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  1. It’s good that you’re spreading it out over multiple sittings. Don’t put yourself through too much at once.
  2. Final season of Bosch Premieres June 25 on Amazon. Reminder that Titus Welliver will reprise the role in the IMDb TV spinoff.
  3. Cody is above the title. Cody is above the main event. Cody is AEW's raison d'être.
  4. They announced Blood & Guts on April 7 IIRC. Jim Ross was talking publicly two weeks later about getting back on the road in July. Even if they didn't know exactly when, I'll go out on the limb and assume they knew they were close. I think everyone is aware of the specific limitations of running the match in Daily's Place. I just disagree with the notion that running the match there and now and in that way was a necessity. And I'm glad you won't fight me on that. And to be perfectly clear, I'm not even arguing that the match should have been on PPV. I just think they made a choice to
  5. They always had a choice of when to run it, even if it were a couple months from now when they're touring again. How they formatted last week's TV was only a necessity once they made that choice, I think most people understand that.
  6. While this is all fair and logical, they did originally plan to do Blood & Guts on Dynamite when they were still touring. So they always conceived of it as something to run on TV.
  7. I take the tie as an indication he'll be running as an independent? I hope he managed to get past experiencing "sheer confusion" about what to do during the national anthem.
  8. On a show where we’re getting a full house, I’d prefer whichever format involves them the most.
  9. They’re in the process of hearing him up coming out of the Arcade match. Finally. And it’s great. Stay hot, Miro. Hope he rides the not-a-midcard-title to better things.
  10. He’s been playing in lawnmower land too long for this to feel like an urgent need. This company would do well to learn about what you’re supposed to do while an iron’s hot.
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