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  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator Kazuki Takahashi Passes Away in Apparent Diving Accident
  2. Hmm...if this is true, it might explain A LOT of things... Cyberpunk 2077’s external QA team allegedly misled CD Projekt over its experience
  3. So legit question: if Snyder was in a foreign country, who would they be serving the subpoena to? His lawyers? Edit: Yup, they tried serving his lawyer according to The Athletic:
  4. Report: NFL seeks indefinite suspension of Deshaun Watson, lasting at least one year
  5. Developer Admits There's No Way To Complete KOTOR II On Switch
  6. Destin Daniel Cretton to produce Marvel's Wonder Man series for Disney Plus
  7. I'm actually shocked that there haven't been anyone asking for Congress to investigate WWE now since they're investigating the Commanders...
  8. Well at least you won't see stupid deals like when DC United sold their local TV rights to FloSports...
  9. According to Pro Football Reference, Samuel actually played in 5 games...and only got 6 receptions.
  10. And just like that Del Rio has deleted his Twitter account.
  11. Well the VA Senate Majority Leader said today he's pulling the stadium bill. And I believe the DC Council has said in the past couple of days they don't want the Commanders in DC. So, really, at this point they're probably just going to be stuck in Landover still. Or maybe they'll move to West Virginia.
  12. So about that Abandoned game... Blue Box Dev Behind PS5's Abandoned Misled Fans, Solicited Business Deals In "Toxic" Chatroom
  13. https://kotaku.com/prince-persia-sands-time-remake-ubisoft-delayed-deliste-1849021624
  14. DUH. It's from the 2020 XFL. From that rulebook:
  15. I could swear that there was a NFL offseason proposal recently to do that (or something similar) since it would cut back on the high speed collisions during a kick return.
  16. Watch Snyder copy Bezos and renames the land to something like Commander Crossing just to make things even more confusing in the area
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