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  1. He’s worn more spandex promoting this movie than he has in the last 15 years of his wrestling career.
  2. I popped for Solve Everything Prod. LLC. Grass-Fed makes me think of the Skrull cows for Secret Invasion.
  3. I don’t know that I buy that they did it due to a desire to streamline the power sets, particularly since, as Matt mentioned, she’s already appeared in so many other mediums. I think one of the cool (and relatable to kids) things about Kamala is that she didn’t have similar powers yet still modeled herself after her hero anyway, rather than saying “Hey, I stretch and grow, so I guess I’ll be the Fantastic Giant-Girl!” My money is still on the rationale being a combo of filming difficulties/D+ budget concerns and not wanting to semi-duplicate Stature’s powers. Kids today already had their “Optimus Prime dying” moment in Infinity War, now they’re getting their “completely changing up a character’s origin for the movie” moment. At least it will be better than the He-Man movie.
  4. There’s WWE precedent in the case of Michaels v. Benoit, although Benoit was awarded an equitable remedy by being added to the contracted match, making it a three way match. Jokes aside, when they showed the contract signed by Cena, I noticed it was essentially an open contract, as Finn’s name wasn’t already on it. Instead it just referred to “the undersigned.”
  5. I thought this was a pretty good episode as we move towards the series finale. I don’t believe a second season has been announced yet, so I’m a little worried we may be heading down a Rogue One type path.
  6. I believe Disney negotiated with Rock over moving Jungle Cruise to Premier Access, so I wonder if someone overlooked this or if this is just now happening because she/her agents are just now realizing how much the expected payment was being affected.
  7. Reports are that Disney nine MCU shows in development for D+, which doesn’t seem as surprising to me as the Twitter reports seem to be treating it. Obviously they’re developing more than they’ve announced thus far. The reports/rumors also say Ghost Rider, Secret Warriors, and Nova could be among the unannounced series.
  8. Re: next season of LOT (it’s in a lot of the same casting news pieces as the Constantine news, but spoilers just in case):
  9. I saw someone else tweet similar things about Snake Eyes, only with more vitriol.
  10. I’m intrigued by the theory that Wanda becoming the Scarlet Witch was the moment Kang paused and said they were beyond the threshold. While this wouldn’t matter in a “kayfabe”/in universe sense, the two scenes apparently happen at almost the exact same time in each finale.
  11. I think I’m somewhere between Matt/Casey. She’s got unique powers, and it would be a bummer to lose those for generic “shoot energy” powers, and I don’t really see (what I think to be) a good reason to make her powers necklace based. That said, I can absolutely see the special effects for her powers being unmanageable for a TV show, especially if they think it will be a multi-season thing (which wouldn’t surprise me). I think I’d rather have them change her powers than have a LOT situation where Nate rarely uses his powers even in situations where it would clearly make sense. I can also see them wanting to create more differentiation between her powers and Stature’s when she’s introduced. As for making her powers necklace based, I can also see them not wanting to wade into the Inhumans stuff, especially since a faithful origin would have to get into the Terrigen Mist stuff. Otherwise, it may seem like she is a mutant, and they may not want to tease that yet. I don’t agree with that, but I can see the argument.
  12. I forgot the series started with the Bad Batch and Kanan, so between that and the last two eps, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re literally connecting the dots between Clone Wars and Rebels with the formation of the Ghost crew.
  13. At this point, it seems like it’s purpose is to let Filoni connect the dots between Clone Wars and Rebels, and maybe the live action shows.
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