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  1. They weren't, Heenan retired as a manager shortly after WM7, "Coach" took over as the manager of Mr Perfect and Haku and Barbarian were managerless. There wasn't really a "Heenan Family" after that, Bobby was the "Financial Adviser" to Ric Flair but Mr Perfect was his de-facto manager aka "Executive Consultant). I'm almost certain Heenan never came to the ring with Flair even in the brief period after Flair debuted but before Hennig returned.
  2. Did any NWA promotions ever have guys cut promos behind a whole section of cage filling the entire screen or was that a WWF innovation?
  3. 1994 Courtroom drawing depicting Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan:
  4. Dustin seems to be angling for a 4th fight in the post-match interview. Saying that Conor broke his own leg.
  5. I've never heard that. They made Johnny V drop the Valiant name because Jimmy was so prominent in JCP. Vince was a Graham brothers mark.
  6. The Steiners were there for about the same length of time. And I would would say that the Brain Busters WWF run was more successful even though they only won the belts once compared to three times for the Steiners. Just because they ended Demolition's 16 month title reign.
  7. Killer Bees, Rougeaus and Adonis/Murdoch are the most glaring omissions for me. Demolition should be top 5. Hart Foundation are too high. British Bulldogs too low. There are too many very short-lived tag teams in the list (Rock 'n Sock, Jeri-Show, Batista/Flair, X-Pac Kane, Team Hell No) EDIT: No Brain Busters? That's shocking.
  8. Ron Garvin was a decent enough promo. Probably not as good as Rick Martel though who was phenomenal as the Model and only a few years earlier reportedly could not speak English very well at all. Add Jacques Rougeau to the list as well.
  9. The 90 minute segment on Houston wrestling on the latest Jim Cornette experience is a must-listen.
  10. I can't remember two more exciting games back to back in a major international tournament.
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