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  1. Got my first AstraZeneca shot on Wednesday evening. Woke up at 3 am that night with chills, had a fever and headache throughout Thursday, and now I'm back at about 95% today. Don't normally have side effects from flu shots, so this was new to me.
  2. "We'll see what happens when the man who doesn't mind dying meets the man who doesn't mind killing" is a 10/10 line. Also enjoyed Ethan Page airing out his frustrations with Gabe on national television.
  3. I haaated that. That's WWE levels of revisionist history, from a promotion that is usually very good about acknowledging wrestling history. I understand that they can't say "War Games", but why pretend they were called Blood and Guts matches when they weren't? Just say "His father Dusty came up with the rules for this match" or something.
  4. Everyone not named Technico Support should watch Matthew Justice vs. Kaplan from AIW's "Hello Cleveland" show tonight. Sloppy, reckless, fantastic.
  5. I don't necessarily mean this as a shot at WWE, but I'm very sick of "top face overcomes the odds". Once the match started after Page being beaten down, I was immediately thinking "he shouldn't win this". And... he didn't! Thumbs up. A substantial chunk of my Twitter timeline thinks this ends up with her having a manager, possibly someone new to the company. Idk, my takeaway from those segments has been "everyone wants to manage Jade but she doesn't need a manager".
  6. I guess having the heels always win the War Games coin toss is sorta dumb. The heel team saying "We want the advantage" and the face team saying "Sure, whatever!" seems much dumber. Loved Penta vs. Orange as two ridiculous acts just bouncing off of each other. The start of the match was not great, but it got a lot better! Enjoyed Darby trying that British "grab my own leg to break a full nelson" counter and it just not working, presumably because 10's arms are stronger than Darby's legs.
  7. The 43rd annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament was held this weekend. Usually you gotta fly to Connecticut to attend, but with the whole pandemic thing, the tournament was virtual this year, and you could solve online. My girlfriend and I were in the Pairs division, and we finished 10th out of 135 pairs participating. Take that result with a bit of a grain of salt, because the best solvers are almost always in the individual divisions, not the Pairs - we're not like word-class level by any means. It's still a respectable showing. Would like to reach top 3 in Pairs someday, especia
  8. You should be able to just change the number in the URL to see all 7 of them. bit.ly/TD9XPuzzle1, bit.ly/TD9XPuzzle2, etc. (edit to say that they're also linked in my signature here) There are only 7 right now. New ones should continue to come every month!
  9. Hi! I made a new wrestling crossword. There are circles in some of the squares, like last month, but it's a different gimmick with the circles. Click it if you want to click it!
  10. Looks like they're finally going to let people in my age range have a vaccine. Unfortunately it'll be that less effective AstraZeneca one, but beggars can't be choosers.
  11. Just noticed they announced new WNBA jerseys last week. 3 different ones for each team. https://www.sbnation.com/wnba/2021/4/8/22373602/wnba-jerseys-2021-season-nike-atlanta-chicago-los-angeles
  12. Still have 2 more pages to read so maybe this has been mentioned, but I saw someone point out that everyone who scored the fall in title matches on that show was black. You'd think that would probably be a first too.
  13. $10 for the IWTV shows vs. $140 for the Collective shows.
  14. This makes me think about how Abadon, as far as I know, does her own makeup, and she looks much more frightening (i.e. better) to me than the Fiend.
  15. Hearing that they have some sort of graphic of birds flying away when Riddle kicks off his flip-flops, and that Riddle forgot his lines on live tv and just sort of left the segment, and that Shane had a photoshopped picture of Braun wearing a dunce cap. Sounds... not great!
  16. Just to clarify why I gave this post a like: I'm pretty sure I'm not in the same province as you, but my parents told me essentially the same thing about our province on the phone just now. I hadn't been paying too much attention to the vaccine rollout since I'm 42, not an essential worker, otherwise healthy, and figured I was still a long way away from getting a vaccine (to repeat in case anyone's skimming this post: this is in Canada, we're way behind the US on this), but apparently some of these virus variants hit middle-aged people harder than the original, so who knows how the schedu
  17. Here's the clip. It might have just been a shot at AEW? I literally can't tell.
  18. Putting up my monthly wrestling crossword before I head out for the evening. You'll see there are circles in a few of the squares. There's a bit of a theme to this one, solve to discover what it is.
  19. For whatever reason I was really focused on how the referee literally disappeared at some point early on during Orton-Bliss. Then for the finish it was kind of like an arm came in from offscreen and counted three, and then the referee was gone again.
  20. Ah, I looked through 6 pages of this thread hoping no one had mentioned it yet, and then got to page 7 and discovered you beat me to it. It's a much better name than "Pittsburgh Plunge"... although I don't think they're quite exactly the same move?
  21. Heads up that after being on hiatus since Christmas 2020, AIW's "The Card Is Going To Change" podcast is back today, now that they have a new show to promote.
  22. Was thinking last night about how eventually I'm going to know that song by heart, whether I want to or not. Was also thinking that without the music, you could really tell she's a pretty good singer. (Yes I know about her backstory)
  23. I agree that there's something going on with Christian. He debuts on a ppv and appears on the following tv episode - he should have gotten an opportunity to talk by now. And both times when he didn't talk, it was obvious there was something out of the ordinary happening. What's odd is, pretty much the same thing is happening with Ethan Page. During his match, I was like "He's controlling the match and not doing anything flashy, so he's a heel? I guess?" But we don't know, he hasn't told us anything.
  24. People were pretty much saying Scorpio needed to win or else he was done. I thought him hitting those two perfectly timed counters (cutter out of Darby's tope, powerbomb out of the Coffin Drop) in the stretch run of the match was a way to mitigate the damage done by the loss. But yeah, the heel turn wipes the slate clean.
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