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  1. I see you discovered Meltzer's notebook the week before Bash at the Beach '96.
  2. Good job Brian Knobbs was wearing that t-shirt as he's unrecognisable otherwise. He looks great.
  3. Why was he named after Canada's national sport? And why wasn't there a Jeffry McWild wrestler as well?
  4. Has anyone read Gil Culkin's The Mississippi Wrestling Territory - the Untold Story?
  5. I've always heard about this but have never watched it. CWA Bodyguards vs Bandits PPV from 1996, a 1 hour 50 minute event with only one match.
  6. Missy Hyatt and famous star of Hollywood Tom Hanks John Tatum.
  7. Ronnie O'Sullivan just won the World Snooker Championship for a record-tying 7th time, 21 years after his first world title. Also the oldest world champion at 46.
  8. What WWF PPVs were blacked out in the city they took place? I know for sure that WM3 was, I'm fairly sure WM6 was too. Was WM8 blacked out in Indianapolis? Given they were running a huge stadium at a time the business was down, I suspect it would have been. SummerSlam '92 was effectively blacked out in the UK, not being shown on Sky Sports until a couple of days later (it aired 1 day later in the US). I don't know about Royal Rumble '97, I know they had to paper the hell out of the Alamodome to draw a respectable crowd.
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