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  1. Depending on when Steve traveled back to be with Peggy that actually could have made Agent Carter non-cannon. I want to say AoS wasn't considered cannon outside of maybe the first season even before now.
  2. Didn't Taue not really become the Taue we know and love until 93? As someone who watched his final years in AJPW back then I can tell there isn't much there worth catching as far as Arashi goes. He didn't have anywhere near the same interest or passion that he did as Isao Takagi.
  3. Love Cesaro, but I have never seen him as a straight up main eventer. Just because other people won the belt when they had no business doing so doesn't really mean Cesaro should have. Those are chances that shouldn't have been given or in some cases should have happened at different times when said wrestlers were actually hot. Say what you will, but even someone like Lashley now only just now feels right to me as champ. Same with Drew when he became champ last year. To me Cesaro has never had the momentum to make sense of it. The waste was always more about him not being even a semi-regular ch
  4. Always nice to see Teddy long appear for these things. Glad to see Cesaro/Roman made official. Not sure how I feel about them not just pushing Jimmy to join Jey and Roman again. On the one hand it makes sense. On the other I really just want a heel Blood Lines wrecking shit. Ruby/Carmella being super short sucked. Bayley's segment with Bianca was good. The Tamina/Reginald "match" that was more a lea din to a heel beatdown segment was fine. The 10-man tag was good fun.
  5. It would be nice to see them fix spawning. I've had that happen to multiple supers, static and roaming. I also just dislike being spawned right the fuck in front of an opponent.
  6. Unless they do some crazy shit with it the stasis sidearm will probably just be ok-solid. Its been mentioned before, but the thing with Stasis is partially that it just sucks to die via freezing. That is a feeling that won't ever get fixed no matter how much they mess with it to balance. There hasn't been a new Drang in 2 years, and the last one was one of the sunset weapons. People are using the newer sidearms like Keening and the solar IB sidearm whose name I'm forgetting right now. They are clean up guns as you mentioned. Right now its 120 handcannons that are all the rage until the
  7. I haven't had much problem with Supergirl. Flash has had issues for a while that likely won't be fixed until they change up the format somewhat. Legends and Superman & Lois are good. I can kind of see the argument that Crisis was the somewhat the end for the Arrowverse as a whole. In general the best stuff either isn't/doesn't feel related (Stargirl, Superman/Lois) or is off its own wacky world like Legends. Beyond that just watching the special for that Superman and Lois premiere made it kind of obvious DC/CW are ready to move on to the next thing with Superman and Lois as
  8. Dug the first episode of Bad Batch. It was nice seeing it get a chance to breathe. Definitely interested in seeing how much more it connects to Rebels.
  9. I had a bronze cape twice and silver once so Hunters lost at least three days. I have no idea how the past 2-3 days have gone since I was sick and didn't feel liek playing. The negative modifiers wasn't what was supposed to cause a catch up. It was the 10%+ for the lowest class that was. All I know is what they did last year was pure bullshit and turned off Hunters from even bothering. I think they headed in the right direction this year, but clearly didn't modify things in the catch up system enough.
  10. Swerve/Ruff was pretty darn good and the right guy won. Hopefully it means better things on on the horizon for Swerve finally. Sarray/Ramier was a nice match. Dug the backstage scene later with Sarray taking care of Ramier while Stark blocks Toni from beating her down. The Way continues to amuse. Not sure where the stuff with Kross goes though I do hop it isn't Johnny returning to the NXT title scene. The segment between Raquel and Mercedes was solid. I continue to to enjoy Grimes gettign out moneyed by Dibiase. The street fight was fun though I wish they sold the bigg
  11. I don't think they will reintroduce weapons in the Monuments via new quests. What they might do though is reintroduce catalysts this way.
  12. Sunsetting was sunset already. Only seen it once as well, but her voice sounded off, like when they replaced Jaime Chung for Ana Bray. The actress they got sounded close, but you could tell it was a different person. Feels like a similar scenario here.
  13. Nice to see the tag champs show up finally. AJ/Omos vs. New Day was solid. Charlotte/Dana was not as good as Charlotte/Mandy from last week. Don't care for Charlotte being added to the women's title match. Just feels unnecessary and a bit boring direction wise. I'd rather Charlotte take on Rhea 1 on 1 or face more of the women 1 on 1. Mansoor had a good debut against Sheamus. Naomi/Lana vs. Nia/Shayna was a match that like it could have been solid if given some time to breathe. Eva Marie is back, only 8 months or more after she was originally said to be returning by the di
  14. As someone who first started buying regularly during the New 52 I can't agree with this at all. For the most part the best books within the New 52 were the ones that basically could have happened still in the pre-Flashpoint universe.
  15. It bothers me that they already want to nerf Dead Man's Tale. It feels liek such bs when shit like Last Word is still running around and wrecking everyone shit pretty easily in duels including against DMT. The TWAB even talked liked DMT was some kind of monster against snipers, 120 handcannons, and other scout rifles. The idea that their shouldn't be a counter against sniper rifles is bs. 120 absolutely beat the shit out of DMT in duels 9/10. And DMT is only a beast against non exotic scout rifles. Against exotics variants its even or a loss. I've been destroyed by MIDA-Multitool numerous time
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