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  1. Vince changing his mind like the weather Lol. Wow his buyout probably wasn't cheap but when you are inking billion dollar TV deals it doesn't matter much.
  2. kofi beats the champ last week doesn't receive a title match. instead Drew gets another shot at reclaiming the #1 contender spot. asuka beats the #1 contender last week doesn't receive a title match. instead Charlotte gets another match with her and then receives a title match after. Dumb... it's all dumb...
  3. i didn't have a lot of interaction with him but he was a great guy from what i knew. Very sad news.
  4. The discussion here tells me i don't need to watch RAW this week. Sounds like complete garbage.
  5. Garbage. i guess shitbags like Arsenal rather run away than manage the team well.
  6. i hope they get new gear.... woof. Pretty bad show overall.
  7. The last time they were in Dallas they were struggling to get that place filled and Shane McMahon of all people ended up helping the sales. 100,000 is A LOT of people.. it'd be one thing if it was a regular 60,000 that's doable just off the name alone.
  8. You guys do realize there's a better chance of them bringing over Drew in the draft to beat Roman than the Big E story? Since we wanna discuss what's realistic. i love Big E. Don't get your hopes up..
  9. How about the "Head of the Table" story writes itself and would sell a billion tickets and PPVs and everyone would be glued to the TV screen? Nobody said he's gotta go over... There's a time and a place for part timers that's the one instance where it'd be perfect. Much better than people wanting CM Punk back for no reason at all.
  10. Roman should go on a very lengthy reign anyway. Establish him as near impossible to beat so when someone does it's a huge moment. Big E could be the guy to do it, i'm not suggesting Dwayne win. But it's a ready made showdown.
  11. Roman beats him too. The match should happen with Roman going over not the other way around. i agree that Big E is a great candidate to be the guy that goes over. Also.. WWE video team is still the best. Made these feuds seem epic when in reality most of the TV was trash.
  12. Sometimes the best answer is: Do nothing. They shouldn't do anything with Roman. Build up challengers and have him mow them down. Cesaro and Big E are both good candidates to be elevated but fall short. The Rock HAS to happen. That is a 100,000 AT&T Stadium match.
  13. Couple things.. i'm pretty sure Rhea is a face. i realize she turned on Asuka but to me that was one of those standard WWE "babyface being a dick" turns. Also.. Lashley has been in a tweener role. You could argue flat out heel but he seems to want to destroy everyone.
  14. Night 1 was definitely better. Roman vs. The Rock for "Head of the Table" needs to happen dammit.
  15. Probably unfair to call tonight a "One Match Show" but i felt only the main event really kicked it up a notch... Tremendous match and i usually hate triple threats.
  16. well that's all dependent on how much gasoline..
  17. Probably but this is a legitimate question. When they are brought up they should probably be pushed. When Becky and Charlotte come back they should probably also receive some sort of push.. i have long been an advocate of more women's feuds that don't revolve around the title but i don't know if that qualifies as being elevated. it's hard for me to envision a situation where they are giving Dana and Lana more title matches. You got guys like Drew Gulak who barely get on a show or Ricochet stuck in catering. if they aren't viewed as viable talents worthy of more air time then who is..
  18. Booking aside.. it's the same as the men. There's a lot of talent up top and a lot down in NXT. When you bring up talent from NXT it creates even more of a logjam.
  19. So what's the plan with io Sharai, Toni Storm, Raquel Gonzalez?
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