Jericho escape with the title. Saraya v Baker was fine. I liked Alvarez’s suggestion on WOR about how they should have done a ‘she’s not quite ready’ type loss for Saraya in quicker fashion and come back with a stronger rematch. Wardlow-Hobbs-Joe was fun and again exceeded my expectations for a multi-man bout. Double Champion ‘Joe-sus is just alright with me!’ Jarrett-Lethal v Darby-Sting was wonderfully fucking fun like every Darby-Sting match! The visual of Sting holding Satnam in the death drop and calling for Darby was wild! Jarrett was fantastic in this match. Toni Storm v Jamie Hayter really built strongly to that finish. They woke up the joint and so happy they did for that big title win pop! Such big blows! Loved the visual of Toni Storm with the messed up lipstick and bloody nose. Does Storm need a heel turn? Whereas the crowd thankfully sees and applauds the great work/efforts of Hayter, they seem oblivious to how fucking great Toni Storm is. Acclaimed v Swerve/Lee was really good. I'm not gonna complain, but I really wanted Big Keith to find his way to the dark side there. Throughout the last few matches the crowd is clearly exhausted and more in need of sleep than more wrestling. MJF v Mox was a fun little match. Kind of a bummer finish. I have the same question as was similarly posed earlier ‘what the fuck, so William Regal has a preference of Max’s ‘International Object’?’ ‘Explain this one to me, Bill!’ Perhaps it only appeals to a certain sense of humour, but I thought Max’s scrum promo was a fantastic piece of business! If nothing else it suggests Max will be up for the task of being a true heel. In a sorta related note I just listened to the Gentleman Villain episode ‘Mr. Regal becomes an Unamerican’, in which Regal proudly discusses his ability to do what is necessary to inspire hate. Speaking of which, I liked seeing Moxley heeling it up out there. He looked really excited to do so. It would not have been clear to me on a live marathon viewing, but in multiple parts this was an excellent show.
  13. If by chance you're watching with VLC: Window > Audio Effects > Filter > Karaoke Brings the joy of the live crowd to the forefront and drops out the okay to awful AEW commentary to a light squeak. It's absolutely incredible!
  14. All clear and no disagreements. It was just needlessly less definitive with the 'protected' non-finish as opposed to a Theory pinfall victory, raised arm and then the attack. WWE booking has been relying heavily on 'protected' finishes, and could use to lose more than a few - here certainly could have done without. All that said, this segment was fine and achieved it's purpose.
  15. Bobby standing there listening to Rollins ramble on is a bit at odds with what we’ve seen from him. And then Ali appears to be the Great Provider! I loved Ali v Lashley. Perfection! Big Bob looked like a total ass-slammer or stomper here. Both companies need more squash craftsmen like the Alis and Fuegos. Oh no, not a great debut for Mia Yim, but the glimpse of exploding Rheamania was a nice moment. Gable v Riddle was predictably fun! Chad Gable is such a gifted pro wrestler. Thrilled to see him get a win here. Strap a rocket on him! This Gargano-Miz-Lumis storyline provides an opportunity to make the commercial free Raw an even more manageable viewing experience. Shelton Benjamin is a total loser in the Universe, and Rudo Dom is fucking unstoppable! Let’s get that Benjamin-Alexander team going again. Oh man, an Iyo Sky ‘competitive squash’ showcase is fine by me! I liked the inset promo during Brooke’s entrance. I’d like to see more Inset promos during entrances in pro wrestling. Dolph v Theory is something I can get down with. Not sure why the finish needed to protect Ziggler from a pinfall loss, but Theory looked strong here. Corbin-Tozawa was fine, so too the mildy amusing TNT style vignettes. Corbin really needs a better presentation/gear. Rollins v Balor felt a bit underwhelming early, considering the talent, but then they kicked it into another gear just before the typical WWE overbooking. But still fun all the way! I skimmed some notes that suggested this show wasn’t as well received - it was on my end. FFWDing passed the Gargano Comedy Mysteries, recap packages, talk segments, commentator breaks and floor routine entrances (I cannot imagine watching this live) really helps make this show a ton of fun!
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