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  1. What is with these surprise debuts (Homicide) and saves (Conti) being set-up with music and khan-trons? So, Kingston and Moxley knew they'd be in trouble at some point with Suzuki-Gun and had the AEW editing department get a video ready for Homicide? And also the production crew got his music ready? And who relayed to them that Homicide was coming thru the crowd? I guess Kingston did allude to his buddy in the promo, but seems like AEW is missing the point of these saves/debuts being spontaneous.
  2. So true on the Inner CIrcle abondoning Jericho and Hager. I hadn't thought about it. I was watching bemused at how weak and strange most of the MMA group attack looked. I was pleased to see Miro beat the shit out of Sammy for interrupting the show with his lame cards. Sammy had no business flipping those cards without the picture in picture running. Thank you Miro! Also, I really wish they'd call a moratorium on those flimsy garbage cans. I'm a Kingston fan, but having him wail on the can with a kendo stick when clearly nothing is close to striking Archer was a dumb finish. Everything with those sparkling clean flimsy garbage cans is stoopid. Please stop AEW. Please.
  3. Sorry, I should be more compassionate to the few of you with your anti-Elite tastes. What it must be like to sit there watching Dynamite and not get to enjoy all, so very many, of those segments featuring the often very funny promos of the Elite and their incredible matches. Or shitty matches to you. That must make the experience of watching AEW very comprable to WWE, no?
  4. The Bucks/Cole kiss on the cheek spot was beautiful comedy. And even moreso beautiful for the way it surely enraged the humorless contingency on DVDVR that feel the need to make it known weekly that they hate said fantastic pro wrestlers Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson and Adam Cole.
  5. Trying not to get overhyped, but I keep coming back to the idea that this could be one of the greatest nights of professional wrestling ever televised.
  6. Is TSN2 online only? It's not coming up on my bell TV guide.
  7. To the north of the border fans: I haven't watched AEW on TSN before. I don't see a listing for Dynamite on the TV guide. Is tonight's show only accessible thru TSN online?
  8. What's the deal with Ol Mancer? Is he still sidelined for having signed one of those ridiculous MLW contracts?
  9. Curious who hasn't. Whether or not it's true, Brian Cage was mentioned recently.
  10. Very much agree. I've often found my enjoyment of AEW TV matches and shows uptick greatly with the FITE version. Such better flow.
  11. I absolutely love Andrade's broken english subtitled promo. It's subtly a huge progressive move in the sport of pro wrestling. That said I couldn't care less about him being saddled with a mouthpiece. I'd prefer a big bodyguard or crew. I keep dreaming on Vikingo and another top luchadore. Not up enough on the scene to know who that would be. Laredo Kid's been good, but I wonder who else there is south of the border down Mexico way.
  12. I like picturing the comedy of a meeting of the AEW decision makers discussing Gargano with the end result being 'Well, he's really talented in all areas, but uhhh, we already have a few guys who are really talented in all areas. Pass!'
  13. 'Debate me bro'? Is that a joke? I suggested you're rating him entirely on what 'they' have asked him to do. Which you are. Which is incredibly closeminded. I'm certainly glad AEW doesn't adhere to your typecasting.
  14. Parroting WWE's perception of any talent or anything on their television is at least 20 plus years out of touch. It's like calling released talent 'WWE rejects' and assuming AEW will handle said talent like TNA did years ago. Mind you that argument seems to have been mostly silenced by the likes of Miro, Malakai Black, Andrade, 2 point fuckin 0, Tay Conti, etc. etc. etc.
  15. Grade A quality performer shit on because of things he's asked or 'scripted' to do by bad creative. Well, you're right not exactly the same as the mindless Omega trolling, but equally as ridiculous.
  16. I've only seen a handful of Gargano matches, but what I've seen has been exceptional. He'd obviously be a great addition. The snobbery that leads to ppl groaning over him is as ridiculous as the trolling hate for Omega, the Bucks, etc. etc. Go watch some Raw and find yourself a better reason to complain.
  17. Britt/Ruby was a strong segment. Loved the hug to 'nerd' Tony at the start knowing the shit he's going to eat for that. Ruby seemed wooden/still scripted in her first brief backstage promo, but seemed to settle in nicely here. Shooter comments are completely fine when they aren't about reminding us that 'wrestling is fake'. Completely fine with this. Britt's 'fired' dig was great. Ruby's Cole comment could have gone wrong, but Jericho's 'is it a crime to be in love' and Britt's fantastic 'yeah, that's right' nods were the highlights of the show. I also love Britt's 'yeah, that's right' looks and enthusiasm for Ruby's 'catchphrase' digs. Subtle craftsmanship.
  18. During the brief time I watched MLW (a few months prior to the debut of Dynamite) Selina de la Renta (sp?) cut some of the most cliched corny promos I've ever seen. And that was around the time she was starting to get hyped. Not to say under better tutelage than MLW creative she couldn't improve, but Selina was a weak part of an already weak show. Even worse than what she was doing was her pairing with creepy old man Konnan cutting bygone era sexual predator promos on her. MLW was an awful show. I'm guessing by the lack of buzz that it's just as awful now.
  19. You're talking about him like he suddenly needs to be a big star. Kazarian isn't in AEW to headline shows. He's a competitive enhancement talent. And there's nothing wrong with that. Especially when you bring as great a game as Kazarian does. He did a terrific service to Adam Cole on his debut. He did the same for Christian. The guy is a consummate professional and the definition of a 'great hand'.
  20. Phase out your best jobber to the stars? C'mon, you know as well as anybody that not every member of your roster is going to be moved up the card. Frankie Kazarian and his Dark winning/ Dynamite losing ilk (see also the Butcher, the Blade, 2.0, Shawn Spears, Sydal, JD, Dante, Garcia, etc. etc.) are one of the reasons this show and company is so hot right now. They have such a great roster on top as everyone knows, but the job squad in this company is fantastic too. Kazarian oughtta go farm a few wins on Dark and come back around, win or likely lose, for another great Wednesday night bout.
  21. I like this card. Hoping for a 2.0 upset win with a little chicanery. Spears has been on a run and Darby might be his best dance partner yet. Dark and the Road To got me stoked for Leyla and Jade. And am I wrong to expect Kazarian v Cole to be potentially pretty blowaway? Not sure Danielson needs another segment to address Kenny, but it's likely to be spectacular and lead to something at Arthur Ashe. I like the rumours flying about of Suzuki-Gun going toe to toe with the Men of the Year. Batten down the hatches @Nice Guy Eddie, I think this could end up being a red hot show.
  22. Spears' promos alongside his in ring have been top notch. Also, just wanna reiterate what a great move that corner-multiple-knee-strikes is. The Road To segments are a weekly treat. Dark was fun from what I skimmed. The regular set looks a touch hokey in that smaller enviro. Would have prefered a simpler more subtle set-up, but it's fine. I was a bit wary of the Universal studios crowd, but they seemed a'ight. Nice 2.0 competitive squash. From the get go these guys have been really impressive. I'd love to see them by hook or by crook score the upset win over Moxley/Kingston. And then find themselves in the tag title picture. Also, I'm game for Hirsch-Jade. Jade's getting better. Fun squash on Dark. Still not into the packaging alongside Sterling, but they've at least built some chemistry. Mostly I don't like how Sterling standing beside her diminishes her height and stature. Also, only caught highlights but Hirsch-King looked solid. And great to see Big 'Butch' back in the fold. Love him.
  23. Hook's got it all. The world is his oyster. Archer is a nice improvement on 911, but I much prefer the effect of Edgar Winter Group's 'Frankenstein' as a theme to the 90s-mall-punk-emo-shit that Lance flaunts. In a sane and just world, Lance would beat the shit out of that band, their horrible singer and every fan of them.
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