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  1. Me too. Still way too many assholes in this country whose quote-unquote patriotism stops at helping prevent a pandemic.
  2. Does 90s Australia count as a territory, especially when it consists almost entirely of ECW/Dallas indy/Mexican workers plus NAILZ and Primo Carnera Jr? Asking for a friend. Either way, bring a raincoat because the sleaze count is pretty damn high.
  3. Champions League final has officially been moved to Porto, so up to 12,000 fans will be allowed live.
  4. Gotcha. Then just say he's sick or that he's so angry at MJF right now that he might try to kill the motherfucker if he's in the same room. Don't put yourself into a corner by saying he got arrested for using a fork in an anything-goes match.
  5. Nana losing his mind in-ring for the Ghana flag I brought to an ECWA show ("WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!") was worth the $20 I paid for it at the train station in DC. Wound up bringing it to a handful of Elk's Lodge shows as well. Dude is/was a card.
  6. So where was Santana that they had to hand-wave him off the show with the "arrest" for using a fork during a wrestling match that involved barbed wire, chairs, other plunder, dudes getting thrown off roofs etc? Speaking of guys getting tossed off roofs, there was no earthly reason for Jericho to be in the building a week after falling to his near-doom. If you need him to cut the promo, have him do it from his hospital bed on the video board, then he can direct traffic for the Inner Circle over the speakers. I dunno, maybe the "bubbly" used water from Lourdes. I was dreading another "
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