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  1. I am a new light Warlock who really enjoys the game. I liked the game enough to get all the content so there's a lot for me to do. I didn't play the original Destiny so to understand the story, YouTube has been my friend. Gambit is fine now that I understand how to play. I like the difference between strikes and lost sectors. I have not tried the pvp mode yet or raids because I needed to learn how to gear for them. Jumping puzzles can kiss my ass though. Also who thought it was a good idea to just throw you into Dares of Eternity with no warning. It's a fun game mode but weird decision making there. Being able to solo the strike that you do to get Malfeasance is one of my proudest gaming moments. That thing was very hard but I made it. I've come a long way in three weeks. Looking forward to Witch Queen.
  2. I got Hades on the black Friday sale. Excited to jump into that. Wish I had gotten Guardians too but I assume I will be busy for awhile.
  3. Something I've been wondering for awhile, does Rey Mysterio have a claim to be the GOAT?
  4. I am glad I didn't wait to order the ppv. It took a bit to figure out how to get the show on my roku but it looks like we're good to go here. I can't wait!
  5. What a shit week for the Best Friends crew.
  6. This is amazing. All your CB's are belong to us. Horn, Gilmore, Jackson, Henderson, Bouye is already the best DB group we've ever had. Tampa isn't getting any secondary help if we can help it. With Shaq Thompson out I wouldn't be surprised if the Panthers weren't at least trying to get Smith as well. I only wish we had more than one offensive lineman worth a damn but GMSF has only had a short time with the club. It's nice having a real GM.
  7. I'm sorry this can't be true. Jacksonville would never actually do this right? Wasn't Henderson a top ten pick not that long ago? Is it Christmas already? Eventually Horn, Henderson, and Jackson? Pants freeeeeeeeeeeee!
  8. Sam Darnold...is good? What is this feeling...is this what joy feels like?
  9. The show is so great to me because we are seeing how happy it's made everyone. It's insane the stretch we've had since Punk debuted to now and it feels like a huge malaise has been lifted off the wrestling community. This smile won't leave my face!
  10. Watching this on delay and I just finished the UK Championship match. Ilja earned the hell out of that title. I felt like he as a character would not have mentally come back if he lost. It was great storytelling and I was actually disappointed that the match had to end. Fantastic work from both men. The mat truly is sacred.
  11. A FTK stable of Mox, Rhodes, and Page would be off the charts. Three new dads beating the shit out of people because they got no sleep is 10/10.
  12. I see that Fire Pro is on sale on PSN and I am interested. Just wanted to ask here first is it a good game?
  13. Is there something wrong with the AEW ropes? PAC looks more unsteady on the top here than I ever saw in WWE.
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