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  1. Maybe.. saw her w/ some Death Row Records gear recently. Snoop bought Death Row.
  2. She spent 11 grand. That's not an NXT contract any longer. She's gotten paid.
  3. BTW.. on Morgan. Can't really blame HHH for SummerSlam. Morgan doesn't wrestle believable enough vs. Ronda. They had to do a Dusty.
  4. Good show. Not groundbreaking but just a very well booked show with tons of in-ring action. Lots of stories progressed in natural, simplistic ways.. The U.S. title montage putting over the history of the belt was a nice touch. Both triple threats and AJ Styles vs. Ciampa were good. Montez Ford vs. Seth Rollins was good but short. Skye vs. Bianca was really damn good too.. Bayley's stable has potential. Triple H had his fingerprints all over the show. 3 hours is always gonna be too long.
  5. There's some unreliable sources saying Hunter has come to an agreement
  6. The tractor visual was classic. You have to admit that.. That was awesome.
  7. Good show. Started off red hot with a really good Bianca vs. Lynch match, Bianca hit a wild Spanish fly into the finish I got out my seat for that ! Then Bayley!! What is this Dakota back and Io called up, new stable!!! The middle portion of the show was hit or miss but booked fairly well. Last Man Standing turned into a great spectacle. Slow start but my God the tractor spot was ridiculous! Can't believe Roman did that.. incredible Couple other notes, Michael Cole was on fire. Dissing Graves all night, references to matches from 30 years ago..called a great main event, "what is this man made of!!!" He was great and also threw a lil shade on Vince. Triple H had some fingerprints on the show for sure. Loved the impromptu promo from Drew that was a callback. I'm satisfied with this.
  8. That can be all true but to me.. if Hunter wants a man/woman.. he'll get them.
  9. Had a Netflix sub for over a decade. That ended the other day. Also canceled Paramount+ for now. Current subs: YouTube TV/Disney+/HBO Max/Amazon Prime/Peacock for a grand total of $143/month
  10. No.. that's true but Steph's also a co-CEO. Hunter gonna have a lot of pull also on that end.
  11. Sorry to say.. Bate and Gresham are SHORT.. that's a problem when you always have to be an underdog.
  12. He had time today. Agreed on all counts.
  13. The card is insane. Fully expect FTR and Briscoes to tear the house down in one of my favorite tag team match types. 2 out of 3 falls. This gonna be $50?
  14. Goodness. Let's all be thankful we aren't going to see the back up plan. Great piece on The Ringer by the way! (Top 20 Barbed Wire Matches). Read it last night.
  15. That could very well be what happened but now that Lesnar showed up there will be wrestlers themselves calling everyone marksss and Sapp/Bryan are already going at it with trolls. it's all....weird.
  16. There's also recently been reports from these same outlets of WWE leaking BS rumors. it's possible they worked the sheets as they've done so (or been accused of) before. Maybe.. maybe not.
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