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  1. Who were those 2 masked guys that came out as 1 entrant? The Sentai Death Squad I think they were called. Because they were terrible. Both looked like it was the very first time they had ever been in a ring.
  2. These 4 could probably still work a hell of a tag match.
  3. The Mariners have released Rafael Montero.
  4. If anyone's interested Kevin Smith's new Masters of the Universe series is premiering today on Netflix.
  5. https://twitter.com/ernTHECATmiller/status/1227053081772384256?s=20 ugh. Didn't embed. Anyway if that doesn't sum up how great Ernest Miller was, I don't know what will
  6. Ernest Miller was tremendous at talking shit. My friends and I still laugh about the NWO sending out Scott Norton when Miller was yelling for someone to come fight him.
  7. Washington state as a whole has finally hit the 70% vaccination mark but most of the people around me still haven't gotten it. My girlfriend and I (as well as both her parents) are vaccinated but my sister, her husband and all 4 of their kids (as well as 3 out of my 4 coworkers) still haven't gotten it. Despite the fact that every Safeway, Walmart, Kroeger, Walgreens and Rite Aid in the area have signs up practically begging people to come get the shot. And of course they all have some BS excuse for not getting it.
  8. Am I the only one who's disappointed that it's been 2 months since this post and J.T. hasn't posted a pic of his new suit (which I really want to believe included a Mark Henry-esque salmon jacket)
  9. Da Dark Order is all da people need to know
  10. Against a young, mulleted Steve Blackman no less
  11. Not really. He teamed with Chuck Taylor and OC in a trios match against the HFO
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