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  1. “I’m sorry, a Go-Bot killed his cousin!” killed me.
  2. I want to watch this now. Not now as in I didn’t but now I do, but as in I want to watch it this very second.
  3. I don’t think it was a real heel turn. The implication was that he was with Intelligencia, but I took it more as they just booked a private event at his place and he didn’t know what kind of group it was.
  4. I still think the authorities, whether Damage Control or not, showed up incredibly quickly given all that she did was punch a video wall (even if it apparently also somehow did structural damage). It wouldn’t surprise me given the nature of the men’s rights troll villains if it’s revealed she was essentially swatted by Intelligencia and the authorities were already on their way.
  5. I completely forgot Intelligencia was a briefly a real group, so it could be MODOK or the Max Thinker (which could bring Awesome Andy, fitting with the Slott comics they seem to be drawing from), but given the way the show is going I wouldn’t be surprised/kinda hope it’s Red Ghost. I’d love to see the outrage if the MRA guys ended up getting turned into apes.
  6. Werewolf by Night was a surprise screening at Fantastic Fest.
  7. Mr. Immortal being sued by his ex-spouses for support after he faked his death is pretty much exactly the type of shit I want out of this show.
  8. The courtroom stuff isn’t very accurate, but a)this isn’t even close to being the worst courtroom stuff on TV or even superhero stuff (looking at you, The Flash), and b) this is pretty clearly being played for laughs, so personally I give it more leeway than something trying to deal with things seriously and failing miserably (you again, The Flash).
  9. Hat tip to @TheVileOne I’m excited for this.
  10. Sabine’s been cast: https://gizmodo.com/star-wars-rebels-sabine-cast-for-live-action-ahsoka-se-1848092927
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