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  1. Your RANKINGZ! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  2. Ann Wilson singing the national anthem before the Kraken home opener. Nice touch.
  3. The balls of Penn State to go for it on 4th and inches IN OVERTIME against Illinois.
  4. Owl American Conference was right there. Right. There. ESPN now saying Southern Miss to the Sun Belt is a done deal as soon as 2023.
  5. Cindy and Rob Hoffmann will no longer be co-workers as she just gave notice and will be jumping to another firm. Because I'm a dope, their name reminds me of this.
  6. This Knicks/Boston game is completely batshit insane awesome. Just went final, Knicks prevailing 138-134 in double OT. The kind of game that could go a long way towards restoring the Garden roar.
  7. If any of you folks are having a bad day because of something you screwed up, keep in mind it could be way, WAY worse. Case in point:
  8. Wow, Columbia moved their homecoming game to Philly? Must've been a shock to everyone who showed up at Baker on Saturday.
  9. Can't believe I'm just finding this out now, but Takeshi Terauchi passed away back in June from pneumonia at 82. Japan's "God of electric guitar," who came to prominence in the 60s by fusing surf guitar sound with Japanese influences like the shamisen to spectacular effect. RIP.
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