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  1. Early TNA was pretty good...wrote recaps etc. for a couple years. Then Hogan showed up.
  2. Awesome. This middle school has a wrestling club and Sasha stopped by to hang out.
  3. SHOULD Balor and AJ have helped? They arent gonna touch Rhea... Nor should they. They need Morgan to handle her own feud
  4. There was some good stuff between Bianca and Asuka while it lasted. Hopefully they get a full match soon
  5. We just got back from the show a bit ago. Hey we had a great time! We had low expectations but I felt everything delivered. I think the stip to Ronda and Charlotte helped a ton.. Everyone in my section was on their feet for most of Seth vs. Cody, Ronda vs. Charlotte and Bloodline vs. Rko Bro and McIntyre. Nice to see something cool for Rhea Ripley to do also.. We had a lot of fun tonight
  6. Their face paint is from the movie Dead Presidents. A lot of people in my age group or thereabouts watched the movie a million times.. it's awesome but Tony Schiavone did mention it on air a couple times noting the paint was Dead Presidents inspired.
  7. We can certainly look at other Wednesdays but I think looking bigger picture, AEW has hit a ceiling at the moment and that's not a terrible thing they are still doing great in the demos but I'm wondering have they hit a ceiling because that's just the nature of TV in 2022 now or are there things that Tony can do better to continue their national growth. We used to say (or probably still do) whenever Vince would have something dumb on RAW that he's booking for an audience of one. I don't think Tony is booking for an audience of one but there's examples such as last night's main event where I'm asking "who is this for?". I watch more wrestling than 90% of all people and I know it wasn't for me. Not that it was a bad match. There's other performers where I can see a wide audience loving them (The Acclaimed, Jade and the Baddies, Team Tazz, etc) that aren't featured a lot or are on Rampage more and I'm wondering does Tony see how popular they could become if given more opportunity. Dynamite most weeks is a great show, I'm not saying it isn't I much prefer it to every other wrestling show out there.
  8. I don't know if I'd say casual but are there a million people who know who Danhausen is/was or are going to know Mercedes Martinez and Deonna or care about their ROH title unification with no build? I'd say very unlikely.. That's not the theory.. Dave is suggesting the NBA playoffs took viewers away from AEW. Wasn't a Boston vs. Brooklyn game on a Wednesday night which did a much higher number of viewers last round and yet AEW was well over 900k? I don't necessarily believe AEW can't do close to a million or over vs. The NBA playoffs.. I think Tony just needs to book his stars a little better and maybe put some other things on the YouTube shows.
  9. You are citing "crowd reactions" when I'm talking about a national audience. The two aren't going to be the same. There's people watching at home who will never attend a show. Tony still needs to book for those people as well.
  10. I have to push back a bit on Dave's NBA playoffs theory. The 76ers and Heat series is about the least interesting series going on right now and neither have that big of a fan base. Some will disagree but I think Tony has booked too far towards a niche of a niche with some things.. Take Danhausen for instance. He was a popular character for a small group of people but you bring it to a national audience and people don't get it.. it's not explained.. people are just left wondering what the hell is this?? You book an ROH women's title unification match between one relative unknown to a national audience and another who had a cup of coffee in NXT and there's no build to it.. you kind of deserve to lose 100k viewers. They have Bryan Danielson and Mox in a stable with Regal, Sting with Darby, CM Punk, Undisputed Era, Keith Lee, Swerve, MJF and Wardlow, cool little factions like Team Tazz and tag teams that can get over with a national audience like The Acclaimed, Jade Cargill and the baddies etc.. and almost none of these people have anything interesting going on, some do but a lot don't.. they have an embarrassment of riches and they do nothing with a lot of them. Why is the TNT title centered around Dan Lambert? Why is Jade in so many non-factor feuds? Why is JE still the tag champs when there's a handful of teams more over than they are? At some point you need to book towards what most people are going to be interested in. An ROH women's title match isn't going to cut it, this is TNT.. not public access.
  11. I'm confused. They built up a title unification match for weeks because Roman told The Usos they needed more gold and now he changes his mind overnight? Why? I guess the bigger question is why did creative change their minds. I want the unification to happen because having two tag titles sucks
  12. Not really... 1996 was Shawn as the "ace". 1997 was Bret vs. SCSA... and w/o that feud... WWE would be dead.
  13. AJ Styles #2 N.A. from 2000 on... just below Bryan.
  14. He who shall not be named. Never cared about much but the matches... he had tons and tons of great great matches.
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