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  1. Or Roman and the Usos are in the ring talking their shit and the beat drops and out comes The Hurt Business. But sometimes Vince hates money.
  2. Nobody knows how deep Tony's pockets are. There was this rumor that AEW spent their reserves on Big Show. Well since then they've signed Andrade, Black, Thunder Rosa and maybe a couple other huge signings in the works. The truth is Tony is a billionaire and only he knows what the ceiling is.
  3. Everyone will want to fantasy book with Dark Order in mind but first we need to see where he's at mentally. One thing you can say is he knows how to move merchandise. Tony would consider him just based on that alone..
  4. i believe in striking when the iron's hot and the crowd is red hot on Cowboy. They don't need to pull the trigger now but soon. Don't pull a WWE.
  5. it depends whether or not you count the ESPYs as kayfabe because they showed the two of them partying together at the event.
  6. Everyone seen it coming a mile away. '91 Jake saw it coming. But damn if it wasn't executed perfectly. Bianca vs. Sasha is magic. But also.. what a great babyface team they were too.
  7. There's some real momentum building here. Both in TV viewership and Ticket sales along with other revenue streams opening up. Some people called Tony a mark for the business but they forgot that he's a successful businessman before anything else.
  8. Warner Bros. loved the show and clearly didn't give a shit how bloody it was.
  9. if you are going to book Gage then you gotta go full Gage and i think AEW got pretty close to that as much as TNT would allow. it was entertaining. Now.. onto the announcement. Rampage August 20th @ United Center in Chicago. Darby dropping hints. it's happening.... it's gonna happen.
  10. 98% after 55 reviews. i was expecting good reviews but these are fantastic so far
  11. That's been the plan. Have her get to 17... share a moment with Ric and then... who knows. it's as uninspiring of a long game as it gets.
  12. The Charlotte push is several times worse than HHH in 2003.
  13. Came here to post the same picture. Amazing stuff.
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