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  1. Not only jobbers getting hurt. Or nearly hurt. The Bear almost killed Darby with that DVD counter to the corner. They gotta do a better job of protecting Darby during these less than important Dark bouts. I actually did catch the very good Lee Johnson v Marcus Kross. I love Kross - he's as good a job guy as you could ask for. I'd agree with you on the look, but as a jobber on Dark I love it.
  2. Tho an awkward set-up, Red Velvet's finisher looked a lot stronger this week. Funny to hear the David Crockett praise. I always considered him amongst the worst, but undeniably a place and time voice. Paul Wight's fails during the commentary opening and the introduction of Crockett were pretty hilarious. Wight's confidence doesn't seem to be helping him much. I ffwd thru most of this episode. Did I miss any good promos? Or action? Darby-Bear was pretty much all I watched. It was fine. I hope the Bears don't find themselves, at least for too long, in the tradition of middle of the road big bad boring dudes like The Harris Boys.
  3. Love the idea of a 'King of Harts' tournament. Especially as an Owen tribute. And if it's a G1 style tournament all the better. I've been hoping since the beginning that AEW would adopt some of the NJPW style tournaments. I've only seen a few highlights of Bray Wyatt and just now checking out Bo Dallas, but wondering to those who do know them well whether they could potentially work as a top level tag team in AEW?
  4. Man, the Blade is out of control. Clear proof that you can become more and more awesome regardless of big match wins. Also, I just love JR and his 'cowboy shiznit'. A lot of high points on this week's program.
  5. The Hangman loss is certainly risky, but it goes a long way in helping create greater unpredictability. I did not see that one coming.
  6. Cody-Malakai Black segments have now been 3 weeks in a row a highlight. They're on a roll getting these matches set-up week to week.
  7. Anybody have a modern day Juvi match to share? Also, really hoping Cash Wheeler's good.
  8. Nick Gage may not be a world class athlete, but his presence is fantastic. Loved the Leduc-Abdullah-Sandman-George Steele vibes.
  9. I have no problem suspending my disbelief on a swinging neckbreaker. Wrestler synches in a headlock and pulls the head to the side where it ought-not-go while taking the opponent to the mat. All that said, outside of prime era Honky Tonk Wayne Ferris, it's not really a move that makes me think 'game ovah'. This leg spin around Red Velvet finisher makes that horrible Matt Cardona leg bullshit seem legit. Nah, they're both awful. Or to each their own.
  10. Not overthinking, just simple plain thinking. Is the idea if you shut your mind off that it looks awesome?
  11. I’m stoked for FTR-LAX, but that Road to preview was so over wrought it made Santana look like a whiny little bitch. And I really like Santana. Doubling down on putting so much heat on the teams upbringing is weak. It’s fine for a mention, but hammering it for bragging rights is bad comedy. All that said, can’t wait for the actual match.
  12. I wish I was seeing what you’re seeing. I like Velvet but that finish to me doesn’t look like it does anything to her opponent. What is the effect supposed to be?
  13. Dark audio mix could benefit a great deal from more live crowd less commentary. The Stu/Uno assisted piledriver finish is fantastic. Red Velvet seems to be continually improving her game, but needs to cut some of the 'creative' (see weak) offense. Especially her awful finish. I'd like to see more of her competent opponent - Alejandro Lion. Speaking of poor finishes, the Young Guns Six Man had a lot to offer until said finish. Dante Martin is really great and needs to quickly move on from using the flipping stunner bullshit. Pillman Jr post match promo wasn't particularly strong, but it's nice to see them passing around a live mic on Dark. More and more promos please.
  14. Second on the nifty Statlander-Conti duo. Dug their bout. Also dug Scorpio-Fuego. Scorp's looking good with his solid heel offense. Luchas-5/10 was a'ight. So to Wardog and the Big Bear. I liked what I saw of Pac-Taylor, but it didn't quite connect for me. I really like Marq Quen, but he needs to tighten his shit up. A Jungle Boy-Marq Quen match should potentially steal any show they're on, especially this lowstakes card, but it absolutely did not.
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