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  1. I never cared for the suit and something about the material makes it looks worse to me than it did in the comics.
  2. Even the Brood "bloodbath" Edge did Miz and Maryse avoided using the color red. Want to say all the blood we have seen the last decade or so is hard way or straight up fake. It took them years to even just leave hard way alone as they were usually trying to get people taped up and covered before they let matches continue.
  3. Nope, never got around to it. Will eventually
  4. Interesting choice moving the tournament up and making it obvious the winner will challenge Saya.
  5. The 4-way was fun. I liked the Usos introductions and am looking forward to them vs. Viking Raiders. I prefer seeing actual matches, but that was a nice setup and moment for Aliyah they did with Nattie. While I look forward to another Charlotte/Naomi match they really again should have let Naomi beat Sonya's ass. Why they keep dragging this out I have no idea. The Charlotte/Lita segment was decent. Sheamus/Ricochet was good. What I caught of Roman/Seth didn't really leave me interested in a match between them. Does look liek the crowd will lean towards Roman when the actual match happens which is neat I guess.
  6. So a new vid from Aztec speculates that the orb change might be a hints towards a Weapons 3.0 situation on the horizon. More to the point supposedly the orb tie in to weapons might have taken up too much memory on weapons and is the biggest reason they didn't evolve much perks wise. If true I'm a lot more forgiving about the change though it would have been nice if they had come out and said that up front.
  7. That is odd if its actually for Strange. Maybe its for another roll coming up right after, or he just wants to be fit?
  8. The two probably ran across each other a few times working for Jabba and Vader so there might be some modicum of respect between them.
  9. I have trouble blaming that on Flashpoint seeing that Johns never intended it to lead New 52. 5G was pretty much dead when Dido was fired. Wouldn't be surprised if its another case where Johns changed shit up for what Didio wanted.
  10. Feels weird that Xia Li hasn't had a match since debuting. Wonder if we get Lita vs. Charlotte on the way to the Rumble.
  11. Your stories make me appreciate my brother's company a bit as they actually did ask their employees about thoughts on working home vs. returning to the office instead of deciding everything on their own arbitrarily.
  12. Legends first episode of the year was fun and an interesting choice focusing on the bad guys' POV. Caught the first episode of Peacemaker as well. Thought it was stupid and fun, about what I was expecting.
  13. I ff through nearly all of the BB build to Wrestlemania because I had no idea who he was and didn't really care about a celeb appearing, but that match was so much more fun than I expected. Never listened to the guy's music, but I definitely respected him after that performance even with Miz and Morrison helping him along so much. Miz and Morrison did weirdly ok with the music and videos they did in 2020-2021.
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