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  1. Suzuki/Danielson was good stuff. Its been so long since I have seen a Suzuki match in full. Was nice to see things kept so simple and character focused. Bryan was the perfect opponent for Suzuki.
  2. Finn/Sami was solid. Started off slow but picked up a decent bit by the end. Carmela/Zelina was a nothing match setup more for the forever feud of Liv/Carmella. Naomi/Sonya was pretty much an angle as well with Shayna being brought in to make it a handicap match. I was fine with this. Its probably the only women's feud on the main roster. not for the belt that feels like there is some actual care involved. Usos/Profits street fight was so damn good and makes me a bit sad the Profits are leaving to Raw. Becky/Sasha was predictably great. It had plenty of time, both looked great, and only the slightest of bs in the finish. Not sure what I preferred between it and the street fight.
  3. I like Mandy, but she isn't anywhere remotely as good as the four Horsewomen or Bianca so that is a weird claim. And she couldn't be doing this on the main roster because they are too damn tunnel vision focused on on a specific set of women with the rest being given little to do or have little thought and care put into what little stories they have when they are finally given something.
  4. I did one Haunted lost sector yesterday. Its nice switch up from the Haunted Forest. I like how things are more compact.
  5. I would have preferred Rina teaming with Saki. Wonder where Konami would have ben had she been healthy enough. I think Ruaka would have still worked the tournament so maybe Fukigen would have been the odd Oedo Tai member out. Pulling for MOMOAZ repeat victory though I think this is FWC's tournament to lose.
  6. I like that even in NXT 2.0 the NXT parking lot continues to be the most dangerous place in WWE with half of Hit Row getting kidnapped before the show began. Ciampa/Gacy was nice. I mostly fast forward through Gacy's promo, but I like what he has brought in the ring so far. He has a great insincere smile. Ivy/Feroz was not a good match, but Nile looked impressive showing off her strength and ability to regain and/or maintain balance. Loved that torture rack. Jiro/Julius right after was fun little squash as well. Ivy and the Creed Brothers have some nice potential. Hopefully they get at least a year to develop in NXT before they are pulled to the main roster. KOR/Wagner vs. Dunne/Holland was solid. Wagner is lacking character wise, but he is pretty decent otherwise. Persia looked good in her tag with Indi. Looking forward to seeing what she and Indi do as a team. Toxic Attraction and Raquel had some solid promos. Looking for forward to Mandy/Raquel at Halloween Havoc. Swerve/Escobar was good. Dug Swerve attacking before the bell after what Legado pulled earlier. The post match stuff with Hayes was fine, but I can't say I'm happy. I really wanted Escobar as champ, and I kind of hate the breakout tournament getting turned in NXT's MITB. Takes away a bit from the latter. Feels like the are gradually getting a better idea of who of the newer talents on tv can actually work and/or has potential. I do wish they would cut out a match/segment or two to give some more time to impress. not was bad this week, but most of it ran so quickly.
  7. The name does feel like something we should be seeing from a masked wrestler in Japan, Mexico, or the indies. He does an overhead belly to belly suplex and a regular suplex on occasion. That is it. This is name that would probably fit so many other guys in WWE better with how many amateur wrestlers they have.
  8. Kind of surprised they don't just have him skip 2.0 and join the Blood Line on Smackdown. Favre or Dibiase?
  9. Looking forward to Escobar/Swerve though I'm sad the Hit Row/Legado feud will end here. Was hoping they would do War Games with the two groups.
  10. Woods/Ricochet was nice. Hope Woods at least makes the finals. Kofi/Jinder was alright. Neither of the Queen's Crown matches were anything super note worthy with both being so short. Doudrop/Shayna would have me a lot more excited if Doudrop had a better gimmick, and they were actually given 10 minutes. Charlotte/Becky vs. Bianca/Sasha was a fun chaotic match/segment. Kind of agree that it made a good a bit of sense just breaking completely before it even started with everyone involved hating each other, E/Drew vs. Usos was fun. Was neat seeing the audience love the Usos so much.
  11. Guessing the guy who asked didn't know. The Bump doesn't really feel like a show WWE gives much of a damn about so I doubt they set up that particular question.
  12. I apologize. Its my fault for taking the bait and then continuing on.
  13. Picked up the Legendary Edition towards the end of September and finally started playing earlier in the week. The combat feels faster than before. Driving the mako is still a somewhat amusing pain in the ass. Maybe I'm stronger than I was last time around, but Thresher fights feel a bit easier this time around.
  14. And you basically just admitted you did do this to be an ass because you thought I was being aggy. So yeah it was personal. There is a difference between asking a question out of curiosity and going back to a topic you thought got heated just to annoy someone by hoping they had egg on their face and would admit they were wrong.
  15. My point back when this started was that I doubt WWE as a whole sees AEW as major competition. Sure, you have some who probably do and want to fight tooth and nail, but as a whole its doubtful. They are the most financially successful they have ever been. TV ratings in general are down, and AEW hasn't really hit them where it hurts yet despite the demo arguments. My other point in not getting why people think competition will make WWE better still stands. Most go back and admit the Attitude era was crap in a lot of ways as it was mostly crash tv. The last two decades still provided memorable moments and matches. Lots of money was still made, and the past few years of big tv contracts has probably done nothing to humble them enough to make them rethink their strategy. I mean by your own thought process here WWE should already be better than it is if they are taking AEW more seriously as competition. As to asserting you purposely misunderstanding my points. Its rather hard not to as I explained them back then. Its also hard not to see it as personal when you are the one who specifically called me out to bring this shit back up. To claim you have no stake or that it shouldn't matter is kind of bullshit as you are the one bothering me about in the first damn place.
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