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  1. It was Regal. I recall him mentioning being done with that kind of work several times in clips from his podcast.
  2. Always thought Lucas should have been signed to Stardom. Kind of surprised she wasn;t looked at for NXT UK.
  3. And Hikaru Shimizu challenged for the High Speed belt. I see some over on reddit are pissed because they don't feel like Sumo Hall worthy matches, but it feels most like like the norm to me with Stardom.
  4. Leaning towards OC/JD right now. Danielson/Dax was pretty good but nothing amazing. I don't think it was the best match this week, but it will win due to who was involved and the love we all have for them. Would have likely taken a MOTYC to have people consider anything else. Still need to check out NJPW, lucha, and maybe GLEAT.
  5. Sami/Sheamus was good fun. Dug the Usos/Sami bonding before the match and Sheamus attack in the back later in the night. Emma/Shayna was alright while it lasted. The post match stuff with Shotzi and Raquel making the save was fine. Gunther/Kofi was a welcome surprise and good stuff. Kind of surprised Gunther wasn't as stiff as normal with Kofi. The Emerald Frosion as a new finisher for Gunther is a nice choice. I kind of zoned out on Lacey's segment. Kind of disappointed to see them relaunching her again. I still think the face push could have worked had they timed it it better. Still she is a good heel though it feels like there is little room for her to do much with Ronda, Shayna, and Damage Control around. The Damage Control segment was decent. Its good to see Nox back. Wonder if she eventually teams with Shotzi again. Escobar/Ricochet was good. They busted out some neat stuff. Guess Escobar has been saving that up for either someone like Ricochet or a main roster match. Wish Escobar won though Gunther/Ricochet probably makes more sense.
  6. The numerous exotic changes are interesting. I don't dislike most of them. Particularly happy to see them buffing Forerunner for PvE. Kind of didn't pointed pulse rifles are back again as part of anti-champion mods. Was hoping we would get sidearms. I'm happily surprised to see Wendigo back. It was one of my favorite GLs. Does feel weird for them to be bringing back a pinnacle weapon with random rolls though it is one of the weapons whose special perk has become more of a norm in Explosive Light. I know they won't, but I kind of hope they allow for something like that and chain reaction as a perk combo. Will at least be nice to presumably have access to the old skin via eververse at some point like they did with the opulent weapons.
  7. None of them have moved up to the main roster yet.
  8. The Holiday special was super fun. Drax and Mantis are a wonderful chaotic duo.
  9. Man, I felt like such an idiot for not seeing that one coming earlier int he season once a certain villain was revealed. It just made too much sense, but they set up it way too well for you to think everything was ok.
  10. Why did she jump instead of just falling back in agony over her injured leg? She made that so much weirder than it needed to be.
  11. Have we actually seen anyone released and return to WWE? Have any of the former WWE guys who were supposedly wanting to be released actually left?
  12. I don't know. I think I'm overly simple, and my grammar sucks way more. i have to edit and fix it at least 2-3 times whenever I look it over the next day.
  13. Mai Sakurai, Mina Shirakawa, Natsuko Tora, Syuri, Sayaka Unagi, & Momo Kohgo are all over 30. Unagi and Kohgo are apparently in 37-38 range.
  14. Yoneyama confuses me as she was still that wrestler when she started in Stardom and can still clearly go now. I'm curious why she decided she would rather do mostly comedy.
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