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  1. yeah, i'm gonna watch me some February 1994 WCW Saturday Night. Gotta love that Vader wears his mask while in a leather jacket and jeans beating up Ricky Steamboat
  2. letting the batters open carry to dissuade beanball wars has some downsides though
  3. Watching Braves/Giants on MLB Network and they mentioned their upcoming WWE Night Feels like cultural imperialism for there to be a WWE Night in Atlanta. Proof of WWE Night
  4. meanwhile Kyle Farnsworth looks like he's about to debut in the late 1980s WWF
  5. gotta admit that the probability of Brock Lesnar randomly showing up in Minneapolis is a little higher than in most cities
  6. it would have been a really stupid decision if Vince did something other than what he did tonight, so sadly we did not get tremendous content tonight
  7. they turned down the idea of Vince telling the "name on the marquee says "Fucking"" joke tonight
  8. Vince will be turning the WWE to a legend without the scent of scandal to his name.... .... Ric Flair!
  9. what Vince-ish phrase would he use instead of "Cancel Culture"?
  10. The real surprises so far are probably more about Vince not being directly accused of rape again and Vince doubling the salary of the woman he was fucking on the side.
  11. nice of them to keep a balance in their "older guy sponging off of the younger guy" dynamics by breaking up Christian and Jungle Boy/Jurassic Express on the same night that Jericho and Sammy reunite.
  12. Tyler Anderson got within 2 outs of a no-hitter but an Ohtani triple broke it up
  13. World Wrestling Elontainment would have a Wrestlemania blowoff match where the babyfaces use Teslas to run over the heels. Also the Truth Commission would come back for some reason.
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