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  1. Do you like BatKeaton enough to sit through an Ezra Miller Flash movie? A question we'll all soon be faced with.
  2. I mean, it's the Dark Order. I thought people like that it's nonsense?
  3. Something fun with Arn and Cody tonight. Set to play at the correct time for your convenience.
  4. Conventional wisdom would always be that a show would be better standing on its own rather than being taped after another big show. Not sure last night changed anything.
  5. Hopefully they're done putting Punk matches on the same tapings they do Punk promos. The crowd being all the way up for him here was great.
  6. You're soon going to do a write-up so convincing it forces me to genuinely reconsider Orange Cassidy and I'm scared. Keep up the good work.
  7. Punk playing with the chants was fun. How long has it been since he had a match like that?
  8. Shaq and now Dos Santos. Aging and former athletes taking random table bumps rules ass. Someone go find out if Phil Mickelson likes wrestling!
  9. Anybody know why they booked the James L Knight again so soon?
  10. I've watched a few of Tony's interviews this week and seen most of the tweets that got a lot of traction. He's seemingly trying to make this Friday Night Slapfight more than it is while tempering expectations with talk of "no matter what happens we'll put on the better show," but there's nothing I've seen that's inconsistent with who he's been all along. Not sure why anyone would think any different of him over the same overenthusiasm he's always had.
  11. Close. The last half hour of SmackDown was already announced as being commercial free to counter Rampage. Punk-Sydal being commercial free is a counter to their counter. As silly as fan grievance is, wrestling war stuff is fun!
  12. I looked it up on Cagematch last week so I guess this is cheating, but Sydal is the one Generation Next guy who didn't have any matches involving Punk in ROH.
  13. Tony's announced Punk-Sydal will open Rampage and be commercial free. Lol.
  14. His wife has. And I guess in repeating that experience, we all can.
  15. Re: Cody's godfather search, the possible InfoWarrior is Jericho, right?
  16. Got behind on this and just catching up now. Hope my not watching this live doesn't affect its chances at a second season. Showing so much of Preston Vance without his mask is certainly a choice. But it really hammers home how much access the producers have and how real this all is. I know it's probably too behind the scenes for some people and a fuddy-duddy like Cornette will probably complain about this |exposing the business" or some other out of touch shit, but it was really humanizing for Preston. Like, hey, there's a real person under that mask. It's hard for me to imagine someone as attentive as Cody forgetting Brandi's bus bed. He owes her a champagne slam cake to make up for it. One of the thing I really love about AEW is the respect they show the legends of this business whose legacy is ignored and neglected elsewhere. Eric Bischoff deserves all the credit in the world for being a foundational part of AEW's identity. Happy to see that acknowledged and respected. Give him his flowers. I've never heard anyone explain wrestling psychology quite like QT. But I'm sure he understands some people might be watching this who aren't all that familiar with the intricacies of wrestling. Speak for the audience you have. Really smart stuff by Marshall. I wonder if part of why we haven't seen Cody more consistently in the mix lately in AEW is because of his accumulating injuries and mental exhaustion. I feel for the guy. Having this whole thing riding on his shoulders has to be draining. The inside of his Double or Nothing entrance outfit is so cool. On Busted Open, Cody teased something really interesting involving Arn on this weekend's installment. Sounds like a must see.
  17. Cody is very persuasive. I extend him trust that I generally wouldn't give to others. I know he won't let me down. Cody goals:
  18. I suspect in another two months, Cody will be saying they packed 40,000 into Arthur Ashe.
  19. Chess, not checkers. https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/cody-rhodes-being-booed-i-feel-woody-toy-story?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  20. But people keep asking for relatable characters!
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