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  1. If that’s the case, I feel bad for the pyro guy who’s about to get shitcanned.
  2. Jason Powell can sleep a little easier tonight.
  3. Bucks' newest new twitter bio is "Currently not on speaking terms." Cody re-tweeted it. Omega didn't, which probably means Cody garrote wired him before he had a chance. Bryan Danielson to AEW confirmed I think?
  4. Imagining if Lawler wasn’t the only one taking a dump when Bret and Shawn were scrapping...
  5. Heroes gotta fight one another because most of the villains ain’t shit. And Tony peed inside the suit. That kind of disrespect needs to be answered!
  6. Because as you said, "Caster was clearly not the third most pushed non-champion in the men's singles division at that point." There's no real argument to be made that anyone should see him as occupying that space, so why even bother? All they're doing is chipping away at the miniscule credibility of the ranking system. Caster being there tells me being ranked doesn't mean all that much. Also, looking at the rankings for March 31 and April 7, I love that PAC got squeezed out because they were pretending he was a tag guy that week and now he's in the world title match at the PPV. Even if
  7. @tbarrieIf you're going in with the conceit that this is outcome based but you don't think they should attempt to apply any sort of logical consistency to get to those outcomes, then I come right back to the feeling I've had pretty much from the start which is why bother? I guess you think it's adding something. But I'm not seeing it at all. Is it really? Especially when Caster clearly wasn't on anybody's heels and wasn't particularly hot? It's not like ranking Caster made me feel any different about that match compared to any of Hangman's other "here's a guy for him to beat decisivel
  8. Did they ever give any criteria? It'd have been so long ago that I can't recall. But if we're taking quality of competition into account, as you are with explaining Moxley holding ground relative to Hangman, then I've got serious questions about how that's been applied to other people jumping in and out of the rankings I see the rankings functioning more as a target for scrutiny than useful for story-telling. Anything that's acknowledged #3 ranked Max Caster for one week because they noticed his record was surprisingly good and wanted to prop someone up for Hangman to eat exists for eye-
  9. No interest in Wade doing that either. Edit: Goddammit, new page.
  10. Some of the biggest news outlets in the world do this constantly. "X is being attacked/criticized/called-into-question over Y." Oh, really? Who's doing the criticizing? You or someone who works closely with your organization? I want scoops from these people. If I need assholes with opinions popping off, I can look in the mirror and find a surplus of that.
  11. Coming at idle speculation with idle speculation and arriving at a place where you "know" there's no beef is certainly a move. When one of the most reputable sources out there with the greatest amount of access has proven time and again they have no problem carrying this company's water and keeping their mouth shut in a way they wouldn't in other instances, forgive us if we're not all so eager to believe there's "nothing there" when it comes to discontent between these people. Regardless, they'd be wise to use people's ever-increasing suspicion that these people can't stand one anot
  12. Looks like just some speculation by Keller and Powell that they leave open enough for the EVPs to "clear up," as if anyone's owed that. I could have pulled the same assumptions out of my ass, and they do this for a living. I want the actual hot goss. Get back to me when the Meltz wall of silence breaks and we can get the real drama.
  13. "Sure, this thing makes no sense. But have you ever seen this OTHER THING that makes no sense?!"
  14. I was on my phone for a good chunk of this and only registered bored women. I'll be going back and having an eagle eye for any of this, because it sounds fun.
  15. 8-0 #1 ranked Page falling to 8-1 #5 ranked below Cage and Moxley is absurd. Anyone who takes the rankings too seriously is opening themselves up to abuse, full stop. If they're not going to sweat the details too much, nobody else should. Let them book whatever they want and don't think too much about TK's mental masturbation.
  16. I love that TNA did this, but no. AEW have only run two cage matches in their history and are better off for it.
  17. It’s good that you’re spreading it out over multiple sittings. Don’t put yourself through too much at once.
  18. Final season of Bosch Premieres June 25 on Amazon. Reminder that Titus Welliver will reprise the role in the IMDb TV spinoff.
  19. Cody is above the title. Cody is above the main event. Cody is AEW's raison d'être.
  20. They announced Blood & Guts on April 7 IIRC. Jim Ross was talking publicly two weeks later about getting back on the road in July. Even if they didn't know exactly when, I'll go out on the limb and assume they knew they were close. I think everyone is aware of the specific limitations of running the match in Daily's Place. I just disagree with the notion that running the match there and now and in that way was a necessity. And I'm glad you won't fight me on that. And to be perfectly clear, I'm not even arguing that the match should have been on PPV. I just think they made a choice to
  21. They always had a choice of when to run it, even if it were a couple months from now when they're touring again. How they formatted last week's TV was only a necessity once they made that choice, I think most people understand that.
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