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  1. Budget cuts? Pfft. Well it's a good thing that they had enough budget to pay Logan Paul and send him a private jet just to come to Smackdown.
  2. Yes. Thank you. Damn phone is being stupid again.
  3. Falcons eyeing free agents like: Btw let me know if the image is too big. I'm on mobile and I can't tell.
  4. Edit. AND a double post. Yep definitely time for glasses.
  5. Edit. Wrong frickin thread again.
  6. Edit: Crap. Didn't turn out the way I thought it would.
  7. I'm black and I also think it's unlistenable garbage.
  8. Let's try this again. https://www.nfl.com/news/falcons-agree-to-terms-with-titans-oc-arthur-smith-as-new-head-coach He has to be better than Quinn right? Right??
  9. Add one more to the list. This shit is unacceptable. You're not alone in that thinking. I just wish we were wrong on that line of thought. I guess 2020 was just the tutorial after all.
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