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  1. Reginald/Gable was fun while it lasted. Would have been better though to see Otis try and catch Reginald. Thought all of the stuff with Roman, Cena, Finn, and Corbin was good though yeah Cena definitely comes across a bit poorly with how he handled the contract signing. Feels weird to see them tease Roman/Finn like this, but it should be a god match for the next ppv after Summerslam. Ideally though I would love to see Finn get a quick feud and win over Cena for pulling what he did tonight. Bianca/Sasha vs. Mella/Zelina was fun. The heel turn was so damn obvious, but I didn't hate it. Were those boos piped in? It seemed pretty mixed to me though I wouldn't be shocked if the crowd cheered for Sasha over Bianca. Bianca is good, but she hasn't been around nearly as long and her debut along with her push coming during a pandemic with no audiences.
  2. Don't recall seeing any new lore pop up the day I played this week. Wonder if that happened with the update I got late last night. Will be interesting playing with X-box & PC players soon.
  3. Have to admit I would be happy if Rip returned.
  4. I liked Whittaker in the role though I always though it was a mistake to not have her keep the Capaldi outfit. She looked so damn good in that. I thought the companions were fine as well if not the most interesting. I'm actually indifferent on Chibnall. I didn't hate anything in particular, but nothing stood out at too well either. The previous showrunners did a better job making me care, be it love or hate, when it came to characters and story.
  5. Not fond of the trunks over tights, but the rest of her outfit looks decent.
  6. If they do Nova I really hope its Rider and takes place mostly in space. That said I expect they will go with Sam and connect him to whatever Young Avengers project they have in the works. Taking a guess that Secret Warriors is what Val is putting together in F&WS & Black Widow.
  7. He did fine with what he had to work with, but he never really felt like Savage to me. The best thing he did was easily his cameo in season 4.
  8. Ciampa/Thatcher vs. Dunne/Lorcan was fun. happy to see Holland back. He gave good killer vibes before his injury. The short Hit Row vid was nice. Briggs/Hayes was ok, mostly a showcase for Hayes. Could have done without the piped in crowd noise. Dakota's turn on Raquel was alright. Stone causing Franky her first loss in NXT already is slightly surprising. She looked ready to murder the man worse than Aliyah did at the end. I'm with Dean on Kacy and Kayden needing to be tag champs already. When it happens they should hold the belts for a good six months at least. Kind of like the idea of Mandy starting her own group in NXT. Bivens as a mouthpiece for Strong was a smart move. Hit Row vs. Imperium was solid. Dug the post stuff between Hit Row and Legado del Fantasma. I enjoyed Grimes and Knight at the golf course. I imagine its because its the feud we have been waiting for since the two started teaming. It was always heading this direction, and while Raquel did nothing wrong she hasn't done anything to really make herself a face either. I mean the face reaction when Xia Li challenged Raquel was kind of crazy despite Xia having been a heel for months by that point. I'm not surprised people defaulted in the moment for Dakota. It will be interesting to see how the crowd reacts the next few weeks.
  9. Went ahead and finally finished up the Magnificent armor. Not bothering with master working any of it since it requires a decent bit of work.
  10. Seeing Cedric and Shelton squashed is just sad. Styles/Omos vs. Viking Raiders was solid. Pity to see Nattie hurt. Hope its nothing too serious. I oddly don't dislike this Eva/Alexa feud. Reginald is stupid athletic and his match/segment with Truth was kind of fun. Lee/Kross was ok I guess. Don't really feel anything they do right now will get Kross over with the main roster audience so it feels like a waste of Lee. At the same time it does feel like Lee is on his way out. That is a shame, but its WWE's loss. Charlotte/Nikki was solid though Nikki should have won.
  11. Kind hope Ryan reprises the role in one of those though I doubt it.
  12. Based on everything said abut EVIL the past year this kind of feels like an insult to Kane. The crowds were generally excited for Kane when he did shit.
  13. Was wonder when someone new would join up. She any good?
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