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  1. Would that I could issue multiple likes.
  2. Fair point, and maybe "Jericho can't win" was too exaggerated. But the point was, if the heel can pick literally any stipulation, they could come up with something a lot more one-sided than "The heel is allowed to do one thing that the face isn't". And given what a contemptible little shit MJF is supposed to be, why wouldn't he?
  3. Yeah, I've been meaning to write a mini-rant about how the booking - or lack of booking - on the women's side is still pretty bad. Maybe I'll post that in the July thread later.
  4. Lost amongst the general positivity regarding tonight's show is that the "Elite Hunter" is now 0-2 in matches against the Elite. I'm not saying Frankie Kazarian should be a main event player, but I have no idea why they'd job him out to The Elite B Team. The post-match angle would have worked just as well if Kazarian had won. And speaking of the B Team, why did Gallows and Anderson come out wearing title belts? What titles could those goobers possibly hold? The Born To Midcard Championships?
  5. This thought saddens me to the core, but given how ineffective AEW has made its refs you're probably right. See, I don't like that, because the simpler stip of flat-out banning the face's finisher or favourite move is the sort of mildly clever thing I alluded to. It technically applies to both competitors equally but obviously hampers the face more. (Bonus points if the heel hits the move anyway while the ref is distracted, of course.)
  6. But Tony Khan is okay with something as one-sided as "one guy can use a chair"? I'm pretty sure "Shawn Spears and only Shawn Spears can use a chair" was not a pre-existing match type.
  7. Yeah, that stipulation only works if there's at least an unstated assumption that the rules have to apply equally to both competitors. That would still let the heel stack the deck, but they'd have to be slightly clever about it. Otherwise, why not just make the final labour a "Jericho can't win" match?
  8. I, Robot is an anthology of previously published short stories with a framing device added to turn them into a novel. I haven't read it either, but I've read at least some of the stories that composed it. Asimov's Robot stories are generally thoughtful explorations of the implications of creating a thinking machine, and generally come to the conclusion that if you make something that's more intelligent and more logical than a human being, you're inevitably going to wind up with something more moral than a human being too. I, Robot: the Movie was... not that, as I recall. Also, turning Susan Calvin into Generic Action Movie Love Interest was pretty awful.
  9. It's a ten years and a few months old, but:
  10. Godfather vs Viscera could be a main event in any arena in the country!
  11. To be fair, he probably doesn't have a financial stake in Hardy either.
  12. But that would require them to job, something they never do. Colton's AEW career record is something like 22-0.
  13. I'm not going to click through to the actual article, but are we certain he said it as a brag and not an apology?
  14. So here's a thought. Lots of people feel AEW's roster is too large, but unanimity on who exactly should be cut seems hard to come by. So with that said - is there anybody out there willing to stand up for the Gunn Club as a useful part of the roster?
  15. I imagine it was a matter of managing expectations. They wanted to make it clear that the second show was pretty much just an extension of Dark.
  16. Well, a trademark can be struck down if it's deemed confusingly similar to an existing trademark. Whether a judge would find "Malachai Black" confusingly similar to "Aleister Black" I have no idea.
  17. Maybe, but if so maybe he should have communicated to viewers that such a video existed, rather than seemingly pulling the new name from thin air.
  18. Talking up Championship Wrestling from Florida in a diatribe that was otherwise pure heeling was an odd choice, Excalibur psychically intuiting Tommy End's new name was pretty weird too, and the Dark Order looked ridiculous being taken out by Nakazawa and the Good Brothers. But those are nitpicks. Good show overall.
  19. Robespierre was known as "The Incorruptible". Was this Doyle guy worse than him?
  20. Has there been a mixed tag on Dynamite before? I can't recall.
  21. <Pedant>It's a mixed tag, not an intergender match.</Pedant>
  22. Bigger shout-out to Microsoft if the patch had actually worked.
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