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  1. I’m intrigued by the theory that Wanda becoming the Scarlet Witch was the moment Kang paused and said they were beyond the threshold. While this wouldn’t matter in a “kayfabe”/in universe sense, the two scenes apparently happen at almost the exact same time in each finale.
  2. I think I’m somewhere between Matt/Casey. She’s got unique powers, and it would be a bummer to lose those for generic “shoot energy” powers, and I don’t really see (what I think to be) a good reason to make her powers necklace based. That said, I can absolutely see the special effects for her powers being unmanageable for a TV show, especially if they think it will be a multi-season thing (which wouldn’t surprise me). I think I’d rather have them change her powers than have a LOT situation where Nate rarely uses his powers even in situations where it would clearly make sense. I can also see them wanting to create more differentiation between her powers and Stature’s when she’s introduced. As for making her powers necklace based, I can also see them not wanting to wade into the Inhumans stuff, especially since a faithful origin would have to get into the Terrigen Mist stuff. Otherwise, it may seem like she is a mutant, and they may not want to tease that yet. I don’t agree with that, but I can see the argument.
  3. I forgot the series started with the Bad Batch and Kanan, so between that and the last two eps, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re literally connecting the dots between Clone Wars and Rebels with the formation of the Ghost crew.
  4. At this point, it seems like it’s purpose is to let Filoni connect the dots between Clone Wars and Rebels, and maybe the live action shows.
  5. One of the things I love about the MCU (and the Arrowverse) is that they’re basically modern day comics. That is a pretty obvious statement, and obviously actual comics still exist, but while comics have moved in a “more realistic” direction, these movies and shows have moved towards embracing a more “comic booky” approach. Think about the first X-Men movie lampshading how they didn’t use the comic uniforms versus Loki referencing the Thanos Copter and Throg. I like that, along with the fact I don’t have to spend $5 per issue per month for something that may be a five minute read. I’ve been thinking about this, and the Loki finale has kind of solidified the following thought for me to some extent: moving forward, I think most of the D+ series are going to be more analogous to monthly series/limited series, while the movies are going to be more akin to the big event crossovers. The series will dive deeper into their characters, while laying a lot of the character/motivation ground work for what happens in the movies, while the movies are the big events that “change things forever”, as will be seen in subsequent series. Obviously you’ll have your one shots like Black Widow, but I wonder if we’ll see fewer “obscure” movies like Shang Chi and Eternals without laying the groundwork in the series first (similar to what they sort of tried to attempt with the Inhumans, only now with everyone on the same page). I suspect we’re already seeing this with the seeds being planted for Young Avengers and Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts, even if there are no concrete plans for them yet.
  6. Presumably not, as Dr. Strange wrapped filming in April and comes out in March.
  7. Conversely, Sylvie not only hasn’t had that moment of reckoning, but has successfully fought the TVA every step of the way. As such, it stands to reason she’d barge forward to complete her own “glorious purpose” without stopping to consider the consequences.
  8. I actually think they threaded the needle here almost perfectly. They didn’t leave any breadcrumbs for non-comics fans pointing to Kang, but they definitely pointed to “someone” being behind the TVA. I would have preferred an evil Richard Grant Loki, but they revealed the man behind the curtain and explained his how/why. For the non-comics viewers, they revealed who was behind it, provided his motivations, and set him up at least as the antagonist for Loki season 2. That shot of the statue of Kang where the Timekeepers statue had been likely served as an “oh shit” moment for the uninitiated, letting them know that shit’s about to go down. I don’t think they have to know who Kang is for those moments to land. When he shows up in the future, those people will feel a little more familiar with his character than he they just dropped him into something like “By gawd, that’s Kang!” For the rest of us, we know it’s Kang, meaning they paid off all the Kang teases along the way, while also letting us know just how big a deal this is going to be moving forward. I think all the shows have done a decent job serving two different audiences, but I feel like this episode managed serving those two audiences on two different levels without taking anything away from the other.
  9. Given the complicated nature of Kang in the comics, with so many different versions of him coming from so many different times, I thought the way they introduced him was pretty brilliant, with another version of him who explained/foreshadowed relatively simply how there were many different variants of himself competing for supremacy. It’s different from introducing an evil character and then confusing people by saying, “No, this is a different version.” I think What If? will also help ease the more casual viewers into the idea of the multiverse, time travel, and variants.
  10. Yeah, I mean season finale instead of series. IMO, very little of anything from the season ultimately paid off. Mobius and the TVA are back where they began, Ravonna is MIA in search of someone who may or may not exist anymore. Our Loki has evolved, but honestly that took place before this episode. The overwhelming majority of this episode was Majors being awesome while essentially explaining the history of the MCU and foreshadowing what’s to come. Then Sylvie and Loki get back to the series stuff in the last 15 minutes. That’s where the bait and switch potential comes in: arguably, most of this episode was laying the groundwork for what’s to come and not dealing with the show Loki. It feels like a lot of the cliffhangers are things that won’t necessarily be answered in the show’s second season. Personally, I loved every minute of it, but I also it doesn’t become the blueprint for these shows.
  11. Yes, in that it existed and He Who Remains was using the TVA to make sure it didn’t get to the point where he couldn’t manipulate what was happening.
  12. All in all, my main takeaway is that Majors was perfectly cast as Kang and will be amazing. If the Kang in Quantumania(sp?) is anything like He Who Remains, I’m looking forward to his interactions with Scott Lang.
  13. On the one hand, as I was watching this, I kept thinking how awesome it was. I love how they introduced “Kang” by not actually introducing the Kang(s) who will be the big bad(s) of Phase 4 or even actually naming this “Kang.” (Side note, as soon as Majors appeared on the screen I realized I didn’t actually know what he looked like, so I had to assume it was him until it was confirmed.) On the other hand, as it was ending, I realized this was essentially all exposition and set up for the movies and, although very well done, not as much a series finale. That was a little jarring given how the show runner had talked about wanting each episode to stand on its on as an episode rather than one part of a really long movie. I feel like the other two Marvel shows had better series finales in that regard. Personally I don’t really have an issue with it in this instance because I’m incredibly excited about what’s to come in Phase 4. But one day, probably sooner than later, they’ll do this and it won’t be as well done or interesting. I can see people who aren’t as invested in this multiverse stuff feeling like this episode was almost a bait and switch. The most resolution we got was essentially “our” Loki doing a full face turn, even if that face turn was wanting to take a minute to consider whether to let a ruthless time dictator continue to sit on his throne or assume his role instead.
  14. Are you using iOS or Android? I’m using iOS and was not able to reuse the invite. On the game’s discord, the game developer’s standard line is “it will work for some people but not others.” ETA: They added some clarity. Android users who never deleted the game can access it, and it released early for everyone in Canada. Everyone else has to wait until Thursday.
  15. I read a review of the beta that compared it to a game called 80s Mania Returns, and having played both, it’s a very apt comparison. They’re both pretty mindless time waster type games, but 80s Mania is a little more fun/varied.
  16. If you did the beta, some people already have access and some don’t.
  17. Re: binging Stargirl I’m through the Brainwave Jr. episode, and damn, I was not expecting that ending. It’s been fun going back through last year’s thread to read people’s thoughts on it. The only downside for me is how often the kids go off on their on against villains powerful enough to kill the JSA without sustaining any casualties of their own, especially when Midnite was creeping through the evil lair on her own. I was practically yelling “You don’t have any powers and your Google Glasses that actually work as envisioned just stopped working, what are you doing?” Also this is more of a nitpick, but the kids are able to hang with the villains in fights a bit too much, even though they are pretty much always shown to be outclassed and only escape by getting lucky.
  18. Came here to post this tweet. I’d be interested to know what the previous premier access movies made, because releasing this info seems like a warning of sorts to theaters. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if a) this made due to being an MCU movie and b) there’s a pretty steep drop off in premier access revenue after the first weekend.
  19. Such a Loki would also have a vested interest in making sure other Loki’s never developed their powers or bettered themselves so as to provide competition.
  20. They haven’t been afraid to throw things out in trailers that seem bigger or cooler or more important than they are, which is the biggest reason I don’t want to read too much into it. I was also surprised they dropped shit in German in the trailer.
  21. Having finally gotten a moment to watch the trailer, I’m officially reading way too much into Dr. Strange being sucked into a vortex looking thing and a rough looking Dr. Strange asking Super Sharon who she is.
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