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  1. No idea. I was just thinking about "pay for the show + everything else on a streaming service" vs. "pay for only the show".
  2. If I can actually watch this show before they run their next one, that's probably the biggest news of all. Edit: Looking at the speculation now... I would rather it be on Highspots than on Fite.
  3. Right now it looks like it. SRS tweeted that he hasn't heard about anything else to come today.
  4. Don't do it, Tony! *sees Tony's hand reaching for a contract and slaps it away*
  5. I mean, the Page story still makes perfect sense to me. Dark Order told him not to be afraid of failure and that they'd stick with him even if he failed. With hindsight, for that moment to actually mean something, Page should probably fail at some point. Then he lost the 5-on-5 match, so he lost his title shot at All Out. "As soon as Page believed in himself and tried, he won the title" is imo not of good a story as "Kenny was also actually a really good wrestler and it took Page more than one try to beat him". Bonus points if there's some story element that shows us another change Page has to make in order to get the win. If Dark Order turns on Page, that's bad. If Kenny drops the title to anyone other than Page, that's bad. I don't think either of those things will happen. Whoever Kenny defends the title against at All Out, I see that as kind of a placeholder title defense. It might not even main event the show. If we go into another COVID lockdown and they put the story on ice again like they did last time, that's bad. That one is a real danger.
  6. That rating wasn't hurt hardly at all by the Olympics. We're approaching the day when Dynamite beats Raw in 18-49 viewers.
  7. Here's what I'm going with on the Hangman situation: - I don't think Hangman faces Kenny for the title at All Out. This has been a promotion where stipulations matter. Why have Page lose the title shot just to get it back a couple weeks later? I don't know what Omega or Page do at All Out, but I'm leaning towards Kenny not main eventing. - The whole idea from before was Dark Order telling Hangman that he shouldn't be afraid of failure, and they'll support him even if he fails. If that's the story, then he SHOULD fail at some point along the way. Dark Order will stick with him, and I think they're hoping that'll be a cue to fans that they should stick with Page too.
  8. Oh, also, when the elimination tag got down to 3-on-1, I was thinking it'd be silly for Hangman to go through Kenny and both Bucks by himself - but still fully believed that's what was going to happen, like to the point where I even expected him to kick out of that One Winged Angel. Like I know AEW hasn't gone with the "overcome the odds" booking in the past, but I still thought they'd do it here. I guess I'm far from having them all figured out, is what I'm saying.
  9. I might be a bit late with the Hangman talk, but I have 2 points: - People WERE wondering if Punk or Bryan being at All Out would overshadow a Hangman title win. (Granted, it looks like Punk will debut before then) - If they know Hangman won't be champion after All Out, it's better imo to cut it off now rather than have him lose at the ppv.
  10. I tweeted about it! My tweet was: "I encourage everyone not to gif those syringe spots"
  11. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think if Lauderdale said no more throwing stuff in the ring, pretty much all GCW fans would stop. Like, Cardona had to walk THROUGH the crowd to leave, and nothing bad happened. Those fans know where the line is. They're right up on the line, but they know not to cross it. Having said that, they announced Smart Mark Sterling will be addressing the crowd on behalf of Cardona at today's show, and I'm actually kind of worried for him.
  12. If you look at the lower right of the picture in Natural's last post, it looks like there's an unopened, presumably full can of PBR. It would suck to get hit by one of those.
  13. Gage in AEW had me like WWE fans when Cena came back. Hope he sticks around for longer than next week.
  14. Excited to see Vince job out his own champions when Dynamite starts getting higher ratings than Raw.
  15. I tuned in to Raw for the first time in I don't know how long. Here's how it went! The Cena promo was good! Then Riddle came out and I expected, perhaps, some sort of challenge from him to Cena? Instead the two of them just acted like idiots together. Then Morrison was wheeling out Miz in a wheelchair, with Miz making these bizarre screaming noises like he'd sustained some sort of brain injury. With two back-to-back stupid things, I kind of lost interest, half-watched the six-man, and turned it off afterwards. My Twitter timeline hated the Elias-Ryker match so that made me feel like I made the right decision. Better luck next time, I guess.
  16. Callis name-dropped Nick Gage during Omega's introduction, and now GCW tweeted that hey, maaaaybe Omega might show up in Atlantic City next weekend to face Gage. (That clearly will not happen, but I respect the balls it takes to put it out there.)
  17. Made even better by the crowd considering it for half a second and then booing loudly. "Could this chant actually be good? No. BOOOOOOOO"
  18. I said this past week that he's peaking at exactly the right time.
  19. For what it's worth, the correct spelling is "Malakai Black", per a new shirt on the AEW merch site. https://www.shopaew.com/official-apparel/t-shirts/malakai-black-venom-double-sided.html
  20. It doesn't really change anything, but they're saying the cause of death was not a fall. He got hit by one of the fireworks. https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/sports/columbus-blue-jackets-goalie-matiss-kivlenieks-dies-from-fall-after-fireworks-mishap/2521720/
  21. No, you didn't miss it. I took a break from them for the last little bit, but I'm actually planning to post a new one this week. It could be up by as early as tomorrow.
  22. Killian Dain gone, apparently? Was he still with the company?
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