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  1. English is the universal language when it comes to wrestling. Move calling, spot calling, refs counting - all in English to make sure everyone can communicate.
  2. Don't you dare talk bad about The Gambler.
  3. Only if they're not interfering with getting his cheeseburger.
  4. The amount of detail in tonight's main event was superb! (Sammy's jumpsuit said HARRIS COUNTY on the back, Houston being in Harris County. However, they don't use the word "corrections".)
  5. After watching Dark Elevated, I'm glad to see that the mystery suit man has been revealed as Dylan McQueen. Also, loooooved that Abadon match, one of the best matches for either competitor.
  6. Are you saying you don't agree with her allegations? I don't have a dog in this fight either way, just curious.
  7. He's been having great matches so far, but I've kinda gotten to the point where I want Darby's opponents to win instead of him retaining (with some exceptions). I'm not entirely sure if it's me thinking he's better at doing the chasing, or what exactly, but I'm ready for someone new to get elevated. Not Ethan or Scorpio, though, I would have pulled the trigger on either Silver or 10.
  8. I'm going to disagree with you here, and say they already have (around) four to five already there, with a couple more being worked on.
  9. They don't need Tessa, and I don't want her there either.
  10. Second week in a row, I gotta know - who's the dude in the crowd on the right hand side wearing the spiffy suits? Last week it was pink, this week a dark blue. He looks like a worker, but I want to know more.
  11. More then likely, her abusive relationship with Dick Slater and struggles with bipolar-ism.
  12. Today I learned that the WWF's scratch logo first appeared in 1994, in the video game WWF Raw: https://www.mobygames.com/images/shots/l/301031-wwf-raw-snes-screenshot-the-commentators-announce-the-match.png
  13. Tony Donato's by far was the best.
  14. I'm still saying he's Ogre from Revenge of The Nerds. Great overall show, but I'm kinda confused how they're going to (possibly) explain the Elite trailer thing. Did they get out off camera? Was it a different trailer? Time-delay related-fake-out?
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