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  1. *Zanzibar, Dreadnoks Road Pig - http://www.halfbattle.com/pics/roadpig-main.png Gnawgahyde http://www.halfbattle.com/pics/gnawgahyde-main.png
  2. CHEESEBURGER Also, absolutely love Willow's new super jazzy theme! Congrats to her for getting her first AEW win.
  3. No one. But if I'd have to vote, I'd pick Heath.
  4. Strange how that W was there several years before the WWE switch. Here's a a very early version of the scratch logo I spotted:
  5. Why exactly are they having Hook wrestle Danhausen? Hopefully this will lead to a team-up. I don't want to see the two of them fight.
  6. I'm gonna need all further AEW commentary to just be Tazz and Eddie Kingston from now on.
  7. Color me a fan of HEY! EW, or as Danhausen said "Hey...ewwww".
  8. Someone on Reddit made an interesting point about this; we've already got our Four Pillars of AEW, well now we've got our Four Killers (HOOK, Moriarty, Garcia, and Yuta). I'm not trying to be funny when I say this - they're not already? Terrible personalities aside, the way they're being presented currently is textbook heel. I hate Red Velvet and really enjoyed the booing from the crowd. What was with Tazz mentioning her new attitude? Did an angle occur that I missed that caused the change? Interesting to note the "new attitude" has been slapped on 3 out of the 4 women that used to make up the friend-quad of Statlander/Hirsch/King/Velvet.
  9. A little late, but my list: My guys: Chaos Project, HOOK, Regal, The Acclaimed, The Wingmen Not my guys: Rosa, Deeb, Ethan Page, Sammy/Tay, Young Bucks
  10. Sabian & Havoc or Sabian & Miro? The former got fired, the later beat him up, teased reconciliation then just kinda left?
  11. AQA is super sloppy, I'm not a fan of her work or her Hot Topic pants. And please give Valentina Rossi a contract already!
  12. Bobby & Gorilla will always be #1, but I've also got a soft spot for Gorilla & Jesse Ventura. My favorite bit was from either WM IV or V: (Jesse) "Well of course you didn't see it, you've been stuffing your face with hotdogs! You've got mustard all over yourself...you're a mess Gorilla!"
  13. So I get that The Pinnacle is done, but two questions now have come to mind: 1) Why does Spears have any loyalty toward MJF at this point? 2) I know FTR fired him, but does Tully still manage Spears?
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