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  1. Dreaming of a William Regal vs. Daniel Garcia match that I know will not ever happen.
  2. Also Joe-Cole in the finals frees up Kyle to let you do Bucks & ReDRagon vs. Hardys, Darby & Sting at the ppv, which is what that final segment suggested to me. I'm not certain that's what they'll do, but clearly it's an option.
  3. Imagine complaining to your boss that some of your co-workers are unsafe and your boss' response is to tell all your co-workers about your complaint.
  4. I mean, the jokers didn't have to qualify either. Although that bugged me too, so I'm not arguing.
  5. Absolutely do not understand why you would continue Scorpio-Sammy and keep Scorpio a heel. Didn't Tony JUST SAY that he realized the fans weren't into Sammy and Tay?
  6. This has already pretty much been said, but I think it's more the fault of the booking than Page. Whenever he's actually been onscreen, he's always been at least good, often great. It's just that they go for very long stretches without anyone mentioning him.
  7. This was on a play where Siakam elbowed Embiid in the face with the Sixers up by 29 with under 4 minutes left in the game. (Kind of a wild sequence of events - it was originally called a foul on Embiid, referees reviewed it themselves and upheld their call, then Doc Rivers challenged the call, they reviewed it AGAIN and then reversed it to an offensive foul. Again, all with the game already decided at that point.)
  8. #89 took me 153 guesses, which is pretty good for me. #90 took me 341 guesses.
  9. At least three of those names aren't even on Cagematch... which I guess just means they never made it to WWE tv.
  10. Back on the wrestling crossword grind after a couple months off.
  11. I'm not completely writing off the possibility that we're being swerved on the Big Cass thing.
  12. Hearing that the Minnesota Timberwolves have pooped their pants.
  13. Thank you for introducing me to this game, which has been driving me UTTERLY INSANE this week. I am terrible at it. It took me something like 230 guesses to get yesterday's word.
  14. No. I'm considering this year as "prove to me that we're back to normal". I'd run it next year if we get through this summer without obvious weirdness in the box office numbers.
  15. Be honest, did anyone here actually know what the president of New Japan looked like?
  16. I'm gonna assume Page bladed his chin, which is fantastic.
  17. To answer the OP question, it's Big Hero 6. Not so much because of the characters... I just thought the city looked really neat.
  18. Struggling to word this without sounding like I'm being critical... I'm so curious about what someone saw in Yuta that made them think he was the guy to put in this spot. To my knowledge he's never been this good before.
  19. Meanwhile in Toronto's other potential first-round opponent, Boston: If you check the article, they've both said they're "ready to play wherever". I guess after the fact it'll be "I WAS ready to play, they just wouldn't let me into the country".
  20. How appropriate that people are calling them BCC, while AEW fans show BLIND loyalty to this CARBON COPY of other stables!
  21. As much as I'd like to believe I'm above really getting wrapped up in any of this stuff, I would have been actively upset if FTR had come off that match with the Briscoes, and then lost the titles to the Bucks on a bullshit belt shot finish that the ref somehow didn't see. In 2022, I'd say that's good heat.
  22. What interests me more about that matchup than anything is that barring shenanigans, Suzuki is either winning an ROH title or taking an L to Rhett Titus.
  23. I'm not even a Toni fan and I thought this episode was great, hugely overdelivered. Mox vs Lethal was really good, and Bryan vs Yuta was fantastic. Crowd was very hot for pretty much the entire show.
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