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  1. Mr. Shirley Love utilized his local news anchor name recognition to become a West Virginia State Senator for over a decade. He was elected to a term in the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2016 at the age of 83. He died last July at the age of 87. And yes, he was listed on the ballot as "Mr. Shirley Love" so that West Virginia voters could know they were voting for a man and not some woman. Yeppp.
  2. the Ric Flair CarShield ad is somehow one of the sadder things during a Wrestling documentary season involving lots of sadness.
  3. Meltzer trying to show off by wearing short sleeves for the Pillman episode
  4. "Mr. McMahon, we found out some less than favorable stuff about Randy from his ex-girlfriend. Should we air it?" "Yeah sure, that's okay" It was probably a good time for A&E's attorneys to draw the line between the things they could air and things that would have either gotten them sued or made the WWF look bad. Like, the WWE has been on relatively good terms with Lex Luger but they kinda touched on that a little bit. Nowhere near as bad as how they covered it on Confidential though.
  5. Yeah, a quick Google leads me to find photos on George’s Twitter with her and her sister (either the sister in the documentary or another one). Also, the story involving Savage, Hawk, George, George’s sister, and Hawk’s wife at the Kid Rock concert didn’t make the documentary (did that make the Road Warriors DSOTR?). George and George’s sister not playing along with the rest of the people acting like Savage didn’t use steroids or drugs was certainly a change in tone. Like the people making the whole thing didn’t realize what they were getting themselves into when they got George to talk t
  6. The mid-life crisis era of the Macho Man documentary was.... something else. Makes the tedious masturbation tape seem normal compared to the espionage and drugs and Angelo giving Randy steroids. It might say something about self-awareness of pro wrestlers vs the general population that George's sister decided "I'm obscuring my identity while talking while talking about the Macho Man hauling XTC pills" while pretty much everybody else probably didn't realize how fucked up some of this really was. Also, Macho Man's rap album actually wasn't all that bad.
  7. Savage and Steamboat having a 160 part match for WM3 is wild. I type that as somebody who has written matches for e-feds like 20ish years ago. Writing it out and doing it live is something else.
  8. It seems unfair to face Jos LeDuc in a *lumberjack* match. Anyways, I guess babyface Jos LeDuc is low blood sugar Joe while heel LeDuc has gotten his glucose right. Looking at Cagematch, they have a LeDuc/Rufus vs One Man Gang/Kelly Kiniski house show match from Asheville. Which, I haven't seen much heel Kelly Kiniski, but between him and Angelo Mosca Jr (who was pretty lame in the 1984 JCP i've watched), Mid-Atlantic had some pretty bland second generation guys at times. Kiniski had left just in time for Mosca Jr to move from Florida to the Carolinas. It appears that Jos LeDuc was i
  9. also... guess who won the US title the weekend that this JCP episode aired
  10. Central States was running Buzz Tyler/Dewey Robertson in a cage and Manny Fernandez/Bulldog Bob Brown/Sonny Myers vs Gary Royal/The Super Destroyer/Kim Duk at the top of the card at the end of April 1983, so at least they weren’t missing Rufus R. Jones too much in KC. That same CS card also had Bob Orton Jr vs George Wells and Greg Valentine/Grizzly Evans (originally billed as Valentine and Eddie Mansfield) vs Roddy Piper/Mark Romero. So there was enough of a working agreement to send JCP guys to work at Memorial Hall on Thursday nights. The next week was Central States champ Dewey R
  11. Mike Rotundo is joined in progress for some reason. Paul Jones is scouting him. The disciplinary board is investigating Valentine and Slater. Ric Flair is covered in blood for a promo. Piper squashed a guy who looked like a roadie for a 70s southern rock band. Barry Windham looks dangerously lanky next to Jake Roberts. Mike Rotundo gets promo time for some reason. Then he gets even more promo time? Was Mike Rotundo ever interesting?Humperdink and One Man Gang have similar hairstyles. Rufus R. with the world's most obvious backslap on a kneelift. The Briscos are in the process of becoming evil
  12. the match was just a setup for the postmatch promo (at 2:37)
  13. Sonny Oono 'confusing' the rabbit for a dog is one of the few commentary highlights of an effort that sounds like an attempt to intentionally get sued for racial discrimination
  14. i'm gonna guess the NYC fans figured out quickly that Rocca was an Italian called Argentina
  15. with MonsoonClassic back.. it's time for lots of WCW C Shows matches to return to the internet Not sure if Masahiro Chono vs Dave Sullivan was one of the anticipated ones
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