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  1. Because the person in charge of it is a 75 year old cocaine addict who sleeps 2 hours a night and has (likely) had multiple undiagnosed concussions
  2. In honor of Andre's birthday here is he and Baba back from the dead to claim your souls:
  3. Only thing I can think is that maybe they wanna save Blood & Guts as a ratings grab for Dynamite?
  4. Question for the Brits who post here. I recently was watching the terrific BBC adaptation of "And Then There Were None" from 5 or 6 years ago and in it Lombard keeps referring to Blore as "Tubs" after everyone learns Blore is a cop. I know that's not from the book as I've read the book several times. Is it some kind of british slang? I don't think it's meant to mock Blore's weight as the character was being played by Burn Gorman who is like 160 pounds (and he even says at one point something like "Stop calling me that I'm not even fat").
  5. I'm pretty sure if Sasha wants to get into showbiz full time she just needs to call her uncle and have him hook her up with a few of the right people.
  6. When did Gorilla use any word correctly? The man was a fountain of misinformation.
  7. That sounds like a word Gorilla Monsoon would have used.
  8. Don't go giving Vince the idea to start yet another football league
  9. The Cultists won't attack until you complete "The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller" iirc
  10. Whether or not it's shit, one thing will be certain: Lance Reddick will be good in it.
  11. Mariners finally put Kelenic out of his misery and sent him down to AAA.
  12. I'll forever have a soft spot for Fred Ward because of Tremors.
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