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  1. JIM CORNETTE: "Deathmatch wrestling is a just a chicken-head biting freakshow...outlaw mudshow bullshit!" ALSO JIM CORNETTE: "Boy, wasn't it great when Ron Wright used to bust people open hardway with his Chisel!" FYI, Ron Wright's "chisel" was a homemade knuckle duster with a razor affixed to it that Wright would use to gig his opponents hardway, which honestly sounds even more ghoulish than just busting them open with an actual chisel. Nevermind also that a lot of the guys he grew up watching in Tennessee were beer-bellied factory workers and truck drivers by day and were high
  2. I started the West Virginia TV show last night. I am only halfway through so far, but "Diamond Jim" may be an all-time sleaziest looking wrestler ever candidate. When the camera cut to a close-up of him from the handheld cam (which I would love to know how the fuck a West Virginia outlaw fed had ringside and apron cameras in frigging 1975) I impulsively shouted "UGH!" Dude looks like Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin and post-homelessness Rickety Cricket from Always Sunny had a kid. Jimmy Del Ray would find him unsettling and hard to look at.
  3. THIS is honestly the stuff I am enjoying most coming to the surface these days. At the beginning of the year I went on a kick where I was trying to track down pre-1990 outlaw feds and fly-by-night indies that somehow managed to wrangle television during their brief existences. I look forward to digging into this West Virginia show. Though honestly, I find it hard to imagine that it could possibly top the terrible essence of George Gulas' UWA Championship Wrestling from 1984, which so far was the worst televised wrestling outlaw that I found during my journey into that realm:
  4. Not quite the same as the Mulkeys, but Goldberg's first TV match against Hugh Morrus seemingly presented him as just cannon fodder. Goldberg had no entrance, was in the ring already coming from the commercial break and introduced after Hugh Morris got his entrance, with the commentary at the beginning talking about Hugh Morrus looking impressive recently.
  5. Fuck, I completely spaced on them. I saw they have some sort of show scheduled for the summer, and from things I have read about the guy that runs IWA Deep South, he actually probably would try to do some sort of shitty angle tying in all the Q stuff.
  6. Who's going to be the first promoter to book Drake to do a deathmatch after he gets fired by WWE, and why is it going to be Ian Rotten?
  7. Don't forget two of the greatest "shitty bumps" in wrestling history during the Ernie Ladd jobber squash!
  8. Adrian Adonis dropping Terry Daniels on his neck and shoulders like it's 1997 AJPW, but it's 1984 WWF.
  9. DAMN. Steve "Mongo" McMichael is battling ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and is barely recognizable. https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/bears/ct-prem-chicago-bears-steve-mcmichael-als-20210423-okfosu3f7ffzpcn6d4lja62cw4-story.html
  10. EDIT: At first I thought that was a tasteless joke but from poking around a little bit, it appears that there was indeed supposed to be some sort of Slim Jim-based wrestling promo on GMA that day involving Randy Savage, and Nate Webb was indeed in NYC on the day of 9/11.
  11. BRAIN: Samoa Joe signs with AEW. BIG BRAIN: Samoa Joe does the indie dream-match rotation, working Bloodsport, popping up in a few other places here and there. BIGGEST BRAIN: Triller just bought Fite.TV. Part of Triller's business model is one-off boxing PPV's that don't ultimately mean much in the grand scheme of things for boxing. Samoa Joe is available. CM Punk is available. A one-off dream rematch wrestling PPV not affiliated with any lettered organization might be worth looking into. EDIT: in all seriousness, hoping everyone that wants to keep pursuing wrestling lands on th
  12. If this all culminates in them doing a "DC The New 52" with Wrestlemania numbering, I ready to indulge in the lolz that will be had watching the reaction to it.
  13. And Punk's second greatest call was earlier in the show, when this exchange happened: PRAZAK: "So, CM Punk, are you sticking around for the CZW show tonight?" CM PUNK: "FUCK Noooooooooooooooooo!"
  14. WCW shamelessly jocking DMX's "Party Up" for Elix Skipper's entrance theme is easily my favorite "wrestling theme that is a shameless knockoff of an actual song" and nothing else comes close.
  15. Starting a year-long build to a WrestleMania 38 main event against the Grand Galactic Inquisitor is a bit out-of-the-blue but it can't be any worse than anything involving The Fiend this past year.
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