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  1. It was, but Ric needed the money and how else am I going to make sure Vince sees my suggestions?
  2. Glad your girlfriend was able to get through to someone reachable, Brian. I often worry that there are so few reachable left, so I’m happy to hear stories like that.
  3. I'm not endorsing any such thing, including the perspective of the post of Bryan's you quoted. But "if the heel gets people riled up, it's good heel work" is so deeply baked into stupid wrestling discourse that I'd think captain "understand where people are coming from" would have a better way of engaging with such ideas than essentially saying "you're a drooling fucking oaf" and moving along. But it seems some people who want to mouth off about who is and isn't being condescending think their perspective is so high and mighty that their own rules don't apply. Anyway, keep calling people condescending and "ghoulish" while casually telling others to fuck off at an impressive rate. All the better to make clear what your advice on such matters is worth.
  4. "When you interact with people in these discussions, you're incredibly cynical and condescending. You could try cutting that out and maybe try empathizing to understand where people are coming from instead of shitting on them. I suspect you already know this though and have little interest in doing so because acting in the former allows you to draw or troll people into arguments and fights. I'd hope that's not the case."
  5. A lot of people are saying Cody should win it from Miro and re-name it the USA championship.
  6. Rad. Edit: with regard to Cult Of Personality
  7. That show was depressing to watch in general, but that was the biggest “this would have HIT with a live audience” moment of that weekend.
  8. Would have been headline news if it was Nick Cage. Night, @Octopus!
  9. The name on the contract does say Rhodes. However...
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