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  1. https://www.hackensackriverkeeper.org/wsb/ This happening again on Saturday. Send money.
  2. Don't worry guys, I'm sure everything will be back to normal when Charlotte comes back and beats rhea clean again. Liked night 1 better overall. Probably go with the main or rhea/Asuka as favorite of the night, but got distracted during the women's match.
  3. From Naylor re: cesaro busting out the ufo
  4. Guys, truth is out there. I am Dave metlzer. My apartment is in the same condition as Dave's office.
  5. I think someone said in the thread he looks like tanner.
  6. I watched most of elevation last night really late. Overall I thought wight did a good job but felt like he occasionally was dropping into non kayfabe stuff like mentioning swole was selling the leg. I dont mind them having -1 doing stuff but they have to make sure they are corraling him because bored kid in the background of tay's match wasn't a good look to have broadcast. I thought conti looked good, I think she is starting to put together some better offense that she was severely lacking in nxt. I liked this outing for itoh who I have limited matches for. I like her cha
  7. I find it very funny that big e is almost turning into screamin' Jay Hawkins in his energy vampire gas down for insomniacs the last episode
  8. Memphis style fabulous ones/new generation promo videos to let's hear it for the boy: great idea or the greatest idea
  9. Somebody set this to so happy together by the turtles
  10. For second I was like "cool, Ken is hanging out with chicky Starr in his sports shop"
  11. Leva pointed out the shida was doing that elbow exchange with mizunami while in heels and didn't fall over on twitter Overall I enjoyed the show, aew definitely feels like the more fun shows.
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