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  1. Go back and read the first couple tweets as well, but this is just the goddamn coolest:
  2. Man, you are fucking bumming me out. But only because I had this exact same conversation with my wife this afternoon. We only have two kids, and I'll be 43 at the end of this year, but other than that, I am right there with you. Here's hoping we're wrong, and our kids live wonderful prosperous lives full of love and happiness.
  3. I think that Gage sucks and have zero interest in his merch, but that is a goddamn masterpiece of a t-shirt. I hope he sells a million of those, absolutely fantastic work from whoever designed that. EDIT - Thought I was in the merch thread. If that isn't a t-shirt, then ignore me, because I know nothing of what I speak.
  4. You should just ask Gabriel on Twitter or FB. They don't film anything for commercial release, at least not that I have ever noticed at any of their shows, but he might have an "official" fancam for his own collection.
  5. Hey, does anybody want to see this really weird Instagram ad I got today? I think you do, because it's really fucking fun, even if it is hella more money than I would spend on such an item. https://www.bydarioarmani.com/
  6. If they remake Jason X with Will Hobbs and I get to see him freeze someone's head and bang it on a counter, I will need nothing else in life.
  7. Isn't she way up the chain on the training side at the PC? I think she is like just under Matt Bloom.
  8. Lets imagine that this was taken before a Wrestle And Romance show. Who would they have tagged with in a trios match?
  9. I really love the design of this shirt, and I wish they would offer it in the regular purple and black instead of this version from the "Cody Rhodes Collection". I will cop to liking the stars, though.
  10. Digging a hole with a sledgehammer is real fucking stupid. Use a pickaxe or a shovel, dude. We will still understand how hard you are working.
  11. I love love love the way this unfolded. And for all the dogshit commentary I have to endure with GCW, that was a most excellent job by the announce team. Pretty goddamn great.
  12. That is a really fun, kind of convoluted, disgusting looking suplex, and that crowd doesn't move a fucking muscle. I'd like to see like the next 8-10 seconds of that clip to see if anyone actually popped. You are not even close to wrong, it is also one of my favorites, but to them have this next photo show up immediately after made me laugh so hard my sides hurt.
  13. Anybody sit through that 53 minutes and want to recap it, or do I have to watch it myself? I kind of don't give a shit about anything that comes out of his mouth, but at the same time, I absolutely want to hear his rap about how he's an "abortion abolitionist". EDIT - Nope, never mind. I started it, and I fucking hate the guy's total affect. I don't give two shits about any of his problems, or what his god is going to do for all the unborn babies that never got a chance to live their lives.
  14. All this talk about Strowman going to Japan amuses me. I can't imagine that dude ever sets foot in a ring again. Is there really that much excitement for what that guy might do elsewhere? Buddy Murphy and Tommy End and Heidi Lovelace have real reasons for us to get fired up about their next landing spot, but Strowman? Maybe Drake can book him on that upcoming QAnon show as the biggest, scariest pedophile.
  15. It took me a second to figure out why the covered face was there. I think that if Thunder Rosa can show up in gimmick, Abadon should have done the same.
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