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  1. A few points in response to this: "If him and Bryan are such draws, then they don’t need the belts when they’re on TV" is a line of thought that, if followed, ends up in a very silly place where anyone who's seen as a draw shouldn't be champion. I don't know who you think they should be belting. It's never going to be exclusively young folks who just need a rub. So far, it's been their perceived draws. Nobody's being replaced. Unless Chris Jericho is leaving, in which case yes please replace him. These big gets should be seen as complimenting the existing roster rather than replacing. When they tweet the "X is All Elite" picture, Bryan and Punk will be counted among their "actual talent." Surely that makes them as eligible for title contention as anyone.
  2. With regards to this, two of the three singles world champions in the company's history to this point have been Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose. The Revival came right in and scooped up the tag belts. Luke Harper destroyed Cody Rhodes to win the TNT championship. If this sort of mindset hasn't really presented itself until now, either among fans or from people within the company, I don't suspect it'll be a big worry going forward. Most people who make the jump over, regardless of whether they're long-tenured WWE folks like Jericho or rose to prominence there like Rusev, seem to be immediately embraced as "all elite." If anything, a company with this much momentum should be unconcerned with inferiority complex type thinking about whether their guys look weaker than people who've had long WWE runs. They should make the best moves for their business at any particular time and not think so small. Now whether or not that's Punk with the title, you're of course welcome to your opinion. But I feel Punk with the title would not represent the sort of thing you're suggesting it might.
  3. Punk had a fast-track to a title match written into his fat contract providing he prove he could still deliver the goods, which a win over Darby would satisfy. Tony's a fanboy, of course he bent over backwards to give Punk everything he asked for. And Punk made him wait and beg for opportunity to do so. Boom. Solved. Fuck ya top five. Wouldn't be Punk's first or even second time holding a wrestling promotion hostage.
  4. Austin Martin and Simeon Woods Richardson. Steep...
  5. Jose Berrios to the Blue Jays. Twins getting back multiple prospects. Seeing talk of Nate Pearson.
  6. You haven't heard? They've got other competition they're more concerned with.
  7. It makes sense, it's just a mindset I find it best to avoid. I don't think the best way to appreciate AEW is for people to view it through the prism of their decades-long baggage with other products. If something's perceived to be good, it's weirdly heightened a thousand times by people feeling so abused and deprived by other shows and "it's so different from X." If it's bad or deviates from expectations, people reflexively feel prepared for abuse because it's what they've known from other products. As always, it's best to take AEW on its own merits and not analyze it through comparisons to other companies' entrenched nonsense. Let Tony mess with your expectations and feelings without worrying he'll deprive and abuse you. If he's what people perceive him to be, surely he's earned that trust. Yeah, but they just ran a PPV with Orange Cassidy in the title match and most people didn't get themselves in a twist over it. As much as we'd want it to feel like a title change is always possible, people aren't completely allergic to championship matches where the champ is the heavy favourite.
  8. Nice. As much as I want this to be over and feel they should have done the title change during their residence in Daily's Place rather than holding off, people had become too comfortable with what they think they know about where things are going. Good to see Tony finally showing an inclination toward messing with the audience's expectations. Maybe he's not completely hopeless.
  9. People hanging onto Ghostbusters nostalgia continues to confuse me. Let it die. House of Gucci looks like Scott making a companion piece to All the Money in the World. Hope the movie plays better, but at the very least thank you for show me some stars (and unfortunately, Jared Leto).
  10. Sources familiar with the situation say Schwarber is headed to the Red Sox.
  11. I don't know how much I'd really blame Twitter hall monitors for this. Running this kind of content at this level will always pose a risk for backlash. Either they're prepared and willing to withstand it, or they don't run it. Hope they stand their ground, the network doesn't pitch a fit, and they run another in a few months.
  12. Tony Khan should send Vince his Christmas list. "I'd like a Roman Reigns and a Sami Zayn and a Charlotte Flair and a Big E and a Bobby Roode and a Toni Storm and an Omos and an Otis and-"
  13. Maybe one of those jobbers can be a Dark Order goon. Alex Reynolds needs to atone for being an easy fall in the elimination match, so he should help Adam pad his win record!
  14. NFL season can't get here soon enough. Pump the peak ratings drama straight into my veins.
  15. We also had Jim Ross suggesting people would be flying to Chicago this show. Entirely possible JR was just speaking loosely and stirring hype. But the only way I see a bunch of people are flying to that is if you've advertised in advance that Punk is wrestling. Not saying one way or another what I think will or should happen, but I'm open to your line of thinking and excited by the idea that Punk could be wrestling on television in a little over three weeks. I'm sure there'll be some Dark stuff or dark stuff there for the live audience though. The actual live show will almost certainly be longer than just the hour TV taping, with whatever it is that's packing them in taking place during that hour.
  16. Took till pretty close to the premiere for them to get the Dynamite deal in place IIRC. But it'd be nice if they had something to announce after a couple years of decent performance.
  17. Kurt Angle told Fightful that AEW made an offer for him to have a run in the company and he turned them down. While flattered, he didn't feel he was physically up to it. Impact also approached him for a one-off.
  18. Getting to do their thing as a tag team so infrequently can't have helped matters.
  19. Shit, have him lose just to demonstrate that there are stakes to this and it was never a foregone conclusion he'd get Max again. Every possible pivot is more satisfying than actually getting this match.
  20. For the moment, I’m grading on a bit of a curve for the main event acts that get to be first through the curtain on these early shows back on the road. But yes, I heard it. The people are certainly happy to be back.
  21. I’m not mad or disappointed or anything. I’m just amazed this is still happening, lol
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