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  1. I'm past the first boss and a little more in Metroid Dread and...I'm not impressed. Visually, tonally, hey, it's on the money, but I can do without games where I have to cram on 8 buttons at the same time to do anything effective. The whole control scheme is...just bad. Weapon-switching should have been put to the D-pad, the free aim should just be on all the time, possibly add back diagonal aiming with the L & R after those are freed up. Looks like BOTW is still the only Switch game that's legitimately been worth the money to me; hopefully if it isn't any better in the last however much, I can at least flip it on eBay.
  2. I have to buy Gap 33/34s in Athletic now after being 33/34 Straight for a good 7-8 years because of the leg gains. But whereas the waist was tight on the Straights before, now I've got a good inch+ of room there (can't do the 32/34 Athletics because they're still not roomy enough in the whole nether regions). Why couldn't I have just bought Bitcoins in 2012 when I first heard of them? Then I could afford a tailor to fix these problems. In other news, meet the new neighbors, same as the old neighbors. I have this one fucking idiot down the hall from me that does NOTHING but shout when she talks. Jesus Christ, you deaf old bat - YOU'RE deaf, the rest of us are not! I want to hang a sign on her just so she remembers.
  3. I picked up Metroid Dread yesterday since the Evil A had it on sale for $50. It's funny. I've only bought one other Metroid game brand-new, and that was...Metroid, 35 years ago, and I think I also paid $50 for that.
  4. So many turnovers in this game already that this has become the "At least you didn't draft Josh Rosen" Bowl.
  5. Getting really close to a parallel Nordic curl; can't quite fire back up and return to starting, but it's close. The only shitty thing about it is I had to get rid of 10 pairs of pants that don't fit my legs anymore! Maybe I will be the gym douche next week who records the next set of Nordics...
  6. Well, the Rams look like frauds after all. That's too bad. I don't want the Green Bay Immunizers as the NFC favorite.
  7. Well, I think I've seen the only possible positive use for The Human Centipede. Pack it up, folks, the human race is done, we can shut the lights off and call it an extinction now.
  8. Got my 165 up on bench for 3x5, and in the process had the weirdest sensation ever: first rep, I felt *multiple* ribs pop on my spine - my sternum does this constantly, particularly when I sneeze, but I hadn't ever felt the ribs slip like that in the back before. Ugh, it was weird and scary.
  9. On rewatch, I'm digging that Tony Leung is wearing flip-flops while kidnapping his children and showing off his base. That's real power: "I can wear bullshit shoes and still fuck you up whenever I want."
  10. Some real Peterman vibes tonight in New Orleans.
  11. Did 155 lbs on flat bench for the first time in 7 years yesterday, and it wasn't too bad. I've been taking relatively wide grips, though, and while that feels "easier" with respect to getting the weight up, it's absolute ass in a can for my shoulder health. Narrowed my grip to something closer to normal, and my shoulders instantly felt like they were functioning joints instead of sacks of skin and bone full of over-caffeinated wasps. 8/7/5 on the sets, and I guess I'll give 165 a shot on Push day Friday. Today was Lower, so I've resolved to just rebuild my squat technique yet again. Cut it back to 95 lbs and went as deep as I can get without lifting my heels or feeling like I'm going to topple over, then stayed there for 3 seconds, then only came up 3/4s before going back down again. They were pretty disgusting, but not nearly as CNS-wrecking, which, frankly, is half the problem with doing squats. Did most of my usuals - hack squats, Bulgarians, sumo deads, Nordics - and a set of Smith machine close-stance squats that were decidedly no fun for my quads after having just done leg extensions. But, a good day nevertheless; I could really stand to keep doing days like this to improve ROM and my strength in deep stretch positions. Did 260 on deads last time, will probably just skip the line a bit and see if I can get 275 on Saturday - I think that will tie or beat a PR for straight-bar (though I never used straps in the past).
  12. Everson Griffen. That's it. That's the post.
  13. I dunno, Mia Kirshner was probably the highlight of the movie. Fiona Shaw playing someone that twitchy and batshit crazy could have been good in a different context. This is the precise extent I will go to defend that movie, aside from the obvious kinds of statements (i.e., "Still not as bad as The Crow: Wicked Prayer").
  14. I have 3 rules for eating nowadays: nothing I would rather have as a pet (so there goes rabbit), nothing that could get up and walk off the plate prior to cooking (lobster is a huge disappointment anyway), and nothing I would call "intelligent" (no octopus or squid). Aside from the rabbit, I wouldn't call any of those good in the first place. I appreciate the ethical issues in eating meat, but I enjoy eating, y'know, BACON, so those lines in the sand are the best I will do. But, what am I making? A mess. Certainly that.
  15. What if the stack of bodies were all of Detroit's first-round busts? Would that mitigate the circumstances?
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