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  1. this has been a rough first year for the 7 seeds in the playoffs
  2. Mahomes vs Ben right now is like racing a cropduster and a stealth fighter jet. Ben's throwing some passes with the velocity of a hot air balloon floating through the sky
  3. good response to giving up a touchdown... turns out that using the top guys instead of direct snapping to your backup runningback and throwing checkdowns is a better approach!
  4. the Chiefs are a rare team that needs someone to hire their offensive coordinator to be a head coach, because I don't think Bieniemy is actually making this offense better. They're way too conservative so far tonight. Of course Pederson and Nagy getting fired relatively quick and the ambiguity about what Bieniemy actually does as a OC isn't gonna help his prospects.
  5. perhaps the best viewing experience in sports right now also, Noah Eagle sounds exactly like his dad
  6. this is the worst officiating at Paul Brown Stadium in at least several weeks
  7. so with that indirect defense of womanhood, when does Lacey Evans return to the WWE to reprise her Southern Belle gimmick?
  8. I thought that they altered the opening of the Razor Ramon theme to be the Attitude era Mankind theme too
  9. oh yeah, I actually get BeIN Sports and I always watched Fusion on YouTube instead There was someone on Wikipedia who'd keep updating the MTV Classic channel entry to mention how badly their ratings sucked, and BeIN Sports would be mentioned as a channel doing as badly as MTV Classic One sentence still on that Wikipedia: and reading further, holy fuck, this guy just typed up 700 words/4100 characters to the MTV Classic Wikipedia with stuff like... anyways... BeIN Sports apparently has lower viewership than a channel that draws most of its ratings from me playing the channel in the background and from various Wikipedia lunatics
  10. On checking, when I initially saw those KC Vault videos on YouTube, I thought someone was just going all-out on posting KC stuff without their permission. But, they're actually legit. As for activities involving pro wrestlers or rock stars in the 1980s... I suspect some people would look awful. Some people would also lose a lot of their musical collection if someone like Bowie got popped posthumously (and Bowie was likely sticking his dick in everything for a period of time)
  11. MLW ran on Vice after the Johnny K-9/Bruiser Bedlam episode on October 7th (Jerry was on October 28th) Knowing that MLW's Vice thing was a one-off, it's even more hilarious that they spent like 1/6th of their Vice hour on an insider news intermission segment since Court couldn't fit the jigsaw pieces together any other way. I'm guessing it was a lot easier for Court to turn live shows into 4 weeks of Fusion episodes when the whole thing was airing on YouTube and all they had to do is iron out any continuity issues caused by not airing the matches in order.
  12. meanwhile, here's Jerry McDevitt with a drive-by shooting on MLW:
  13. The little girl in the front row for Flair/DiBiase might not have had a chance to see the match again on TV. Then there's two other women to the left who were looking horrified while Ted DiBiase was working over Flair in the corner. Like they all heard so much about this wrestling, decided to watch a show at the Boys Club, thought it'd be a good time, and got treated to a guy bleeding profusely within 10 feet of them. Seeing the match in better quality than some of the versions online is great for the sake of people watching. Although Watts knew that most of the big out of the ring stuff had to happen directly in front of the hard camera, on the other side of the seats. The fencing at ringside also helps if any fans ever wondered "hey, why does everything outside the ring happen right there" "Because there's no room to do much between the ring and the rail" (aside from a gruesome bladejob on a post shot because either Murdoch sliced DiBiase or DiBiase sliced himself before the shot in a way that opened him the fuck up as soon as he touched anything) Joel Watts, who seems like a mix of David Crockett and Kenneth the Intern from 30 Rock, did his best in the booth with Jim Ross.
  14. Djokovic visa update ️They’re not trying to deport him They’re trying to deport him
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