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  1. Joe Burrow with three straight interceptions. Each beautiful in their own way.
  3. Whoever is doing color on the Bears game keeps saying shit like "They're undressing the defense," "Or last night they were undressed by so and so team" and it's driving me crazy. "Joe Burrow had to win over his team on Zoom! You know what kind of ALPHA MALE you gotta be to win over team on Zoom?!" This is why I watch games on mute.
  4. Oh goddamn Anthony Smith fired up is fucking awesome. That Ryan Spann hype video about him feeling disrespected that folks didn't think he was ready for a main event aged poorly reeeeeal fast.
  5. Moral victory at the end for Devin Clark, I guess. I mean getting absolutely man handled for 14 minutes and then getting a minute in the sun almost makes having your smile rearranged worth it.
  6. It definitely looked bad and I thought when the ref went into to break it up he was actually ending it not just stopping it for the bell. Then when Maness got up he looked like a drunk at the party trying not to let anyone know he was drunk. Which I guess makes it an even more impressive recovery, because I thought he was getting dropped in 30 seconds in Round 2.
  7. Maness/Gravely was good. Maness looked pretty solid defending the takedown in the first, but then getsdropped with 3 seconds left. Saved by the bell only to return the favor for the win. Fun times.
  8. Ugh. This sucks. I knew I shouldn't have clicked on this thread.
  9. I don't even care if I'm about to get eliminated from the Survival Pool. This shit is incredible.
  10. The Dusty-est of finishes in Vegas.
  11. Oh man this is getting reeeeeeeeal fucking Raider-y.
  12. Can't remember the last Monday Night game that was this fun.
  13. Fuck it on a 4th and 15. I could barely handle 16 games a season of this. 17 might kill me.
  14. My son is starting to regret backing the Bills for our Father/Son survival pool.
  15. I would've been more than happy to trade some of my terrible running backs for Dak. Also Yahoo gave me the worst draft grade this year. Last time they did that...I won the whole damn thing.
  16. Yahoo tries to fuck me on the draft every year. Always tells me it's at X:00 pm. But never says what time zone. I gottta go find the countdown clock to get the real scoop. Not this year Yahoo. I know what time it is. Also I've had to prerank a couple times because the draft was during work, and what frustrated me was that even with a pre-rank, autodraft fills those holes instead of passing on a kicker or a defensive player. Lemme stash some WRs or a hot rookie prospect. Don't go grabbing Von Miller in the 7th round.
  17. Was kinda disappointed in the card system concept for Midnight Suns. In the gameplay announcement trailer they were like "As you'll see it's not just X-Com with MArvel characters..." like that was a bad thing. No, that's literally what I wanted. Then after they revealed the gameplay they were like "See, it's cards! So it's different." GTFO. The other shit with your avatar engaging the heroes at the base got me more intrigued. But then they showed a clip of Blade sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the couch like he was at a slumber party and I was like..."ugh stop making me not excited."
  18. Tough loss for Till. Hoping to see him get on track, but it feels like Brunson is inevitable right now.
  19. There was even a moment during a take down attempt where he kicked Vendramini's leg out from under his leg.
  20. Hopefully everyone has to go out to their used book store and by a shit ton of CDs to play.
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