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  1. As someone who didn't watch the developmental version of NXT, I have no knowledge of this. Will most people watching AEW know what she's referring to? I doubt it. It's pretty obvious by her actions (body language, etc.) that she's still not medically cleared, so.....pseudo-authority figure I guess? I don't think she's needed and her bad reputation may do more harm then help.
  2. Other then the fact that Jericho is going to beat up past champions, commentators, and ring announcers!
  3. That Saraya promo just killlllllled the crowd. Was she seriously trying to pull a Steph and say she's responsible for (the/a) women's revolution? Pure comedic gold. I didn't care for her before and now it's just worse. Ring of Jericho is absolutely my new favorite thing! I'm all-for him smashing everything relating to ROH's past (I like Tony's version so far, I couldn't stand the indy version). Someone mentioned that for the most part, most of their past champions are either already signed by AEW or are free agents. I chuckled when then neglected to mention one very specific one, it would be a good match but I doubt it'll happen because of the brawl.
  4. SCUMBAG IAN Also, I'm all-in about Nicky Boy's new gimmick is that HE'S ITALIAN. He needs to be paired with Valentina Rossi post-haste!
  5. Came off? He totally sidestepped and/or ignored all questions regarding any of those issues, not a good look at all. I'm disappointed.
  6. I don't know anyone that's heard of that lady and I still have no idea who she is. She was at ringside during the match, she just did literally nothing. Then, she turned on the person that brought her out after mentioning her like three times previously. Diamante looked like a huge idiot.
  7. Is Eddie's the first match in AEW history to have the decision overturned per the referee?
  8. I know some folks have compared Chris Jericho, ROH Champion to Big Show's ECW run, but I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far. "There's no honor in low blows, Tony!"
  9. I totally meant to talk about that promo; was it face or heel? When she said you know me and you caused the problem, was that her instilling local pride? It wasn't entirely clear. Also, SHE'S GOT A NEW HAT https://content.sportslogos.net/news/2012/11/Screen-shot-2012-11-12-at-19.00.34-.png
  10. I really enjoyed the combonation of Daddy Magic and Ian Riccobani. Never heard of Ian, but he did a pretty good job. Daddy Magic and I had a moment, as we both went 'What did she do?" when we heard B3cca served community service. Loved Danger Kid and Aggro! I've never seen Dalton Castle & The Boys before, but I'm instantly a fan, he's definitely now in my boy stable.
  11. I hope that wasn't the last time we saw Luigi Primo.
  12. I prefer the combonation of The Butcher & The Blade & Angelico.
  13. On Firefox, image posting is still a crap shoot. Will you get just a hyperlink? Will it randomly work? Will the window for "insert image from URL" ever load? Who knows?
  14. Weird thing is, I was having this problem on Firefox before, but now clicking on the page numbers actually work now, so the exact opposite of what everyone else has.
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