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  1. I would guess that the majority of people watching the show aren't going to have much knowledge of the comic version of the Ms. Marvel and thus aren't going to notice or mind if the MCU changes her origin or powers. I've actually given her comic(s) a couple tries and i don't remember much of her backstory.
  2. I'm hoping Ric only wants to be an on-screen authority figure or make personal appearances or something, but I don't think he would have asked for his release just for that. I'm hoping he does a cinematic match with Sting or somehow ends up AEW champion for a day or something, but I feel like we're going to see Ric wrestling hardcore matches in high school gyms against local indie guys and bleeding a bucket. Metlzer mentioned that Ric was sending Vince booking suggestions (for Charlotte). That seems... annoying. Ironically, I feel like Ric would book himself and Charlotte like Dusty and Bisch booked. Charlotte would be the star even when she didn't have the belt, while anyone with any star power would feud with, I dunno, a possessed doll. ....... Oh, wait.
  3. I really can't fathom choosing mask over vaccine. I would never make that choice. Walking around in public looking at people in masks nosedives my mental health to scary levels. Not really sure what will happen to me when round 2 of mask mandates really kicks in. Lol, that should probably concern me more than it does
  4. What are the odds that Ric Flair gets back in the ring now that he's not under WWE contract? FWIW, Meltzer and Alvarez "joked" = but didn't seem to be joking - that Ric would be WWE champion right now if he had his way. I'm guessing there's a lot of truth to that. Ric doesn't seem to want to - or maybe be able to - accept that he's no longer in the spotlight. Probably becasue he's never seemed that interested in just being Richard Flieh.
  5. New York City becoming the first municipality in the US to mandate proof of vaccination for gyms, restaurants, most other public settings. Hopefully other cities and states follow suit fairly quickly.
  6. I agree somewhat. He'll likely be allowed to keep whatever money and "golden parachute" benefits are specified in his contract. But I dunno that I regard being forced to resign and written up in Bloomberg as a token gesture that allows me to land on my feet. The scandal is sufficiently public that it's going to follow him. He's not likely to leave and become president of Capcom or whatever. Odds are more likely he'll simply go away quietly and never be heard from again. Whether that's sufficient punishment, I dunno. Probably not, but it is what it is. I'm not president of my firm, but I am in a management position. If similar allegations surfaced in my department, the story wouldn't be big enough to make Bloomberg or probably even the local papers, but it most likely still ruin me professionally even if I were allowed to resign.
  7. Super babyface (pun intended) Nikki jumping Charlotte from behind and waffling her with a chairshot is some head-scratching booking.
  8. Valhalla is the only game he's directed, as far as I know, but he was one of Ubi's senior designers. He was lead designer on AC IV and Origins. Might have also been lead designer on Unity (credited as senior designer). Left Ubi for EA Motive when they offered him the Dead Space gig.
  9. Lol, I'm for it only because it improves the chances that my alma mater, WVU, might get invited to join. I don't think there chances of staying in a power conference are good otherwise.
  10. Another weekend, another PS3/Xbox 360 shooter that was surprisingly good Finished up Singularity last night and felt like it deserved more attention than it got. Ingenious story-driven shooter with a loopy time travel mechanic that actually works and some really fun set pieces. I've only played a couple games from Raven Software and Singularity is probably the only one I'd go out of my way to recommend, but - from reading up on them over the weekend - it seems like they had a fair degree of creativity and worked hard to turn out some quality ips. They probably deserved better than to be turned into a support studio for whatever Call of Duty game Activision is trying to polish this week. Other than graphics and load times and such, are games really better now? I feel like game design stagnated somewhere around 2014, probably because a lot of the quality designers got fed up with what they were doing for the major studios and left Capcom, Konami, Ubi, etc. to open their own studios. PS4 generation has an incredible number of titles and is strong in just about any genre, but I feel like the AA titles were better and maybe the indies too. I'm not sure the past seven years of indie games really surpasses Journey, Super Meat Boy, Braid, Limbo, the top half of Summer of Arcade, etc. If nothing else, companies like Capcom still occasionally took risks in the early 2010's. PS3/Xbox 360 have a lot of not-quite-great but interesting games that probably wouldn't get greenlit these days. I feel like my top 10 PS4/XOne games would blow away my top 10 PS3/Xbox 360 games. Maybe even top 20-30 would compare well. But I'm fairly sure if I compared a top 100 or 200 from 2007-2014 to a top 100/200 from 2014-2021 (discounting remakes and remasters), the PS3/360 gen would win.
  11. Biden's science adviser, Dr. Fauci, was on Face the Nation yesterday and didn't think lockdowns were coming. Mask mandates seem to be making a comeback. I find living in a world of masks depressing so I'm fairly bitter at the moment. Good luck getting me to be civil to anti-vaxxers any time in the near future.
  12. If it somehow leads to a gauntlet match between Jericho and Teddy & four of his cats, I'm ok with that. In a shocking twist ending, Teddy will be the next-to-last entrant. Jericho pins him, thinks the match is over & celebrates, then is rolled up by the last cat which rolls into the ring unnoticed while Jericho is celebrating.
  13. Guy Davis - the artist on the first arc of the book - returned for the fourth arc and drew the book the rest of the way, except for a couple fill-in issues. Changing artists for each arc was never the plan. Around the time he started work on SMT, Davis had some personal issues which caused him to get way behind on the book and led to the editor bringing in a couple fill-in artists, Definitely agree that the feel of the book was off when Davis wasn't doing the art.
  14. Fwiw, Meltzer said on Observer Radio that Bray’s been out with a medical issue and was not cleared to wrestle. He just got cleared, which is why they were planning to bring him back in August. No mention of Brodie or asking for time off. “Medical issue” could be psychological, I suppose, though that didn’t seem to be where Dave was going and it would probably have to be a fairly severe diagnosis to keep you from being cleared to get in the ring. Dave thinks his high salary might have led to the cut but not sure. Also not sure AEW will have any interest in him, but not sure they won’t.
  15. Angle talked about his physical condition on his podcast recently. Apparently his neck issues cause him a fair amount of pain on a daily basis and he has various neuro issues in his arms that stem from the neck (numbness, tingling, loss of movement, etc.). He said he's needed the neck fusion surgery for 15 years or more but been putting it off to the point he probably can't put it off much longer. He had "little" surgeries on his neck during his career but those were mostly geared towards getting him back in the ring asap. Apparently his physical issues are fairly significant, so getting back in the ring would likely be a terrible idea. I assume all this means we see him make a comeback next year.
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