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  1. Well, its August now, isn't it? Keep it going!
  2. Ryan

    The Olympics

    My mother's 1st cousin's husband is from Nigeria and is named Innocent after one of the Popes.
  3. Yes, if anyone should be giving Sakuraba grappling advice, it's Kashin. Um...
  4. Ryan

    The Olympics

    Fairly weird post history. Gone for years. Came back. Gone some more. Random nothingness. Blatant jackassery and racism to end it.
  5. You're ranked higher than DEAN, wow. Edit: So am I!
  6. Ryan

    The Olympics

    Erase the entire account. Salt the proverbial Earth as well.
  7. Dr. Marufuji, Jr. should really return and challenge for the GHC title.
  8. Ryan

    The Olympics

    Needs to be rougher than it is to catch on. Full contact curling for example would be huge, allowing you to lob the rocks at each other and such.
  9. CM Punk and his new Jewish friend, Max Maxana.
  10. This is a NEW belt with a NEW lineage~! He needs it to complete himself.
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