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  1. Or maybe AEW main eventers might get positive treatment similar to an AJ or a Joe or a KO or a Cody. There are too many counter examples and and too much inconsistency to always worry about the worst case scenario. Especially when their broadcast partners have expressed interest in MJF specifically off of what they’ve seen on AEW TV.
  2. It depends which WWE rejects we're talking about. Shannon Moore and Orlando Jordan? Sure, but it's not like they were ever more than marginal midcard guys, so it's hardly the greatest blunder in the world to take a flyer on them? But Christian, Angle, the Dudleys, the Hardys, Booker, etc? Those are all assets to a promotion. There could have been perhaps better balance between those types and Sting and the "homegrown" guys, but the idea that bringing in former WWE or WCW guys with name value was one of their most significant undoings has never squared with me. There's a more competent hypothetical version of TNA that could have made those big acquisitions even bigger positives while maintaining a strong "homegrown" core. AEW's doing just fine on that front right now, disproving the notion that loading up on former WWE guys will be detrimental to a company's image or growth. I like TNA a lot both for the quality of work it produced, the guys it gave a platform to, and, as EVA alluded to, the weird, fun, misshapen failures that are far more interesting than some of the more sterile alternatives out there. I remember the Spike TV days and prior surprisingly fondly.
  3. A credit to them on the Scorpio push, I'm surprisingly into the TNT title match on this show. It's not a huge match, but it's got two very competent vets, history as Matt pointed out, and the possibility of the weird Sammy/Tay stuff bleeding into it. Maybe an ideal major B-show main event. Something with Sammy vs Scorpio in SoCal in a few weeks will probably get some nuclear audience buy-in.
  4. I see this a lot, and I think the case is overstated. Yeah, he gets to riff and have less of a filter in AEW. But the idea that he can't make it work a little cleaner with a script doesn't track for me. I don't buy that the limitations would hinder his talent from making things work. This as always comes to the usual caveat of how hard they want to commit to an act.
  5. "They" meaning announcers other than just JR, right? Because Hook's mostly been on the show JR's not.
  6. If you hate shooty stuff, there's a way to advocate for less of it: @ Tony Kahn on Twitter and tell him to pay the man!
  7. As a fan of blurred lines, I'm not sure there's a bigger heel move to the AEW audience than wanting to leave. If he can further convince people he's for real about it and not just all talk, it's the best possible thing for him. I'm excited for this story to pop up every few months for the next two-ish years.
  8. I remember him using his current theme in MLW and went to check. Found it on a five year old Youtube video on what looks like MJF's account. Is there a chance WWE could swipe another big name complete with their entrance music?
  9. Looks like Max is stirring shit up again.
  10. Leaving aside the talk of their mental health or self-harm, I largely agree that was sub-optimal fan conduct.
  11. Christopher Walken will play Emperor Shaddam in Dune: Part Two.
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