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  1. I remember when Pillman died, there was a rumor making the rounds that he had faked his death and would come back at some point. I guess Pillman, Tupac and Elvis are all just waiting for the right moment.
  2. D.K. Metcalf particpated in the 100m race today at the USATF Golden Games. He finished 15th overall, but had a respectable 10.37 time. Keep in mind this is a 6'3, 235 pound man.
  3. They're gonna change the name to Cody or Nothing
  4. 6 man. Pillman Jr and a couple local guys vs Liger and a couple NJPW USA young lions
  5. Same here. I met him at a DEFY show where he was gonna face Liger, and he was a super nice dude.
  6. This makes me think of that story during spring training about how Pujols lied about his age: https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/former-mlb-exec-albert-pujols-age/1munpjji15ukb1w1jj1o05kjhc "One time Andrelton Simmons came in here. I said 'Andrelton, you play with Albert Pujols. Just between you and me how old is he really?' You know what he said? Albert Pujols 137 years old!"
  7. Does anyone know what family he leaves behind other than his wife?
  8. As I recall it was totally out of left field. I mean the announcers did talk about Horowitz losing all the time but that was hardly unheard of.
  10. Harley had lived on this earth for 48 years at that point, yes. But his body was actually 75 years old.
  11. Damn. I traded messages with him a few times over the years (not to the extent that some of you did though) and he was always super cool to chat with. I remember him mentioning that Mark Lewin owned a restaurant in Everett, Wa and when I told him that while I knew Lewin's name he was a bit before my time John sent me a LOOOOOONG history of Mark Lewin. Rest in peace to a hell of a good dude
  12. Show Jake clean and sober, enjoying a healthy relationship with his kids and grandkids
  13. I loved Slott's She-Hulk run. I still have the entire thing.
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