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  1. Unfortunately, it looks like I'd have to pay again for ESPN+ to get it through Hulu? Also don't see a way to get the yearly price instead of monthly.
  2. If "longshot" is now an NFL position, I may actually be able to live out my NFL dream after all!
  3. Based on the culture at LSU, Franklin seems like the perfect hire for all the reasons you mention.
  4. Apparently because they didn't change the call or something.
  5. Couple months ago, I got a promotion at work. Used the money from it to send my wife and her best friend to Las Vegas for 5 days to see Barry Manilow in concert. Been a bucket list item for my wife for decades. They had an amazing time and I'm sort of a hero now, LOL. Me? I took the week off of work to relax and catch up on some chores. Yeah... not so much. Spent the entire time sick with a cold. I'm positive it's a cold and nothing more but the wife wants me to get a covid test so I'll be doing that tomorrow morning. I'm feeling better but tired. Yes, I'm fully vaccinated (since February).
  6. I'd be curious to know the exact differences that they had.
  7. Hard to overstate how bad it is. Paused for a couple minutes - when it resumed, it started at the beginning of the game. When you fast forward, the timeline disappears after a chips seconds so you can't see how far you've fast forwarded. Half the time when fast forwarding, it ignores button presses and keeps on fast forwarding. No button shortcuts to skip to the beginnings of periods. And that's not even talking about the horrible user interface that makes it impossible to go in the past to watch a previous game (only the latest game for a team is available). And you can't hide scores. So, so bad.
  8. Dylan Larkin has been suspended over game for punching Mathieu Joseph last night. The punch was in retaliation for being crosschecked into the boards. Larkin is unable to practice and likely would have missed a game anyway from the hit the NHL had decided was legal. Completely ridiculous. The backstory is that Larkin spent 8 weeks in a cervical collar after Jamie Benn hit him across the neck in a dirty play that ended Larkin's season last year - another play the NHL decided was legal.
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