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  1. Beat me to it. Gresham had a video package on Rampage with words concerning who the best technical wrestler is. The visual was clips of both Danielson and Claudio. I'm assuming they're having a match, and I don't see Claudio dropping the fall. I do hope if this is the PPV bout that TK breaks his World Title goes last rule, and gives Joe-Lethal or an FTR match the nod. Especially if by some lucky chance that FTR match is FTR-Briscoes II.
  2. Angelico springs to mind. I'd like to see him sharpen his craft in NJPW. I'd also like to see the young Private Party get a New Japan education. I imagine NJPW tours for Brian Cage, the Varsity Blonds, Lee Johnson, 10, the Bears, and especially Nick Comoroto could be greatly beneficial to each. I'd also love to see ladies like Anna Jay, AQA, Penelope Ford (is she still around) and Tay Conti take a tour or two in Japan.
  3. How do we all feel about the Butcher's new Franchise-d tassled boots? Stoked for Rooshky v Penta and the inevitably barbarous Brody v Mox! Pleased to see a rally 'round Nyla's terrific hoss-tastic work/role. Thank you Toni Storm for providing each week. Thanks also to Takeshita, Darby, the Bucks, and the entire Elite roster! Right on! AEDubya!
  4. Any OBSERVER notes this week, or any other Insider news, on the DBD PPV?
  5. I always assumed the DO split was a storyline paid off exactly as planned for the Brodie anniversary show? Angels did very well with his limited experience. His age should work in his favour. That said, he seems to have hit his AEW ceiling. His mic work is unestablished if inconclusive. HIs character work seems to be based on a mask and then a hat (ugh), so some adjustments ought to be encouraged. His in ring is solid, but could greatly use the kind of seasoning perhaps best found by spreading his wings. Indies and abroad for Alan, and I suspect it will be a good thing for him.
  6. To each their own, and definitely an improvement to Dynamite, but the few that watch Impact now and again would certainly argue with good reason that Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt are the 'best' commentary team in wrestling.
  7. It's been a long, long time coming, but glad to see TK finally make a move at the commentator's table. Ol' JR's been long overdue for a demotion, and the Tazmaniac's been long overdue a promotion to the A show. It's just so nice to hear commentators cover botches (great example last night with Taz covering Austin Gunn's partial hip toss flub) as opposed to burying said wrestler for the misfire, or sometimes not even a misfire (the current Ross style). It's also such a relief to hear a guy like Taz providing worthwhile info as opposed to JR's wacked out theories. Perhaps with Rampage taped most weeks some of JR's grumbling can even be removed. Perhaps that's the idea. p.s. I've heard just about enough of this Hanna Barbera burial! Those 'toons are a goddamn treasure.
  8. Psst* (accepting DMs) where does one find the post-Dynamite Meltzer/Alvarez pod? The YT links seem to have vanished. Good on them I suppose.
  9. Turnover is good. I like Chuck Taylor, but his ceiling seems pretty well established. Perhaps an Indy, Impact or New Japan run could help refresh his act and reignite the passion.
  10. Interesting, I'd read something about him becoming a realtor, but I also read some comment recently (last month or so) that he made about returning to the ring shortly. I'm not sure how I retain any of this info about a wrestler I've barely seen.
  11. Is it crazy to suggest Windham Rotunda lays off the evil-well-played-out-Malakai-struggling-withit-now-bullshit and the Dark Order refugees and focus his attention on tag gold with his brother? I've only seen Taylor Rotunda from a few NXT highlights from some time ago, but he seems to have much more potential than what I understand he exhibited on the 'main roster'. I also haven't seen a lot of Windham/Wyatt, but it seems like a tandem with his brother could provide a fresh and fun approach. If the Captain's available, perhaps he can come along too. My hope for the Dark Order is Reynolds and Silver pair off already and take a slow building run at the tag titles (maybe under the ROH 'brand'). I'd love to see them feud with Uno and a returning Stu as well. Tho, Stu and Uno reuniting for a few New Japan tours might be nice too. I like the aforementioned idea of 10 rolling thru a few of his partners to get him going, but again, might be better to slide him to the Honorable branding and relinquish the hood. Colt seems poised for an ROH run and I'm thrilled for that.
  12. A guy like Angels could benefit from an Indie run or Impact or some tours abroad. He's solid and could be a contributor, but certainly not expendable. I like a bit of turnover.
  13. Brian Cage v Jonathan Gresham is a strange match that oddly intrigues me. And does play to Tully's choice words and challenge to Gresham and Moriarty on Rampage. What are the chances of a Chris Hero signing and reformation of the Kings of Wrestling in ROH?
  14. I sense the Briscoes recent run of losses and worked injuries (Mark being Pillmanized) in Impact that they might be free for a rematch against FTR. I know the 'some exec doesn't want them' story, but I'm hopeful that's not written in stone and time softens that stance. And what better way to kick off the new run than with FTR-Briscoes 2! If not that I'm for @DEAN's willing of an Aussie Open-FTR dream match. I'll also accept a Bucks-Briscoes match after the Supercard Superkick party. I also love that idea of FTR v Roosh and Andrade. Or Rooshsky and his brother Dragon Lee. Again, I've heard the rumblings of ppl holding grudges over Lee's botch injuring Hiromu, but I can't see TK never giving a guy this talented a chance. I also hope we see Bandido back in the fold here. I suspect Tully's boys will be rightfully working their way up the ladder before getting a shot at the straps. Kaun has looked good in his appearances, but Toa looked many shades of green at the Supercard. I also hope they find a way to develop Cage before thrusting him into any sort of important position. Whether or not he's able to make the necessary adjustments is another story, but fitting him into Tully's enterprises is a wisely progressive move. I'm also curious to see how long they keep the title on Gresham? I dig him, but he's not exactly the most marketable performer, and seems better fit in the middle with the Pure title. And I too expect Yuta-Garcia and Deeb-Mercedes to be nothing short of fantastic. Here's hoping they get the TV situation figured out and are able to announce something at the PPV. Regardless, very stoked. Love the simple new logo design. Feels in line with the prime era logo, and thankfuly away from the bad Goldie tattoo of the propaganda news organization era. p.s. now please join me in my attempt to WILL the licensing of Barry Manilow's 'Copacabana' for the great Colt Cabana! And let's party like it's Oh Five!
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