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  1. Hopefully I will actually remember to mention things I watched this year and not just the shit stuff
  2. It's officially holiday movie time
  3. God - half the year is gone. We are all gonna die
  4. If only there was a Godzilla thread for all that discussion from the last thread. Oh wait!
  5. Let's see if this works a little better. Three month chunks of the year probably is fine. Granted I would have to watch movies anymore to care
  6. Alpha has been moved from March 2 to Sept 14 Goosebumps 2 has also been delayed (but not as much) - it goes from 9/21 to 10/12
  7. So apparently I closed the 2017 thread and never started the 2018 one. I shouldn't be allowed to draw breath
  8. Bohemian Rhapsody. Not easy to stuff this up, but they did. Telemovie standard script, portrayal of Queen as Spinal Tap is as exaggerated as Freddie Mercury's teeth. Rami Malek is good as Freddie but if they're just dubbing old Freddie Mercury vocal tracks over it, it's just karaoke at best, at worst a Disneyworld Jack Sparrow. Oh and Littlefinger from GoT basically playing Littlefinger is super distracting also. Script glosses over his sexuality in a big way to try and get a lower rating to a point where you think he tripped over a pile of AIDS, and a constant reminder of "Yeahnah but he used to be straight". 4/10 for the soundtrack.
  9. No one bid on the rights for the remains of the Weinstein Company - so this Lantern Capital group got the rights basically by default. They say they will be dumping money in and keeping the company going. Lantern Capital is a "Dallas-based private equity firm, whose diverse holdings include luxury hotels, automotive dealerships and zinc recycling operations" I am now spending the morning trying to understand what a stalking horse bid is
  10. This really probably falls under the "surprising casting" but I posted the trailer for The House with a Clock in its Walls in the Upcoming Movie Thread. When I glanced at the casting I was like "Cool! Colleen Camp is in it!" Colleen Camp was Kirkland in the Police Academy movies (along with a billion other things) - but that is the frame of reference for this story. Somehow - I never ever realized that Camp was Yvette in Clue (and Clue is one of my all time favorite movies) This fucking floored me Of course - now as the week goes on I have been like "I am pretty sure I have had this discovery before". This is my way of saying I have a head injury... or am really stupid.
  11. Just because I needed something to start the thread. Variety had its list of 13 Most Underrated 2017 Movies (which seems mainly based on Box Office) The Killing of a Sacred Deer The Lost City of Z Battle of the Sexes Stronger Mudbound Patti Cake$ Beach Rats BPM (Beats Per Minute) A Ghost Story Personal Shopper Good Time Their Finest In the Fade http://variety.com/2017/film/news/most-underrated-movies-of-2017-1202649256/
  12. Good Time is bat-shit crazy. It's like an hour and fourty minute anxiety attack, but in the best way possible. Those of you who live in big cities will probably be somewhat immune though. Also, if you ever wanted to put a stake in Robert Pattinson's heart, hold back because his role here might change your mind. Oh, and Necro is in it, who I identified by the lisp
  13. Finally starting a new thread. Not starting it on a happy note Oklahoma City
  14. If you haven't noticed - I tried to write what the movie is under the trailer (if one is posted) as that way folks can find it if they are using the search feature For Example Going In Style
  15. This technically should be in the box office thread but I need something to start off a new thread http://deadline.com/2017/10/regal-plans-surge-pricing-movie-tests-2018-1202194773/ http://money.cnn.com/2017/10/26/media/regal-cinemas-dynamic-pricing/index.html Regal theaters are going to start testing "Surge" Pricing in their theaters next year (or I guess the industry term is "dynamic pricing" Basically - Blockbusters will be what we are paying now (let's just say roughly $15) while regular movies (clearly more like dramas, Oscar bait things, indie films, etc...) will like say $7 Also - Regal seems to be the ones trying the best to embrace the changing marketplace as they are working with that new Movie Pass service (while AMC is apparently suing Movie Pass)
  16. Split crushed everything this week as it made just over $40 million. And since it's budget is a reported $9 million - M Night just got his mojo back The xXx sequel finished 2nd with only $20 million (it made an additional $50 million worldwide) Rogue One officially passed a billion dollars Moana passes $500 million worldwide. 4th straight Disney movie to do that
  17. Watched The Great Wall last night. It was mostly uninvolving. Some decent set pieces, but the script and characters are paper thin. The trailers hint that the Great Wall was built to keep out some malevolent supernatural menace (at least, that's what I got out of them), so the menace being a herd of mindless lizards was disappointing. I was expecting some sort of evil Japanese god to be lurking out there. Wife and I went to see mother with another couple a few days ago. Not my thing at all.
  18. Did no one watch any movies last month? We barely got 2 pages out of the last thread. I mean y'all have already shit on the rebooted movie club...
  19. Another shameless reminder that I restarted the movie club and I will put up an August theme sometime today
  20. Cheap Plug Return of the Movie Club
  21. Maybe I should just renamed this @Curt McGirt yells at cloud thread
  22. I was kinda disappointed with Sleight. For an R rated movie, it sure is a Nickelodeon-ish version of a crime drama laced with some superhero stuff and a fairly pedestrian soundtrack. Jacob Latimore has tons and tons of chemistry with Seychelle Gabriel and has charisma to burn and is arguably the best movie big brother ever to his little sister played by Storm Reid. Dulé Hill is also fairly awesome as a pure bad guy. The story is just so cliché ridden and simply isn't there to support these characters. JD Dillard's loose direction for Dope was fucking awesome (GO SEE DOPE RIGHT NOW~!), so I have no idea why he held the reins so tightly this time around. I was also a bit annoyed by the swerve. I'd go see a matinee if you're curious about it, but I wouldn't spend afternoon or evening premium movie dollars.
  23. @S.K.o.S. says you should watch The Discovery which just hit Netflix The more Robert Redford the better
  24. I realized this as I was doing my ballot for the GOAT poll Robert Redford is one of my all-time favorite actors. I just never connected the dots until I was realizing how many things he was in were doing well on my list. I mean like I have even watched shit like Legal Eagles way too many fucking times
  25. The GOAT Poll really kicked started me to start watching movies again as crazy as that sounds. In January I first watched Rogue One The 39 Steps Citizen Kane M Dr. Strangelove The Raid: Redemption Treasure of the Sierra Madre L.A. Confidential Glengarry Glen Ross Plus I rewatched All the President's Men for the first time since college and Jaws since probably high school I am sure I am forgetting stuff too. (Or the stuff I watched at the very end of December like Zootopia, Wall-E and Rashomon) But yeah - I love movies again and plan on busting out a few other things on the board to, if nothing else, keep motivating myself to not be lazy.
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