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  1. Kinda late, but I gotta say I loved CPA. Want to see more of him. He's not quite in my boy stable, but pretty close.
  2. Serpentico with his first singles win! Also, absolutely loved Tazz tonight, specifically taking down Don MacLean a notch. We need more Sing Along With Tazz segments.
  3. She's lost weight, unfortunately. One of them has been previously seen as Louie Valle, or as I call him, Mini Tazz.
  4. https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/208/894/8d9.png
  5. Hohohohoho, they're awful. If you know where and what to look for, you'll never think that way again.
  6. The hat was more douchey-John Lennon then beret, unfortunately. I just looked him up on the internet and his normal look is way better.
  7. So, two thoughts here: 1) If it's a special picture for the night/location, I think it would have been sweeter for him to use Brodie's belt. 2) If the photo is cannon, do we consider Miro's version a custom and not count it as the current belt? Loved the show, family totally lost it at -1 throwing the papers. Every show I'm getting more concerned that we're straying away from the Inner Circle and Pinnacle being a thing. I don't necessarily want them to still wrestle each other, but factions just going away without an explanation is worrying.
  8. Darius Lockhart is definitely an new entrant in my boy stable. LOVED his match and work. Entrance gear needs a little work, though.
  9. Loved the show all over EXCEPT for the MMA folks. I literally care nothing of them, don't know who they are, don't care, and don't want them on my TV.
  10. Rogers and Greene really impressed me, more of them please.
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