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  1. Very cool nod to Aguero's epic title-decider (the pattern even duplicates scoreboard numbers), just not as transcendent as that road number.
  2. I thought Jericho actually bladed his arm. It's why there was a long cut to Gage (like almost 15 seconds) before you saw Jericho with his arm bleeding. I just lost my shit picturing Gage, despondent over two high-profile losses to Cardona and Jericho, doing an angle where he goes back to his roots. You know, death matches in backyards, bingo halls, casino ballrooms... oh wait.
  3. Pete

    The Olympics

    Track and field remote control cars got me like...
  4. Poor Popitekus must've thought Mexico City was having an eclipse.
  5. As Brazo de Plata Jr, yeah. 99% sure it was him.
  6. Apparently he'd been suffering from cancer for a few years. RIP.
  7. It was a walk-off HR, which is why we haven't seen any ensuing footage of Goodwin getting plunked. Yet.
  8. I was listening to this the other day (AKA Bootlegs = Goodlegs). I'd forgotten what a tight, mean sound they had in their late 70s heyday, before the Eliminator era synths and other audio trickery came to the fore... especially on deeper cuts like "Precious and Grace," "Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings" and "El Diablo." This is a fantastic performance and one of the better live concerts you're going to hear.
  9. I first read this in my dad's EC Comics best-of collection when I was... shit, 6?... so you can imagine what kind of impact it had on my tiny developing mind. Still packs a Sunday punch.
  10. Pete

    The Olympics

    Currently first place in the hammer throw: French athlete QUENTIN BIGOT. He'd be doing even better if all those little Oriental guys just stayed still for a few more seconds.
  11. So many anti-Gage marks triggered by his existence, the very idea of him popping a rating, and finally him actually popping a rating.
  12. Y'all consider the possibility that multiple people at Dominos tuned in at the scheduled time for their ad to make sure it went off without a hitch? I think there are two chances that "cancel culture" had anything to do with this, and Slim just left town.
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