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  1. Call me crazy, but a broken down 43yr old wrestler should be used to put over other wrestlers.
  2. I think Woody Harrelson is more than capable of pulling off good camp. We don’t know where alt-Gamora went, and I’m not sure how she would even be able to return to her own timeline once Thanos was defeated.
  3. The cool thing about Multiverses is that they’ll fit pretty much any continuity you have and you don’t have to worry about them. Unless you’re DC, and you establish that Batman ‘89 and the DCEU Flash are part of the same Multiverse as the Arrowverse, and then the Arrowverse goes through a crisis that destroys the Multiverse leaving only the Arrowverse behind, which means fans now have to consider which DC multiverse certain shows/movies fit into.
  4. I still need to see the first one I suppose.
  5. I wasn’t really digging the Mirrorverse stuff pre-COVID, and I think I agree that Crisis probably ends up being the beginning of the end of things.
  6. Rutherford Falls is pretty good. I definitely think you can tell it’s a Mike Schur show, and I’m curious if he has an endgame like he did with The Good Place.
  7. “Every meta in town will know what you did for us...” I mean, if precedent would have been set by ruling that she had to take the cure, then isn’t, by the same logic, precedent being set that instead of maybe getting 18 months in jail, metas can get life without parole? This is stupid. Also, why the fuck were Caitlin, Allegra, and Cisco not arrested for hacking GCPD and destroying the cure?
  8. Fuck, I hadn’t even gotten to the sentencing yet when I posted that. This was very stupid.
  9. I would like the Flash to move away from trying to deal with the legal issues involved with superheroing because they’re doing a shitty job. You’ve got a bunch of superheroes willing to break the law because one of them is actually willing to be held accountable for their crimes. You’ve got people tossing up their hands and saying “Oh well” over a trial judge potentially ruling that Frost had to take the cure, as if that shit wouldn’t be appealed and stayed immediately. Or acting like a trial judge ruling would create precedent. Or Cecile saying she had to go look at some case law books in he
  10. I am curious to see whether this will be its own thing, or if this is going to serve as the direct bridge between Clone Wars and Rebels. Plus, I wouldn’t mind seeing the 99s deal with Hondo.
  11. I agree with most of @TheVileOne’s thoughts, but I actually really liked it. It felt like a continuation of Clone Wars, which I mean as a complement.
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