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  1. It's because he ran a lot, which generally doesn't translate to the NFL. The concerns about his accuracy were legit as his first two NFL seasons showed (52 & 61% completion).
  2. A thousand times this. He was an absolute class act this year in a really, really tough spot. It's pretty clear that Michigan intended to go with McCarthy all along but Cade got a shot. He got beat out after an outstanding year last year, one that will not be forgotten. I hope he goes somewhere and throws 50 touchdowns next year.
  3. What a win for Michigan. They are 24-2 since firing Don Brown and Josh Gattis leaving. Both of those guys have bombed at their new jobs. The second half today might be the best half of Michigan football I've ever seen. I know that ESPN will do everything in their power to get Alabama into the CFP so we need Georgia, TCU, USC, and Michigan to all win their conferences to make sure that doesn't happen. No, ESPN, teams that finish 3rd in their conference do not belong in the CFP.
  4. It took away a chance at a win so, yeah, definitely game-changing. How can you can say it's not? The refs definitely screwed them on that pay. They gave Buffalo 24 yards of field position on the play before a 45yd FG. Maybe the outcome ends up the same but we'll never know because... the game got changed.
  5. No, didn't need reddit to tell me there was a missed call. Yes, the refs miss calls all the time. Doesn't make it sting any less when it's literally game-changing and one of a seemingly endless list of game-changing bad calls that has gone against the Lions over the years.
  6. What a surprise - the refs missed a blatantly obvious facemask at the point of attack on Josh Allen's run right before Buffalo kicked the game winner: https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/z3ula8/highlight_missed_facemask_keeps_buffalo_in_fg/ No big deal - just a grab, twist, and holding on for five full yards. A correct call puts the ball on the Buffalo 49 instead of the Detroit 27 where it ended up.
  7. I remember Domino being kind of a mess but Man on Fire was enjoyable.
  8. It's a mirage. Kiffin is winless at Ole Miss in conference games against teams that finished over .500 in the conference.
  9. Friend of mine who doesn't quite understand the pain of being A Lions fan sent me a text when they went ahead asking, "Are you nervous?" I replied, "No, because I expect them to lose." Half an hour later...
  10. Detroit hanging in, making plays. Could easily be winning.
  11. Oh man. So glad he got to participate in the celebration.
  12. He had to balance his well-known reluctance to reveal private information with his insatiable need to never be at fault for anything.
  13. Cool, yet another excuse for announcers to use to excuse Rodgers making bad decisions and terrible throws. I'm sure the thumb is also somehow the fault of rookie wide receivers.
  14. That sounds to me like "barring a million injuries, he's never taking another snap for us".
  15. Falling behind by 25 to Georgetown definitely says a lot about La Salle
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