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  1. I know you were trying to figure out if it was an accept knock off, it strikes me more of a kiss "love it loud" knock off.
  2. Munchkin punchin' returns! Though I doubt it went away. Assuming DEAN also didn't see or hear nothing about Tony D disposing of a body like I did. I was playing around on my phone, that's the ticket.
  3. So Al Getz started a thread about people bitching about too many belts that the above picture if from. It got into various titles and the other designations of champions including trophies and championship jackets like it was the masters or some shit. Learn about the nwa tidewater title! Thread below. I want the next FTR championship won to be Ribera style satin jackets.
  4. I saw the pic of evil Julia and I want her to hit the I may be bad but I feel good line from army of darkness. If the wingman are going to have their side projects like the workhorsemen and the boys from Brazil, they should at least give them masks like disorderly conduct/Texas hangman, fake beards like elias/Ezekiel or wigs and head gear like buddy roberts but pretend like they are totally other guys. And more mark sterling: attorney at law promos -
  5. I would say the screw driver and he'll smasher were supposed to be powerbombs.
  6. Miro said he wants to have a conversation with God. Do you think God is going to ask Jesus to cover his shift this weekend?
  7. I think we used to call it the full worldwide point. Who do we name as the equivalent of YouTube show awards like we had the road blockies for wcw? The serpentico? The cutler?
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