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  1. Sunderland are back up to the Championship after beating Wycombe 2-0 in the League One final before 72,332 at Wembley.
  2. FT: Everton 3-2 Palace Toffees are safe. That post aged well!
  3. And now Burnley leads Villa. If both scores hold up, you're looking at a three-way conga line heading into Survival Sunday: Burnley (P16, 37 points, -17 GD) Everton (P17, 36, -22) Leeds (P18, 35, -38)
  4. Two of the most iconic themes you can imagine. RIP.
  5. Any reason they aren't back to Sumo Hall for the finals?
  6. Throwback to their late 60s heyday, led by Colin "King of the Kippax" Bell.
  7. Would that make Taya Valkyrie his Jet City Woman?
  8. As fantastic as Soup/Hangman was, what if they shuffled the finish a bit? Have Page hit the GTS first, only for Soup to kick out since "it isn't Page's move." Then Page hits the Buckshot, THEN does a second GTS to put him down. So Page has the satisfaction of visually beating Soup with Punker's move, but sowing seeds of doubt since it took two tries sandwiched around his actual finisher to do it.
  9. My immediate thought: "Aww, Frenchie..." and should've stopped there.
  10. Sweet? He never gave his mom a phone call before and you think that's sweet? What a jerk!
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