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  1. Yeah, putting the TC in a Triple Threat feels like spitting in on Baba's ghost and a round robin makes more sense. James
  2. I never knew I wanted Nikki Cross and Hyper Misao to be a tag team until tonight James
  3. No my friend the eternal lead-in to RAW remains Murder She Wrote To this day that lead-in confuses me like no other, like talk about a wild demographic shift. SilkStalking/La Femme Nikita was the post RAW show. Iswear it seems like Silk stalkings was on for like 50 years James
  4. I'm surprised, especially since DJ EZ Rock wasn't involved, since... you know... it takes two James
  5. Further thoughts post -Cinderella... I think as far as STARS/OT goes they're going to set-up a match where Kid legit turns on Mayu. That sets things up and gets Mayu away from Tora but keeps it about STARS v. OT. I still think Kyona is coming back earlier than most people do and if I'm right about Kid going full heel then you have tag program with Mayu/Jungle against Konami/Kid. I think Tora is winning the red belt to set-up Giulia winning it for the year end show. Giulia will win the 5 Star to set that up. Of course I could be 100% wrong but that how it feels to me James
  6. I'd rather watch Uncle Roger critique Superman's Egg Fried Rice "What he do? What he do? Haiyaa! He use heat vision to fry rice? He fuck up!" James
  7. Planet Sized X-Men isn't just a title. Its like they looked at the concept of Magneto taking mutants into space with Avalon, simplified the scope yet somehow, made it more epic. I didn't think the revelation of Moira X could be topped. Man was I wrong! James
  8. They basically used the tag title match to set Sakisama up to challenge Miyu on 6/24 James
  9. Lord Ohtani is rocking that Lee Van Cleef "Escape from New York" tight hair ring like a champ. Remember when Ohtani was young and spry as opposed looking like the Salaryman who is kicking your ass because you took his stapler? James
  10. Oh I get you... still watching a ton of Savage squashes, dude does all out against every JTTS he comes across and is beat red most of the time by the ned. Dude always went hard in WWF run, it was crazy James
  11. I mean... It's Randy Savage, dude was a Gary Hart in Texas level sweater even during squash matches. James
  12. This match is labeled wrong, it is not BuzzSawyer but Terry Sawyer (no relation)... that being said, Terry Sawyer v. Lou Thesz, all mat wrestling and wrist holds with 3 judges scoring the match (Tommy Gilbert, Robert Gibson and Bill Dundee). Lou Thesz is os the neighborhood grmpa that finds a punk messing up his lawn display and decides to stretch him for it! James
  13. The Night Dr. D Slapped John Stossel is the BEST Scholastic Children's Book never made! James
  14. WWF at MSG! JYD squash match with a weird ass finish! Inoki v. Dr. D!The COBRA! BLACK TIGER ROCCO! WWF Junior Title! Piper/Orton v. Snuka/Tonga Kid! Briscoes v. North/South Connections! All this PLUS The Hogan/Iron Sheik Rematch! James
  15. Yakushiji was a really fun guy and his team.. I wanna say Hoshikawa (the guy that got crippled by that prick Takaiwa in Z1) was fun. They had a good run in MPro, even winning the Tag League one year but he left with Delfin to form Osaka Pro because he got tired of the honor of polishing the silver bust of Sasuke as opposed to actually being paid. He wrecked his back and went to become a chiropractor if I recall. James
  16. Some RPW Deathmatch craziness as Mathias Thrasher takes on Herzog AND Mickie Knuckles! James
  17. Am I understanding it right that 5*GP is a single elim tourney this year? James
  18. Tora winning the red belt isn't so crazy since I don't see Saya bearing Tam for the white
  19. I think this makes sense, since Kid has been Mayu's most stalwart supporter, having her lose further plays out the "everyone leaves Mayu" story. More importantly, it further plays up that when Kyona comes STARS will have the the player who can help Mayu go toe to toe with OT James
  20. Marvelous and sTARDOM seem to be on good enough terms that Chigusa will send her girls over for the exposure and they tend to be used well. Rossy and Chigusa have that old AJW background so they can work together easy. James
  21. Watched the Miyu/Yuka title match from a few days ago and... DAMN! Can Yuka Sakazaki just take one helluva an asskicking! Just a really good match that I sat and watched with the 3 year old (she was puling for Yuka, probably because they are the same height). James
  22. Yoko Kanno confirmed to be scoring the Netflix Cowboy Bebop show Now I will actually watch it! James
  23. Look she celebrates Bastille Day/Franz Kafka's Birthday in her own way James
  24. The 3 guys you name... its not even remotely the same thing. Hell Even Bischoff has admitted to singing guys simply because they were ex-WWF. Austin and Taker were lightning in a bottle characters that ended up being right time right place and had nothing to do with them being ex-WCW. Trips was BARELY on WCW TV and was smart by going to WWF and saying "WCW is offering me this much, I'm worth more than that" and WWF agreed with him. Hell Bischoff signed Lanny Poffo and never used him. He had him on payroll just to have him (ok probably as a favor to Randy Savage, but still) James
  25. Hail To Princess Sandra Violet, of Clan Harris, descended from the line of Levi! On this day she has completed 3 cycles and looks to reign for many more! James
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