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  1. To be clear that'd be a Townes Van Zandt classic for the Hangman. And how bout a Willie Nelson ‘Always on My Mind’ highlight video for all of Cody’s achievements! Irrational Cody hate meter seems to be reading deep in the red this week. Call me crazy but I kinda dug the ridiculousness of that promo and the outmoded America rah rah. This guy places himself clearly in the lower to mid portion of the card, and puts himself in a feud with a bunch of unknowns, and ppl still cry foul. Or ‘what an ego’! A wrestler with an ego is not so rare. What is rare is a wrestler in his position of p
  2. Junior is a class act and no doubt a major star in the future. Absolutely heartbreaking hearing his story. Melanie obviously made some horrible mistakes, but imagine a world where we could muster up some compassion for somebody like Melanie. Like her son does.
  3. It's a shame Cornette can't get over his petty hate for Kenny, the Bucks, Orange etc. His insight is completely lost because of this. It was interesting seeing him grinning away on Darkside of the Ring talking about the genius of Brian Pillman. A genius that was doing everything he hates - exposing the industry: bookerman etc. Just another hypocritical opinion. I once heard Jim, on his broadcast, rant about how he hates change and it was kinda all you really need to know about him. Further, Jim Cornette's run as booker in ROH was flat out awful. At least what I saw - am I wrong
  4. Great show! Incredibly hokey finish. That said, I sorta wish I had the ability to suspend my disbelief to the level of the ppl that thought that finish was remotely decent.
  5. Hoping for an Inner Circle massacre-ing to send Fozzy back on the road. And to free Santana and Ortiz from this lame faction. I’m also hoping the inclusion of Spears on the Pinnacle side leads to him being ‘injured’ severely. Then, life and Dynamite moves on without some of the dead weight. I mean Jericho’s gotta have some semblance of sense to know it’s time to go on hiatus and freshen up. Or better yet semi-retire to the commentary booth.
  6. The only reputable source i got was 'Forbes'. A story relying on a bunch of tweets. I guess if this is the story I did know it well enough.
  7. 'Pretty sure'? Again, I'm not entirely up on this Tessa shit, I'd just like to know a few more actual 'facts', not 'hearsay', that substantiate a bunch of dudes on the internet shaming a 26 year old woman for being a racist.
  8. Re: Tessa Blanchard I haven’t followed the Tessa issues so closely, but is there anything more than ‘hearsay’? Somebody said she said something racist? Is there proof this even happened? What other dirt leads to these posts shaming her for being some sort of low life? Is there anything more than rumours? Further, the Impact dispute sounds like there were two sides that may have made some poor choices. Seems weird to hear so many ppl talk about her like they know her personally. Ppl make mistakes. We all do. The idea that somebody ought to be known only for their worst
  9. Cody's a gloryhorse not a murderer. The Figure 4 on the top shows he's got control of the situation. He's trying to beat sense into Cutie, not kill him. They've got a wrestling school to run. Re: Omega-Kingston/Moxley The King and the Mox have such great rapport with this audience that I think most overlooked this ridiculous segment. I liked imagining while watching that how a live audience would have dumped all over it. They are supposed to be bad asses. Nothing bad ass about holding the champion hostage so they can get him in the dreaded 'tag match'! Further, they completely
  10. Re: Kingston/Moxley-Kenny/Nakazawa This awful segment topped last week’s show stinker. So Kingston doesn’t want the sports entertainment horseshit so instead of wrestling Nak he turns the whole segment into exactly what he didn’t want? Why on earth would Mox/King rather have a tag match with Nak/Omega than just flat out injure them? I mean doesn’t Eddie owe Kenny a receipt? And where are the Goods and the Bucks during all of this? Ha, that ridiculous segment aside, great show as per usual.
  11. Re: Rich Swann looked weak To me he looked dead on his feet, barely acknowledging the strikes, no motion, especially those V triggers. Then he'd suddenly be on offense looking gassed. I only caught about 10 minutes or so, but that looked awkward and uninspired. That said, I'm sadly never impressed by anything I ever see in Impact Wrestling. Mauro's selling on the otherhand was excellent.
  12. Is Rich Swann generally as flat and lifeless as he was against Omega? His selling was particulary weak. And his own offense was completely lethargic. Speaking of meaningless titles, maybe Kenny oughtta get his hands on the 'FTWWorld' title.
  13. Joey Janela is a natural heel. He's also far more valuable as a wrestler/manager. He needs a Terry Gordy. And maybe a Buddy Roberts too. I'm of the belief that his mic skills could be effective in getting somebody on the lower to mid card roster nicely over. In ring, when necessary, he would be substantially more interesting as a chickenshit heel.
  14. I get the anger and disappointment, but there really should be no surprise here. I don't know where WWE ranks on the World's worst corporations, but I'd have to think Linda, Vince and the gang would secure a nice high number. If you reading this haven't already, maybe consider not spending time or more importantly your money on this pitiful company.
  15. Not easy losing your job, but love seeing misused talent get a new life. Having missed the last decade and a half of WWE, I've only seen Samoa Joe from this list. I assumed Joe's days as an asskicking machine were passed (again haven't seen him since ROH; maybe a TNA match), but judging by the excitement in this thread I am thankful my assuming is incorrect. Cannot wait to see the return of Samoa Joe!
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