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  1. I'm just happy to see piecing sidearms useable again. Not sure if it started this week or was there always, but you will find red auras with dialogues from the nightmares when going back and forth between the Royal Pools and Pleasure Gardens.
  2. I imagine the stab was more a cathartic thing for Caiatl opposed to being the reason the nightmare went away.
  3. I did not realize until now it was two kks in her name. I still find it less dumb than her terrible gear.
  4. Cora/Roxanne vs. Katana/Kayden was nice. The teams mostly gelled well together and did some neat things. Hope we get a rematch for the belts at some point. Indi/Kiana was surprising decent and one of Indi's better performances. She and James work well together. Diamond Mine vs. Gacy and co. was solid. Sanga/Quinn started off well but kind of died down as it went on. Still decent overall. Lyons/Mandy was pretty decent up until the dq finish. The Bron/Grimes segment was good. Looking forward to the next week.
  5. They won't go more than 2 blocks unless it gets even bigger. Kind of figured Saki would be the X. I'm annoyed Ruaka isn't in though happy for Iida.
  6. Most of the show was background noise for me. Only match that had my full attention was the main event. What I caught of everything else was generally fine, but I didn't care enough to stop doing other shit I was dong while it was going on. Main event was decent for Doudrop and Becky. Still it felt weird with there being no actual faces in the match. The Cena stuff was fine as an honoring of him and whatnot, but it didn't make for an interesting show.
  7. Took 2+ years, but one of the members of the household finally caught COVID. My older brother just gave my dad a rapid test after he felt under the weather the past day or two. Tested positive though the symptoms are mild. Luckily we are all fully vaccinated and boosted so hopefully it doesn't become anything serious for him. Still need get myself and my brother tested.
  8. Thor had been a warrior and hero for thousands of years already. We didn't see his start. We did see Strange take some time to learn magic and have some failures. Carol was already an outer space badass via said wetwork as a soldier. It feels like you are pushing an idea that isn't quite there as much or strong as you think it is.
  9. Sami/Nakamura was good once again though I kind of agree on the odd choice of finish. Viking Raiders back as monster heels would be neat if we actually had face champions for them to terrorize. The handicap match was an odd choice but worked well enough. Shotzi/Tamina was ok I suppose. I assume Aliyah was injured? GUNTHER/Ricochet was a competitive squash but a pretty damn nice one. Drew/Sheamus vs. Usos was good stuff.
  10. How many other heroes have we actually seen get their start? I feel like we usually see some sort of failure in those stories. Feels weird to fault the blooper reel in movies which have much more limited time.
  11. SNW was fun this week. Ending M'Banga's arc with his daughter so soon was surprising but nice to see.
  12. Have to admit it would be fun to see the Kenobi/Krrsantan fight done on screen. Otherwise I also would rather they leave well enough alone.
  13. My dad used to buy those pies all the time in the 90s.
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