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  1. For whatever reason, despite renewing my Criterion Channel membership and signing up for Netflix this month, I decided watching things on Kanopy was a good way to go. I began watching mid90s on Amazon, but then it went off their Included list, so I picked it back up on Kanopy. Man, was this good. Really, really good - maybe the best thing Jonah Hill has been involved with (I'm not nearly as high on Moneyball as a lot of people have been). Not always easy to watch, but definitely believable, as I lived that time and knew people like this even in the suburbs of the Deep South. Would hav
  2. I suppose I'll finish it up, but it's really just as mediocre as you can get. Spends way too much time on the Superman-wannabe, played by Josh Duhamel, aka, "we couldn't get Josh Brolin so we got this hack to do his voice, pretty much", with this annoying slow burn of revealing how they got their powers in a series of flashbacks. Clearly intending to tie off both the present-day story and the origin story at the same time with the final episode, which is just a waste of time. It feels like the sort of thing that should have been wrapped up in a single episode so that more time could be spent
  3. Yeah, that's pretty good. Similar to mine if I'd assembled it today instead of 2-3 years ago. Witcher 3 is...a really big game. Jesus. It might be too big. Kinda fun so far, but I'm only about level 8. It seems like leveling is just really, really, really slow. It's also weird/frustrating that I can't just try to mix things for potions. I know that'd be rampantly abuse-worthy if you have the recipes from online, but I haven't seen a way of just combining ingredients. Maybe I'm missing something obvious. I'm also surprised there isn't a Witcher-specific thread in here. Maybe
  4. Could go in the Comics stuff, but I'm not a fan of thread necros... but Jupiter's Legacy is reeeeeeally scraping the bottom of the barrel. It's official, superheroes are empty signifiers. Does make me wonder if the books were any good, but given we just got Invincible, who needed this?
  5. You can't say "beast" and then not give specs. PCs are the only socially acceptable dick-measuring contest left these days.
  6. I have the PS3 Remastered collection of both games. I suppose I'll get around to Shadow eventually. It's the reason I bought the game at all, but I think right now it's just not going to grab me. But for now, after rewatching the series again, I decided to jump back into Witcher 3. I suppose "jump back in" is both a bit of a dig at myself and an overstatement, as I literally died during the tutorial because I wasn't expecting a 10-foot drop to fucking kill me, but it did, and I got so annoyed by it (after a friend told me, "You love the Arkham games, go play Witcher 3 next!" - yes, my
  7. I'm clearing backlog for once! With an actual log at times, in this case: finally decided to play Ico, which I had no actual exposure to whatsoever except for one of the Game Maker's Toolkit videos that describes it. I'm not sure I'm as high on it as he was. Granted, it's literally a (now) 20-year-old game that got reworked for PS3, so maybe it's just showing its age. There's something nice about the minimalism of the game contrasting against the scope of the setting, but I could do without jerking this poor girl's arm halfway off her body for the last 5 hours. The puzzle solving is OK bu
  8. Finished The Last of Us, which I suppose gets its title from Joel's willingness to kill everyone and everything!
  9. Got Netflix back for the month as I hop between all the not-Prime things, decided to watch a couple of things that had been on my list for...jeez, years. Free Fire was as ridiculous as it promised to be. There isn't much of anything wrong with it, except for one bit where it's not clear who shoots who in a big moment halfway through (the character says so later and it's the only reason why you know). Really great send-up of crime and action movies as a whole. Kinda wish I'd bought this used when I saw it at The Sound Garden probably 3 or 4 years ago. Quigley Down Under is...out of
  10. I guess he means control setup and engine, but, as John pointed out, who doesn't recycle those? The From Software Game is especially egregious, on the other hand, as the First version and the Second version *open almost exactly the same way*. In one, you're supposed to die to the first boss, in the other, you're supposed to beat it. That's it, that's the extent of meaningful differences for the first, what, several hours? And I would have killed for a battle prompt for learning better timing, especially with the importance of the parry. I don't want to read a goddamn shoulder twis
  11. I'm about halfway through now, to the cutscene just before the nighttime getaway, and...it's still a game. The gameplay is just super generic and clearly something they didn't want to put any amount of effort into. It's just, "Here are weapons you've seen in 57 other shooter games, they do the same things, the level design is basic and it gets harder because we throw more shit at you the next time." The rest is really good, but I mostly find myself thinking, "Would this have been better if it had just been a TV show or a movie all along?" I think maybe yes, especially when it's something t
  12. Fuck the From Software Game. I say "Game" because, let's face it, they're all the exact same game, reskinned and repackaged so fools will spend more money on them. But, fuck it nevertheless. They may as well be platformers, what with "master this or else" obstacles as they are. On a more positive note, I decided the used PS3 I bought should actually see some action, and, after ejecting the From Software Game into orbit, I landed upon The Last of Us. It's...something? I mean, I'm really early on, but the mechanics thus far are pretty basic stealth/cover shooter stuff. I was kind of
  13. I'll take "People I won't refer to by their actual names" for $800, Aaron...
  14. If that were the case, the Patriots would be trading a ham & cheese sandwich and the footage from Bob Kraft's indiscretions to J-ville for the # 1 pick.
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