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  1. Cody trying to look better than the fans? Patently absurd. He's far more understanding of them than they are of him.
  2. Cody's going to lose again. Tony's burying him.
  3. That or willfully presenting as ignorant. Either way, I have less than zero patience for anyone who wants to score points in vaccine arguments with this weak tea.
  4. The boy is hyper. Someone take away his phone.
  5. The John Wick prequel series will star Mel Gibson. Talk about an unforced error.
  6. Which they constantly side step by letting people get title matches out of battle royals and cluster ladder matches. I'm not sure how seriously anyone should consider their rankings when putting together this tournament when we just had Matt Hardy a win away from a title shot.
  7. Meh. You could easily pull the same shit with last year's bracket and say where's Jericho, OC, PAC, MJF, Darby, etc. This year's bracket has its Sonnys and Colts just like last year's. At the end of the day, the tournament is a contrivance to get us where we're going and I'm happy we'll get some weird matches out of it. And since this company's goal is seemingly to not hang too many losses on their perceived bigger acts, it's wise of them not to load the tournament up on too many Punks, Miros, and Christians. For reference, here's where we were a year ago. Same place with the same sort of obvious destination.
  8. I'm more surprised to see so much talk about this particular instance. He's been out here pulling goofball faces this entire time. Not sure how this one is generating so much chatter.
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