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  1. Shayna, Carmella, Liv, Shotzi, & Tegan have looked good before. Naomi has shown potential but never been given a chance to actually be tested. Aliyah has been perfectly decent-solid. Sonya was just starting to show something before the the stalker asshole put everything in WWE on hold for her. The division is far better than people think. WWE just doesn't give enough of a shit to book most of them in decent feuds or give matches time.
  2. Nah, you can probably double the best to 34. Its just that its leave 146 minutes of mediocre to terrible.
  3. So what I'm hearing is that I lucked that started watching regularly after that?
  4. I wasn't watching during that period. I just think a faction or two among the women would be neat and give them something to work with. Then again they did fail miserably at doing anything with Riott Squad.
  5. Its a combo of that and the Charlotte/Becky/Ronda feud where no one not involved in title matches mattered. Its been like that this past month.
  6. True, but they should be able to come up with reasonable feuds that don't involve the title or stupid shit for everyone. Its feels like we get that only every few years. Why no factions? Why no simple who's better rivalries among the women?
  7. I was surprised when I heard she debuted under under Baker. She is definitely talented enough to be on her own based on what I saw of her in Stardom.
  8. You forgot Emi Sakura, Jamie Hayter, and Ruby Soho
  9. Or Becky drops the belt to Sasha at CJ instead. Up until this past weekend we heard nothing about Charlotte being this selfish asshole looking out only for herself. Its just a weird fan perception created because many already didn't like her due to WWE's bad booking.
  10. Poor Cole probably heard Vince swearing up a storm as that segment went on.
  11. It feels different with MMA being semi-born out of wrestling in terms of jumping from other sports. A lot of the fighters jumping would have been wrestlers had the money been as good in the first place as many were wrestling fans. Also seems like more do wrestling in the middle or towards the end of their careers opposed to shifting due to an inability to make a name for themselves in MMA.
  12. I ff through the last segment so I didn't really pay attention to what she was wearing. Was it anymore standout than what Zelina wore on Raw?
  13. The opening segment with Brock, Roman, and co. was fun if a little long. Woods' coronation was nice. I would have preferred they had Naomi beat Sonya's ass when she confronted her. I do like how Sonya has been as a heel. Hit Row came off as stars in their debut. Seems like they told who would matter among the new people with short promos or hype vids. I kind of skipped around most everything else. I'm in the crew that dislikes title switching as it just feels dumb. I'm not mind numbingly angry about it, but I can't be bothered with it. Guess Sasha/Charlotte is the next women's title feud. The matches should be good, but both are such heels at the moment its hard to be excited. Wish they had built up Toni or Shotzi to challenge instead.
  14. AZM, Riho, & Ram Kaicho all started around 9 (possibly younger for Ram). That said, I agree its more of an exception than proof its perfectly fine and healthy.
  15. I always skip the Saudi ppvs, but I am damn happy to hear Woods won. He deserves it. Looking forward to seeing King Woods tomorrow night.
  16. The Uncharted trailer looks ok. The casting for Sully and Drake just don't do it for me which is a shame as I like Wahlberg and Holland. It Wahlberg was less Bostony and twenty years younger he would have been solid Drake, but he feels wrong for Sully. Holland looks good as a young Drake, but doesn't feel like he works for much else with the character. Hopefully they work better than it looked in the trailer.
  17. I hadn't been paying attention to their results lately. Didn't realize Matsumoto was working there so often. With that there might be a possibility then.
  18. So how many injuries is that for NJPW this year?
  19. I'm kind of annoyed with the decision because I don't like paying that much at once. Otherwise I don't have too many complaints. I would prefer the dungeons just being a part of the game as they have in the past yet in reality I don't really play dungeons that much other than pinnacles and exotic quests in the first few weeks. Honestly, thinking it might be best for me to leave it alone this time around.
  20. So where are the Seadlinnng guesses coming from? I don't think Kyona ever trained with Nanae so she doesn't really have any connections there. AWG/ARG has been the place most former Stardom wrestlers with injury issues have shown up. Marvelous is another option that feels more likely with Kyona probably having met Chigusa multiple times over the years. Has Kyona actually dropped hints towards where?
  21. I mean we know she was badly injured and that someone on set ended up paralyzed. Not sure there is much reason to give WB benefit of the doubt.
  22. It would be a pleasant surprise if they did , but I have no expectations. That seems like a natural chemistry they unknowingly hit upon on accident seasons ago. If they hadn't realized it yet I would be surprised if they did in time to actually do something with it now., especially with how little time there is left. Saw this earlier today. Can't really say I'm surprised. I thought I recalled something about someone getting hurt badly, and it felt off when Rose talked about one of her injuries last year. Hopefully something is done. Makes me wonder how the other CW shows are on set.
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