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  1. Arsenal 2-2 Spurs Bournemouth 2-3 Brentford Palace 0-2 Chelsea Fulham 2-1 Newcastle Liverpool 1-0 Brighton Southampton 1-1 Everton West Ham 1-1 Wolves Man City 2-0 Man United Leeds 2-1 Villa Leicester 0-0 Forest T1: 13 T2: 17
  2. "Mom, I got Hep C from Heavy Metal bleeding on me! Where's the Bactine?"
  3. Funny you mention it - we're actually up in the region (Lake Oneida) next weekend for a mini vacation and we had no idea it's Syracuse's homecoming. Against WAGNER of all schools. Not going to the game but we'll definitely hit the campus at some point to groove on the vibe some.
  4. What on earth is it about these whackamoles so intent on "exposing woke culture" that they self-own to an embarrassing level?
  5. Hasn't he always been a heel though? I mean he came in as a face and people cheer him, but character-wise he's always been a dick to people... he's just on the same page with Lee in-ring.
  6. Steamboat vs Sheik (June 1981) was absurdly fun while it lasted. Seriously, I've never seen Sheik give more to his opponent from an actual wrestling standpoint as opposed to a "let's try to out-bleed each other" gore-fest.
  7. Exactly. Tickets were scaled higher than last year and they drew a $1 million gate last night, which may be more important.
  8. Perhaps more to the point: A $1 million show. First non-PPV show for them to top $1 mil.
  9. TBF, he was kind of burning the candle at both ends last night because he was on (not in) Long Island, in front of a crowd that loved him to death because he's from nearby. Not like UBS Arena, where he IS the local boy done good and acts accordingly, but close enough that he could fudge things a bit. Once they get out of the Tri-State he will undoubtedly course-correct.
  10. Nope. It was just the band performing as puppets.
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