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  1. "Wanted: Rat Funk" is also the name of my favorite Mandrill album.
  2. I get why Cal and Stanford might have a gentleman's agreement regarding their future plans and wanting to stay attached at the hip, but why exactly are Oregon State and Wazzu on the outside looking in? Are they really that much dead weight relative to everyone else?
  3. T-20 question: do the various leagues not have rules on clash kits? Just curious because I was watching T-20 Blast yesterday and both clubs (Hampshire and Gloucestershire) had the same canary yellow outfits. Very confusing.
  4. Sounds a bit like my idea for heel Cena: he's a dick to everyone EXCEPT kids. He's super-nice and kind to children, does all the Make-a-Wish stuff etc from the bottom of his heart, and an MJF-level prick to everyone else. The real heat comes from parents being forced to buy the latest merchandise, month after month after month.
  5. The Hamilton throwbacks tonight are Greg Valentine-approved.
  6. Me: "Hey Cindy... happy Bobby Bonilla Day." Cindy: "Go back to work, asshole."
  7. I actually want them to do a storyline where TK will grant MJF's release on one condition, bass-ackwards as it sounds: he has to become AEW champion. So it turns into MJF running an absolute heavy metal gauntlet of tough opponents... a lesser man would crack, but MJF wants out so badly that he rises to the challenge. And TK meanwhile is helping open MJF's eyes to how good and tough he can be when his back's to the wall.
  8. One word: DRONES. I cracked up for Vanguard 1 hovering around the participants draped in a referee shirt... ...and cracked up again for Jericho signing "I QUIT I QUIT" while getting hammered by Eddie.
  9. What a coincidence, so did I! And you didn't even need the top rope splash... anytime you went for a pin you won. It was like if someone designed a wrestling game by basing their entire research around studio squashes.
  10. HOLY SHIT what a callback. I loved that game way too much, crappy and glitchy as it was.
  11. Missed opportunity: when Garcia entered the match while Claudio had the giant swing on Guevara, they needed 10-20 seconds of Garcia chasing Claudio around the ring in circles trying not to get hit as they piped in Curly going "WOOB WOOB WOOB" over the PA.
  12. Must... not... make... Jets joke... Congrats!
  13. There's a fungus among us! Love the slow burn for Eddie/Claudio while still leaving the fires burning for Eddie/Jericho. Based on the chat they were having afterwards, it looks like there may have been something planned for the post-match, but Eddie was hurting too badly so they called an audible and nothing happened. Honestly, it works for Eddie: he's pissed at Claudio (right or wrong) for inadvertently stealing his shine at the finish, but he's going to swallow his pride for now and accept the win. He was also a good soldier from start to finish. I was worried WBD (Warner Bros. Discovery) might put the kibosh on all the violence inherent in the AEW system, so the match turned out to be a violently pleasant surprise.
  14. Who is this Cesaro guy? Seriously, that seems too obvious and not really on-brand for Claudio. More likely one of P&P do it instead... that or Eddie powers through his hatred of Claudio and everyone works as a team until the match ends. Have they touched on the Eddie/Claudio/Bryan heat at all? I don't remember any in-depth profiles about their history... seems like a missed opportunity.
  15. How many souls would've vacated the Angels fanbase if he suddenly went down shrieking and clutching his shoulder... only to pop up 10 seconds later completely fine?
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