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  1. I doubt they expected this level of immediate interest.
  2. One of the designers/producers/whatever title he's using for it is my friend's husband, he was behind Divekick as well as main driving force on all the KI(2013) stuff after Microsoft changed studios to Iron Galaxy. She also works there doing art stuff.
  3. The board being on fire seems to have decreased to a controlled burn.
  4. If they call him Ray Ray later in the script will that seem really weird?
  5. They'll partner up with Ganbare Pro.
  6. Of course. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/34302127/green-bay-packers-all-pro-david-bakhtiari-had-another-knee-procedure-no-table-return
  7. Maybe they're going to make him watch JaMarcus film and nothing else as punishment.
  8. Time to bring back Vince Russo, baby.
  9. They'll bring back Dante Leon of course.
  10. So, basically he took the deal, is deported for life and is lying and we'll never know for sure. Got it. Allegedly.
  11. The Great Elgin.
  12. You need to switch to jogging outside while watching stuff on a tablet. That can't possibly go wrong!
  13. I checked. It's coming out on everything but Switch on August 11th. Switch needs to be ported for obvious reasons.
  14. They don't release shit until they make sure it works, so gotta test it I guess with the console versions.
  15. For anyone here who cared or cares. Friend worked on this, her husband is the director or whatever. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/battle-royale-brawler-rumbleverse-launches-from-its-cannon-on-august-11th
  16. Should probably just erase it from the master tapes just to be sure.
  17. I just happen to have a barrel of slop over here, if you're interested.
  18. If it's Powerpoints you want, you also bring in Super Sasadango Machine/Muscle Sakai.
  19. Mayor Glenn Jacobs in the Blackpool Combat Club! Make it happen!
  20. That's why, they prefer Canada to America apparently. It makes sense, what with the Queen and all.
  21. It's definitely a term a lot of people don't realize is offensive, as I hear it used often enough by people who wouldn't use its equivalent in the States.
  22. Deion Sanders named his daughter Deiondra, so there's that.
  23. If there's a place named Nashville in Bulgaria for real; then, I'll allow it since there really is a Bombay, Michigan...sort of.
  24. Only now he's evil again~!
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