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  1. I'd really not prefer WWE-style breakups in this company.
  2. I don't want Bray to join the Dark Order. Just stay far, far away. They've got an amazing thing going right now.
  3. But the fact that a crowd didn't get to be there for his biggest moment(s) didn't help things either.
  4. One of the most important questions regarding this month - what talent from the Covid era is going to be signed? Fuego has to be a shoe-in eventually, right? I saw so many people I'd want to stick around for good, I hope they'll be given a shot.
  5. There was that whole story about her having heat with Britt getting all the praise/push after their Lights Out Match.
  6. I'm sorry, but I still don't get all the buzz over Rosa. I'm not a fan of her work, and hearing about her (supposedly) bad attitude with other workers isn't helping.
  7. LOVED the fact we got to see Hangman's new outfit from BTE. Pretty much had to echo what everyone else said, what a night of wrestling! Those two hours just flew by.
  8. Speaking of which......do Hebner and Chioda still work there?
  9. Peter Avalon is now my spirit animal, going after Abadon (get in line!)
  10. This was the first WWE show my household has watched in...a year and a half? We were thoroughly confused. Only thing I liked was Baron Corbin recreating a classic Simpsons moment.
  11. I stopped getting all other crates I used to get for the same reason, I have hopes that this one will be different. Today, they've also announced a cheaper, t-shirt only crate shipping at the same interval as well.
  12. ^ Speaking of which, did anyone else sign up for the AEW crate?
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