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  1. I've seen a few people say that Freeze was the guy that the power brokers wanted, and it's the first time in awhile they truly got *their* guy. Freeze has had land on Lake Martin for a few years because he was eyeing this job, and he's been a member of one of the golf clubs with Gus there for a few years as well. I think the tone is that this has to work and there has to be no excuses, which means putting all of your money and energy into an incredible staff and NIL. Plus (barring scandal), you've paid $35 million to coaches over the last two years. There will be more patience with this staff for better or worse. Freeze will get 4 years minimum I'm guessing to right the ship if he stays out of trouble.
  2. Is this worth picking up and trying out this far into this game's life cycle? I've never played one of these, and I remember wanting to rent and check it out on the Gamecube when that launched while in high school but it never being in stock.
  3. The possession and second half play in general this second half is not great from the US. A lot of breath holding while glancing here at work.
  4. The even more terrible thing about this Hugh Freeze situation is that Auburn was the only school that courted him or showed any interest. In that sense $6.5M/year is a horrendous overpayment especially given the farcical nature of Freeze's extension at Liberty. Winning cures a lot, and I want Auburn to be successful, but there are plenty of guys who could win and be as or more successful than Freeze may be during his Auburn tenure.
  5. I like how they try to soften the Freeze news by going: "...and we're keeping Cadillac Williams on staff."
  6. Also, this will be the third straight coaching hire with a previous coaching tenure at *checks notes* Arkansas State.
  7. That's my point. Gus is also a decent human being and has beaten Saban 4 times if you include 2010. If the boosters legitimately only care about beating Bama, then there was no reason to buy out Gus (and I was ready to say goodbye to Gus). I also feel like college is starting to move away from the gimmicky offenses out of necessity to make guys "pro ready," so Freeze potentially is little reward with a lot of headache.
  8. I'm probably finally getting what I don't have on the Switch the next eshop sale and just make playing FF my lunch routine at work (probably gonna try and grab Octopath for cheap that way too). I wish the pixel remasters would come to console, although, I may finally pair a controller with my phone and play that way.
  9. It's also the misguided hire of the two for me. Too much fixation on "he beat Bama twice" and not enough fixation on all else that's wrong with him.
  10. I was never super impressed with Ole Miss in any game I watched them this year. It was the benefit of a pretty soft schedule. Even in their opener, they didn't look great against my alumni (who is admittedly having a really good year) in Troy. In the Auburn game, even with how bad that first half looked, I didn't feel like Auburn lost to a better team, but I think that's also a commentary on Ole Miss. By their standards, Lane has been very successful there especially when you look at last season.
  11. The Ole Miss Twitter meltdown has begun to enter its grieving process:
  12. For me, it feels like Kiffin or bust, but it also feels like the BoT are determined to get the flashiest hire possible this time. I'm not in love with any other options to the point that I could be talked into the Cadillac Williams experiment if Kiffin says no.
  13. I saw the story break on Twitter last night along with mine and many other hearts breaking.
  14. Auburn Twitter just basking in the hilarity and Ole Miss legit freaking out the last two weeks is hilarious. Lane said the words “pine box” today too.
  15. I had the same thought. (Also didn't read it).
  16. The Auburn/Ole Miss Twitter saga over the perceived services of Lane Kiffin are worth the price of admission alone. I'm definitely team Kiffin to Auburn. I may even steal @EVA's old Avatar on this board for a bit if it happens. The annual Jimmy Sexton working everyone for his own pocketbook hunger games is in full effect.
  17. I haven't touched it or had it installed in a long time, but rumor has it that Warzone 2 clocks in at over 115 GB. That's just yikes.
  18. He did hire Kiffin as both immature and inexperienced, so I wouldn't go that far.
  19. I still play Fight Night champion on occasion. It holds up to an extent still.
  20. I'm so excited to be back to Bruce and the Boys season given how shitty Auburn football is right now.
  21. Chaos

    LIVE MUSIC 2022

    I was in Asheville this weekend for all 3 nights of Billy Strings' Away from the Shire. It's the first time I've ever completed a full 3+ night run for a musical act in person. It was quite the weekend if not a bit exhausting for my mid-30s. Also, I highly recommend seeing that part of the country this time of the year. It's gorgeous up there. Personal highlights for each night. The level of detail weaving the setlist to each part of the trilogy was a fun experience. Also, credit to Rushad Eggleston for owning his role as Gollum/Smeagol and his cello performances. Also, Ahn Phung for being a great elf playing the flute. Night 1: Away from the Mire Hide and Seek Watchtower Meet me at the Creek Night 2: (enjoyed having Jon Stickley as Bilbo) I Peed on a Bird (just the right amount of absurd) All Fall down Night 3: (Duane Trucks fresh off a WSP Halloween run to be Gimli for the evening) Ramble On All Time Low War Pigs Crown of Thorns
  22. My understanding of what makes Kiffin a possibility is real world stuff. Apparently Mississippi cannot do contracts for over 4 years (Kiffin wants a longer term deal--preferably ten years, but I doubt Auburn goes that long). Both Mississippi schools NIL situations are a mess. Auburn finally unified under the On to Victory cooperative, which could make Auburn a force with NIL given the right coach. More fertile recruiting ground in the Plains than in Oxford (kind of why it's always been a close but no cigar school even for SEC division championships). Auburn is about to at least for the immediate future have the nicest football facility in the SEC.
  23. That might be the greatest thing in college football history if it were to happen.
  24. https://flywareagle.com/2022/10/26/auburn-football-defend-harsin-transfer/ Things are sunshine and rainbows in the Plains.
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