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  1. Did you then flex and explode all of the clothes you were wearing at the time?
  2. They're afraid you'll beat them up and go all aggro on them while wearing that one sweet Baba shirt you had.
  3. This sounds like some variation on that one Andy Samberg film where he's a daredevil.
  4. I was never "bullied" in the sense of being beaten up or having stuff taken, but I was insulted plenty for a period of time. Not giving a shit tended to help in theory.
  5. Nerd! (I no longer actively watch wrestling, so I'm allowed to insult my former brethren!)
  6. My first name is Ryan. Astonishing. DEAN has me beat though.
  7. Gotta promote that massive bomb of a movie.
  8. Yeah, this is why I laughed at the people that didn't realize they needed a raised notarized copy of their BC because they didn't read the thing they were given and just brought in birth certificates from like the 50s thinking it was valid. Like 5 people in line behind me were all like that. I had all my paperwork filled out and in order and just zoomed right through.
  9. Guess I'll have to have someone steal your jeans when you're incapacitated. I know just the person... (insert board user here for joke to make sense)
  10. My SS card is in pretty rough shape, I wonder how hard it is to get a new one around here. Can I borrow yours?
  11. Last time I renewed my license I was in and out in 20 minutes or so. The time before that was about 10. Getting the stupid REAL ID version of it required annoying side shit, but at least I had all the proper documents. No one else in line did because they didn't read their mail close enough. No, they will not take a birth certificate from when you were born. Haw-haw. Go sit in the county building like an idiot like I had to. Living in Mayberry is fun. Very easy to commit crime once you confuse the current sheriff, Ron Howard.
  12. My only reaction is, what the hell is Kaito wearing?
  13. Get your New Japan Christmas screen print cakes today! Many options to choose from for every weirdo. http://priroll.jp/shopbrand/ct6855/
  14. I think we should add a dislike button and remove the other emojis. That would go well.
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