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  1. Tabe


    The Pats are hosting Tampa Bay. That should be a fun one.
  2. Along those same lines, Tom Cruise has returned his Golden Globe awards to the HFPA.
  3. First 10 seconds of that trailer with Hart walking into the mothers group...man, so terrible. Then the rest of the trailer kinda redeems itself. Then we get the last 10 seconds and we're back to the same awful movie from the first 10 seconds.
  4. Yeah, they saw a different movie than me.
  5. For a little more context, Brennan has had a very difficult time since leaving college. He tried to catch on in the NFL but got injured. He was then in a horrendous car wreck with his girlfriend that led to substance addictions and run-ins with the law.
  6. I hope the city refuses to give them a dime. Let them go somewhere else and lie to a different city about the economic impact and amount they'll spend.
  7. That game was so poorly officiated, LOL. Heck, that whole series. This was an even better moment from that year:
  8. In my eyes, Mario is the greatest player of all-time. He's just barely behind Wayne Gretzky in points per game - but played with a bad back, cancer, AND played through the dead puck era where teams actually started playing defense. He's the only one of the big 3 that always get mentioned (him, Gretzky, and Orr) that would even come close to replicating his own numbers in any given era. Gretzky wouldn't get 150 points today, let alone 215. Orr wouldn't lead the league in scoring. And so on. But Mario could. Or any other era. So Mario gets my vote. And, yeah, he did it all while b
  9. They haven't fired him yet but I would be very surprised if Jeff Blashill is back next year as Detroit's head coach. That said, Detroit DID show significant improvement defensively this year and improved as the season went on. They played hard even in games where they got blown out. They had maybe the best goalie in the league in April (Thomas Greiss, who posted back-to-back 65-minute shutouts). And they surpassed last year's win total by 2 despite playing 15 fewer games. They didn't finish last. And they did all that with Tyler Bertuzzi missing nearly 50 games, Robby Fabbri missing 26,
  10. I think Mario Lemieux's 1992-93 season where he led the league in scoring (averaging 1.15 *GOALS* per game) despite having Hodgin's lymphoma and missing 20 games and undergoing treatments might be the most incredible* but, man, Connor ain't far behind. 100 points in 53 games in this scoring environment is just...wow. That's EASILY a 200+ point season in Gretzky's heyday, maybe even 216+. * - the 1992/93 season may have been the best NHL season ever. Lemieux still being Mario. Yzerman, Oates, LaFontaine and Pierre Turgeon all having incredible seasons. Teemu & Mogilny scoring 76 g
  11. Saw The Wrath of Man in a theater yesterday. First time in 15+ months I've been to the theater. It was nice other than me misreading Fandango and getting to the theater an hour early for my showing. Argh. Got the usual popcorn and pop. They put the butter on the popcorn for me and gave me the sold in little plastic cups with a lid on them. No refills on either one unlike before BUT the prices were a little cheaper as a result. Movie itself was just alright.
  12. Have that one in my library. Have a feeling I will commit hundreds of hours once I decide to play so I have held off - for now.
  13. To be fair, he 100% deserves it.
  14. The NHL has fined the Rangers $250,000 for correctly saying George Parros is incompetent.
  15. First game in history where the only baserunner reached on a dropped 3rd strike.
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