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  1. in another case of WWE absolutely fucking sucks at booking.... instead of Bianca getting a much needed win here... Charlotte gets DQ'd and now i'm almost certain they are doing a lame ass women's belt swap. Garbage. Protect Charlotte though.
  2. The cinematography is un fucking believable. Matt Reeves is bringing Fincher to superhero pics and i'm here for it.
  3. Yeah of course it's just that Meltzer and others made it seem like a huge deal and i just don't see many WWE personnel treating as such
  4. That doesn't mean it makes sense. The company has a ranking system. At some point you can't continue to protect everyone from a loss. Yes, 50/50 booking is trash but they are trying to protect Bryan, Punk, Mox, Miro, Wardlow, Christian, Cole.. People have to lose sometimes.
  5. i could see there being an upset. i was at the Boston show where Private Party beat Young Bucks. Great moment.
  6. brackets don't do it for me. Bryan vs. Dustin will be fantastic but there's some glaring omissions in the tournament. You could argue maybe Punk doesn't have enough wins yet but there's no real legitimate reason to not have Christian or Miro in the tournament. Their non-kayfabe reasoning is to protect them but in a promotion with a clear ranking system i'm not sure it actually makes sense.
  7. love the trailer. i don't want jokes and i love long running times on my movies.
  8. Were the wrestlers actually held hostage? Seems far fetched at this point considering two years later everyone is fired up to go over there.
  9. Not sure i understand the placement but Bryan vs. Suzuki tore the fucking house down!! Holy shit that was great stuff but it all clicked the brutality but also the psychology of it... awesome stuff.. Should have probably been on TNT but 100k live viewers on YouTube seems like a good number too. The main event was a lot of fun... JDS did not really suck he was ok. Page Van Zant should have been signed a contract yesterday. She has a star presence and legit background come on Tony make the offer.
  10. Sasha vs. Becky was one of the best TV matches of the year. PPV quality. Show seemed ok overall.. heard that the tag title match was good but was watching Bryan vs. Suzuki at that point..
  11. Watched Halloween kills this evening. i liked the kills and some of the concepts but the end of the movie left a bad taste in my mouth.
  12. i may actually like this show to some degree. it has a lot of horrible stuff too but the melo cash in was well done.. i like Bron, Diamond Mine, Toxic Attraction, maybe Tony and maybe Lash.. it's entertaining for now while everything is still so new
  13. i was wondering why the crowd was so dead and then i read they only sold 3000 tickets for the show. Might as well just go back to the Thunderdome
  14. Rampage need to be a live show i feel. it's been a good show but the timeslot is not that great so at least make it live and give off the impression that anything can happen.
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