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  1. Aww man. I hope he pulls through. He was at a TNA house show I went to back in the day and seemd like a real nice guy. Was chatting with fans, taking pics, etc
  2. He was awesome in Homicide: Life on the Street too. And he had a great guest spot on Law & Order where he played a judge with alzheimers.
  3. "Hey Kinzie, wanna fuck?" makes me laugh every damn time
  4. What the hell is with all these fake uploads of the Warrior episode on Youtube?
  5. I know Jungle Boy is gonna lose but god damn I'm looking forward to him vs Omega
  6. I believe it's when the home is sold for less than what the outstanding balance on the mortgage is
  7. It's a Zack Snyder movie. What did you expect?
  8. So as some may know/remember, my mom passed away back in December. She had been unwell for a long time as she had been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma 2 years previously and had suffered a stroke 5 years prior that left her unable to use the left side of her body as easily as she could her right. So she needed a lot of care after my dad died. I moved in with her to care for her because it was just her and my oldest nephew, Caleb and I didn't think it fair to ask a teenager (he would have been 17 when she had her stroke) to provide in home care. For the first few years she managed for the most
  9. Paul Mooney's rant on Chappelle's Show about Tom Cruise starring in "The Last Samurai" always makes me laugh loudly.
  10. I'll throw out a recommendation for KA. Took my girl to see it last time we were in Vegas and enjoyed it a lot
  11. I get a kick out of how Gertner tells Awesome "Good luck, you're gonna need it" then gets the hell out of dodge. Also that pop for New Jack. I forgot how over he was in ECW
  12. I eagerly await people freaking out when they realize that the CDC doesn't actually make laws and that mask mandates are still in effect in lots of areas.
  13. I'm still wearing my mask after. I don't trust other people.
  14. Got my 1st shot (Moderna) a week ago. Second one is scheduled for June 1st.
  15. I remember when Pillman died, there was a rumor making the rounds that he had faked his death and would come back at some point. I guess Pillman, Tupac and Elvis are all just waiting for the right moment.
  16. D.K. Metcalf particpated in the 100m race today at the USATF Golden Games. He finished 15th overall, but had a respectable 10.37 time. Keep in mind this is a 6'3, 235 pound man.
  17. They're gonna change the name to Cody or Nothing
  18. 6 man. Pillman Jr and a couple local guys vs Liger and a couple NJPW USA young lions
  19. Same here. I met him at a DEFY show where he was gonna face Liger, and he was a super nice dude.
  20. This makes me think of that story during spring training about how Pujols lied about his age: https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/former-mlb-exec-albert-pujols-age/1munpjji15ukb1w1jj1o05kjhc "One time Andrelton Simmons came in here. I said 'Andrelton, you play with Albert Pujols. Just between you and me how old is he really?' You know what he said? Albert Pujols 137 years old!"
  21. Does anyone know what family he leaves behind other than his wife?
  22. As I recall it was totally out of left field. I mean the announcers did talk about Horowitz losing all the time but that was hardly unheard of.
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