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  1. Maybe I overrate Black because it's a dope gimmick (I'm pretty simple to please, rip off as much Kevin Sullivan, 'Taker, Raven, and '97 Sting as you can, and I'm a happy camper; see also Wyatt, Bray) but I personally am of the opinion that if his back were healthy and he was mentally healthy and willing to work, he could have been slotted into a world title feud tomorrow and it would have worked fine.
  2. I took Claudio/Jericho (and though I can't cast one for her, my lady took Fenix/Jungle Boy FWIW). I was actually really, really, near-coin-flip close to going SIOG/Acclaimed, I'm pretty shocked it's not gotten one vote - maybe it was just the insanity of being there and getting sucked into every near fall and popping huge for the Lee rana and the Billy Gunn stuff. Still, I stand by my vote - 49.9999999999 to 50.0000000001
  3. "Dude. Dude. Dude? Yeah, you've got a point." has lived rent free in my head for 25 years, and I think I've only ever seen it in full twice
  4. Yeahhhhh, that's what it was. I think the other team was like, Yoko, Bulldog, Owen and someone else. My brain wants to say Vader but I know that isn't right at all, I think he was still with WCW for that.
  5. Agreed, wildly incongruous - it reminds me of that famous picture of Undertaker (from I think possibly the Intrepid?) where he's got the US flag sewn into the lining of the duster, like, what dude?
  6. Yes, which is why I found the earlier discussion about the "broken promises" portion of his statement kind of confusing - there's no way he couldn't have also been including WWE in that designation - how could TK be expected to push Black at any meaningful level when they have no idea what his availability is going to be? I love Black, I think it's a 10/10 gimmick and presentation and I dig the kicks and everything, but if he's using words like "debilitating" and "retirement" I completely understand why this run looked the way it did. Look at how many stop/starts there were with this endless Death Triangle - imagine if that was a world or other singles title program between Pac and Black? Nightmare situation.
  7. Butcher/Blade/Brody makes all the sense in the world and was *right* there. Almost actually mad I didn't think of it first - great idea @Craig H I'll also co-sign the hoss tourney/title. Not sure if it was you or not, but I've read the idea of a Brodie Lee memorial big boi tournament here a couple times, and though I get that it might be a little bit of overkill with the Owen having just wrapped, it's too good not to do. Honestly, even if it's just kind of a side attraction on Dark/Elevation/Rampage with only the finals on Dynamite/PPV it's just too good not to do. Also, I know I must have annoyed the shit out of everyone with how often I was saying this, but back when Brian Cage was Champion, my big agenda was to use the FTW title as the meat slappin' belt. I'm generally against any kind of weight limit (so FTW is good because you're not hamstrung by it) - A Cruiserweight title made sense back in the days when size was the default, so inversely, if the house style more geared toward your Darbys and Sammys and Bucks, it might make sense to do the opposite (though again I emphasize, I am firmly, firmly against any kind of formal weight division)
  8. The Festival of Friendship was the last great WWE heel turn, IMO. Very good shout on that one, @The Natural Re: Bobby Fish in Impact - I'm glad he's found somewhere to land, and agree with @(BP) that he was great in AEW around the time of the TNT title match - would have been a very good role for him even had they been unable to snatch up Cole/KOR. Speaking more broadly, I really wish that one of Impact/NWA/MLW/GCW would get their shit together well enough to be a true #3 in the U.S. It's been over three years since AEW started and not one of them have approached the status of, let's say ECW in '98/99 - pretty surprising to me given that you have guys like Don Callis and Billy Corgan at the helm who were there for the first go 'round. (I'm leaving NJPW/AAA/other foreign promotions out of it, because you almost can't count them with Visa issues - maybe I should get into watching Strong?) Edit: I've also been watching an Indy show on Pluto lately called PCW Ultra and there's a lot of familiar faces on that one - could maybe do a little damage with the right financial backing. Let's also not forget the Freddie Prince Jr thing, he's been awfully quiet lately.
  9. Random bit of fantasy signing/booking while I sit through yet another meeting that should've been an email: I would like to think that we're heading to Brody/Wardlow for the TNT title, but in the event they want to continue HOB as a trio (plus Julia) - what would you guys think about an all-hoss supergroup of Brody/Rowan/Damo?
  10. It was sort of funny to hear people justifying it to themselves on the way out, I heard a lot of "You already know who's winning..." and "It's not a big guy company" and things like that. I should also mention, I told my girlfriend earlier in the week we'd split after Sting's match (not expecting it to open) so the way I see it is that everything after that was a bonus anyway, and getting to see every match but one was a double mega bonus (again, all respect to Starks and Hobbs). We're going to two more shows in the next two months so I'll definitely catch one or both soon. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Big Show's ECW run was awesome! Jericho's been on fire lately, so he might very well surpass it, but if you asked me a year ago I'd have said Jericho should hope/wish to have a run as dope as The Extreme Giant.
  11. Can confirm. We were among those who left, and I was legit shocked at the amount of people who also did so. I felt absolutely terrible about it because I love both of em, but my better half and I both had work in the morning, and a long drive home ahead of us - I suspect many were in the same boat. Again, I must stress my guilt in doing so, but, man... after an hour drive, four hours in line, and another seven plus in the building, they could have sent Hogan vs Austin to the ring and I'd have still thought about going home
  12. Whoa, that's a pretty big drop. I know interest at this time last year was much higher with the various debuts, but that's almost halved. I did notice the upper decks were much more bare than last year, and that lines were moving much more quickly across the board, so I guess that tracks. I wonder if a lot of the crowd that came down from upstate NY and CT last year stayed home because they just had or are getting multiple dates soon (On the flip side of the coin, we met a guy who came from Germany for it). Another interesting thing is that I noticed way, way less kids than last time, so maybe parents/kids were staying home this year too. The Punk bullshit was also way too recent to have affected sales. I wonder if it's maybe just a combination of the show cooling off a little and people just being broke as hell right now. I mean, think about it, half the people showed up but it drew a higher gate than last year...
  13. SAME, that scared the shit out of us. I immediately thought of Chuck Austin (I think that's his name- the guy Marty Jannetty rocker dropped and he ended up paralyzed and suing and all that)
  14. Eh, don't feel too bad for us. Most of us got moved to better seats, and in the case of those who weren't, they were allowed to set up shop with folding chairs in the wheelchair rows (which being a tennis stadium, mostly had perfect sight lines to the floor) so honestly, it was a blessing in disguise in the end. I just felt badly I had to get into work mode and be so assertive with the first stadium employee (but trust me, his supervisor was *much* more helpful): https://files.catbox.moe/bajmd4.mp4
  15. I'll put up some actual good ones later (if anyone cares) but heres a pic of the view from our original seats. Look, I'm not generally one to complain IRL (I've only ever sent back a single meal in my life, a steak and eggs at Cracker Barrel that I asked for medium-rare, but was still mooing at me). That said, I think most people can agree this is a bit absurd: https://i.postimg.cc/R9NtGV8F/IMG-20220921-183210570.jpg (Having a little trouble embedding the image on mobile, I hope this link works, I googled a random imgur alternative)
  16. A Rampage spoiler I almost accidentally just clicked post on because I forgot on which show it happened thanks to $250 worth of Heineken (and boy did I enjoy those 3 beers):
  17. Great show. It didn't have quite the same near-Mania feel as last year going in, but most everything clicked perfectly live. I don't know if people realized this on TV or not, but they set up the stage on the opposite end this year - meaning the seats I bought for their impeccable view of the ring were now directly behind the KhanTron. Around 15-20 of us ended up having a pretty uncomfortably heated conversation with stadium staff (with myself, a really cool, older Italian dude from Brooklyn, and a real tough lady from Rhode Island leading the charge) and finally convinced them to move us, but for a little bit, it was a real tough situation with the stadium telling us to call Ticketmaster, and then Ticketmaster telling us to call AEW... From where we DID end up sitting, we could actually see slightly into Gorilla, so it was really cool for our section because we caught Saraya going up the stairs to the stage, so we got a solid 15-20 seconds of "Was that Paige? Dude, that's fuckin' Paige!" in before the music hit. Absolutely unglued. Just a massive reaction, and after some of the things she's been through, I couldn't be happier for that woman. Hope she went to Sting's orthopaedist. Speaking of which, I've seen Sting manage once, and wrestle twice now! Didn't even think I'd get one of those in, so I continue to be in awe of that guy, and am just beyond grateful for this run. Edit: I want to also shout out the three guys sitting behind me, they were way into Serena during the fatal four way, and we had a great time cheering for her. I had an awesome time, met a lot of cool people, and saw some fantastic matches and historic moments - but five hours is a long one. 12:30-1:00 on a Wednesday is a super tall order. I think they need to revisit their taping schedule and do Rampage first (and edit some backstage segments in later for results affected by Dynamite) or explore the cost of doing more frequent standalone Elevation/Rampage tapings in smaller venues, like they're doing next month up in Connecticut. Reactions of the night: 1) Saraya 2) The Acclaimed 3) You should watch Rampage this week.
  18. Re: Moxley vs Danielson, I'm really stoked to be seeing this one. The last few weeks have been fucking miserable at times, but they stumbled on to a damn fine story here with it being both an eagerly awaited rematch from Revolution and it being exactly a year from Bryan's debut v Omega, so I cannot wait to see where we go from here. I can't remember who said this or where, so if it's one of you guys, feel free to pipe up: I read a kick ass idea this past week about how Danielson should win the match, but be upset with Moxley for not displaying the necessary BCC killer instinct and going after the injured ankle despite the fact they're teammates, so you have an out with Moxley basically losing to his own sense of loyalty. I thought that was absolutely brilliant and really hope that's what happens
  19. So what you're saying is that the big surprise is THE NATIVE AMERICAN TATANKA!!
  20. That must've come from somewhere because I heard elbow too, then ankle, then... yeah.
  21. Certainly, there's another parallel conversation to be had there about us fans' sense of entitlement, which I personally think was more at play with that one, but I also in a way can't blame anyone who went digging because I truly don't think anyone could have imagined what was to come. Also, and I'm not placing any blame on the guy whatsoever because it was obviously both truthful and unintentional, but Dave saying it was a "state secret" instead of "no update" or something probably fanned the flames on said digging at least somewhat
  22. It's certainly memorable, that I will say. He had so many great matches with Regal, Finlay, etc. but my first inclination was to ask if fighting Austin at the grocery store would count. Secondary to that, I remember really, really liking his TV title mini-program in early '98 with Rick Martel but I can't remember if Superbrawl was the best one, or if they had better on TV
  23. We're broke, but same story here. Endearing is definitely the word.
  24. Hype levels are through the God damn roof. At first, I wasn't as pumped as last year (it's hard to top Danielson's debut and getting to see Sting wrestle live for the very first time) but the closer we get to showtime, the more I'm getting swept up in things. If Grand Slam is Christmas, I'm now out of the "Jingle Bell Rock fucking again? It's only October!" phase, and into the "It's Black Friday, let's pop a bottle and decorate the tree!" phase.
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