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  1. In my opinion, this is kind of WWE using the evolution of the business to their advantage, in that the last generation or two actually grew up wanting to be wrestlers with WWE as the endgame. These aren't bodybuilders and football players who came for what they thought would be easier money like the 70s-early 90s. So what happens is, it becomes easier for WWE to sell the workers on shitty unfair contracts for less money under the guise of GET THAT WM MOMENT! GRAB THE BRASS RING AND FULFILL THE BOYHOOD DREAM! Edit: this always happens! What @AxBsaid more succinctly. Gotta work on my brevity
  2. @EoaeI had no idea you worked for the UWF, very cool!
  3. Nah, Hangman's gonna get it. Even if they decide some other hypothetical match *did* need the belt, I think the better thing is to give Hangman what you think is the happy ending, but it turns out to be just a taste. Like, loses it in his first defense, spirals down deeper until the eventual second reign. But again, that's less than ideal I think; you risk burning people.
  4. Same. As a complete outsider to the situation, my absolutely baseless speculation is that they hated his body, and he resented being stuck with that player-coach tag. Somewhere in the multiverse, they listen to Punk and bring him up in The Shield instead of Roman - one can only imagine what that would have made the landscape look like. That's an all-time near miss
  5. I agree with mostly everything everyone is saying about the womens division. If I were booking the next couple years I'd go Britt current reign -> Rosa -> Britt -> Deeb -> Rosa -> ??? Statlander and Conti are future champions 100% and Shida should definitely get it back at some point too. It's a good problem to have.
  6. I did totally forget about that. I didn't get much into it, but do remember there being a lot of Reddit chatter about it at the time now that you mention it.
  7. I agree with the first half of your post. Just kinda... fell off the radar. And Im a fan of the guy, that's not shit talk. I'm sure a lot of it was timing with the pandemic, but who knows. Maybe there's something I'm not seeing.
  8. Oh, that was my fault, I brought him up. Someone was suggesting a Punk/Bryan NWO-type invasion, and I said that when Bryan and Joe left WWE, I had the same idea and another poster at that time said Hero would be a great fit, so I was just revisiting that conversation now that Joe is unavailable. Edit: lol what Wolf said much more succinctly, basically
  9. I didn't mind Andrade speaking Spanish, (we are a melting pot after all) my real issue with that segment was the length. They also missed a fun opportunity to have Abrahantes translate for both guys back and forth, I think.
  10. Fair, I guess it's not a hard and fast rule. By the way, how great of an episode of Beef was that, with 50 being interviewed on the balcony? (To keep it on topic, he does say at one point 'This ain't no WWF'). He had a lot of great lines in that one. "I stay in the hood 'cause I'm that hood, you stay in the hood 'cause you stuck there" is an all time great.
  11. I'll probably say more later because I have thoughts (short version: loved everything especially the deathwatch, but thought Nyla/Baker underdelivered a bit, and thought there was too many shenanigans during what was an otherwise real good Blade/Cassidy match) but the thing I need to focus on right now is JR's love for Hakuloa because it was just so pure and beautiful.
  12. People will always love money more than they hate other people
  13. I had originally suggested a Punk/Bryan/Joe stable when the latter two left WWE, and another poster (sorry I forget which of you) had the great suggestion to add Chris Hero. They could still go with just the three of them, and it would still be fantastic. Truthfully, any one of the three even on their own would be a great signing, although admittedly Hero probably doesn't have that same level "star power" since the WWE machine didn't quite get behind him in that way, but I think a guy like that would win the AEW audience over really quickly, especially back on the road now.
  14. Vince is very rich and his mother's like 105. You all who still watch are in for like 15 more years of this shit. Jerry Jones doesn't even train.
  15. Miro's His favorite champion, so I can only assume God is now #AllElite
  16. I kind of forgot both how insane this was, and how semi-recent this was. Like, this wasn't 1997 or something
  17. I've seen this come up a couple times now since the match Wednesday. I'm sort of torn on the way I think about it because obviously hey, safety and longevity first, but the flip side is with no house shows hopefully that style doesn't take as much of a toll as it did in the past. Maybe a Mick Foley or a Jeff Hardy or a Sabu doesn't deal with the chronic pain, or sneaks a couple extra years in, if theyre just doing the one TV a week instead of the insane old schedule. Just food for thought anyway (and possibly also just some standard wishful/hopeful thinking)
  18. I was kind of wondering about that. Dynamite Grand Slam is the first event I've had tickets for since COVID, so I was expecting to at least be asked by Ticketmaster or something. The only mention of it really was when they (successfully) pushed the cancellation insurance on me. It was like an extra $17 bucks a ticket, but I said whatever, just because who knows what's gonna be going on with this delta variant by then. Kids will have been back in school for 2-3 weeks by then, could get hairy
  19. I love Ernest Miller. Karate Cat, Commissioner Cat, all of it. I went down a shoot interview rabbit hole a while ago on YT, and found one with (I think?) RF where they're talking about Miller supposedly teaching celebrities karate. Maybe-RF asks him what celebrities, and he's like "One you might have heard of is Usher Raymond. You don't believe me, bitch?" I about died.
  20. Agreed. Darby's money, there's no way they don't eventually go with him down the line. Before we get there though, I think there's a possibility we'll see two things out of him first: being the one to eventually finally chop down Miro and become A 2x TNT champion, and Sting's eventual actual last match (babyface vs babyface, naturally).
  21. I don't see either of them doing anything, but I saw another poster float the idea of them flanking Brock at some point and I thought that was a neat bit of fantasy booking. YMMV on the idea of bringing him in, but you can't say it wouldn't move the needle I suppose.
  22. Slightly off-topic total speculation: "Game On" and the very similar looking logo to WCW/NWO Revenge makes me think Rampage might be the title of the video game. They have the same person producing it from what I understand.
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