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  1. They should have put the NWA Jr. Heavyweight championship on Mike Jackson.
  2. Nobody does the jerk the top rope/bring the opponent into the ring the hard way move any more.
  3. Yeah I realised afterwards it was just an angle because Lance Storm co-hosted for one show.
  4. What's this about Mike Sempervive being suspended from F4W? Is it just an angle or did something happen?
  5. They could allow some of the beaten quarter finalists to take the places of the banned clubs.
  6. Why don't they kick the guilty clubs out of this years UEFA competitions? So Europa league final is Roma vs Villareal and Champions league winners are PSG, no need for a final.
  7. The (in)famous 1988 NWA Calendar starring the men of the NWA and the beautiful Missy Hyatt.
  8. He was on Survivor Series '88 in Jake and Hacksaw's team.
  9. How did Ricky Steamboat come to make a one-off appearance in World Class in 1986 on their October Cotton Bowl card?
  10. I don't have a problem with WWE cutting guys, they should cut a lot more, and more often. The roster is so stagnant it's unbelievable. Every WrestleMania for the last 15 years is largely indistinguishable from the last, they just shuffle the same guys around. If you look at the roster changes between WM1 and WM5, and any 5 years for any of the first 20 years of the expansion era, not just the roster was greatly different, but the whole feel of the promotion was completely different, night and day. It would be to everyones benefit if they cut 25% of the roster every year and anyone that had bee
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