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  1. Chucky's gotta feud with Bron, right?
  2. Eoae


    Robo Umps will never be more than a fad. We'll be back to human umpires by the year 3000.
  3. I didn't do many of the side quests. I mostly just stick to the main quests in games. Not a completionist or a trophy hunter. I'm estimating I spent 35-45 hours with in over 12 days. That's a lot more time than I usually spend on games. Most of that play time occurred between 11 PM and 3 AM. I don't sleep much and, since the pandemic started, I've fallen into the habit of playing for a couple hours after my wife heads to bed. I enjoyed FC6 a lot so I'll most likely go back to it after they release some patches and dlc and try to check out more of the world One long game I do plan to dig into soon is AC: Valhalla. I bounced off it pretty quickly last year, but have gotten more into it recently and want to spend a lot of time with it over the winter. Hoping to clear some of the shorter games off my pile by December something and give that some time in December and January.
  4. I feel like vax rates among athletes are probably higher than the general public. Most of the college teams I've heard about have high vaccination rates, most teams in NFL and MLB have high rates, NBA says it's up to 96%, NHL says it has one unvaccinated player, etc. Athletes don't want to lose playing time or cause the team to miss games. I'm assistant coach of a high school volleyball team (my daughter is head coach). Early in the season, one of the kids tested positive and most of the team had to quarantine because they were unvaccinated. My daughter had been encouraging them to get vaccinated since practice started in the summer, to no avail. I took a different tactic. While the kids were quarantined, I emailed families and basically said "if you want to sit out state playoffs this year because someone tests positive the weekend before sectionals, keep it up. By the way, if we spend too much time sitting out because unvaccinated players keep testing positive, me and my daughter will probably find something else to do with our time next year." We have a pretty good chance of going deep in postseason this year - hopefully to states. Kids got out of quarantine, a couple of the seniors leaned on the younger kids, most everyone got their first shot the following week.
  5. Probably. Though if you're looking at an 84-year-old man with cancer of the blood and multiple other conditions and drawing broad conclusions, you probably are an idiot. Powell's immune system was likely devastated long before Covid. Let's be honest though. There aren't many of us over the age of 12 sitting on the fence. The anti-vaxxers have already made up their mind and are only going to get vaccinated if scared into it by the virus hitting close to home or forced into it by job requirements or whatever. Vaccines for kids 5-12 will likely be approved first week of November. So we have that to look forward too, Yay! Ultimately, I think the government will mandate vaccines in schools nationwide and that will de-politicize it somewhat, but it's going to be rough until then. You'd think sports people would look at, well, sports, and learn some lessons, but nope. Last year at this time, it was dicey which schools would play next weekend and we were playing pro games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Baseball got through the season with only a couple minor issues and so far we haven't had a NFL game canceled and no college games (that I know of).
  6. Apparently she's morally opposed to getting a vaccine that isn't 100% effective stopping transmission. ??? Why that makes a moral and ethical difference to her, I dunno. I don't think any vaccine in history has been 100% effective. Then again, Williams' comment on the issue have been half-informed and fairly dumb. Personally, I'd fire people like Williams and Sage Steele instantly for publicly whining about how terrible ESPN is. If i - or anyone else - went on social media and complained my firm to Nazis and cried about how awful they are, the firm would come down on us almost immediately. And they wouldn't be wrong to do so.
  7. Finished Far Cry 6. On the one hand, I understand why some people feel like they've been playing the same game since Far Cry 3. On the the other hand, the formula still works, so why mess with it. 6 might be/is probably my favorite game in the franchise. Memorable villain? Check. Huge open-world with a lot to do? Check. Attack crocodiles? Check check check. I do wish Antón Castillo had a bigger role, but that's my standard complaint with Far Cry's psychopaths. Besides, it's not like the game was short on evil crazy people. Throw a rock.... Anyway, really liked the game Probably won't be my GotY but it will be high on the list. I am glad they got away from the trope of average guy protagonist who frequently says "I'm not a trained killer" - right before he murders a roomful of people exactly like a trained killer would.
  8. I'm curious as to why there's no chairs and no band. Covid? Cost? Everyone else forgot their was a wedding too? Bride and groom secretly dislike their families and are really passive aggressive?
  9. I'd like to see ReDragon have a run in AEW, but the clock's probably ticking. Fish will be 45 at the end of October and O'Reilly is under contract for at least a while yet. The writing's probably on the wall for him in NXT, but I wouldn't be too surprised in Vince keeps him around to delay a ReDragon reunion.
  10. No, but they did tell him to wrestle with porpoise.
  11. I feel like $50 a year is rather reasonable. I'll end up with Switch Online eventually. But, yeah, they're going to have to keep adding games and offer me something I can't get on the Wii U virtual console or the Sega Genesis mini. Streaming is not my favorite way to play so they're going to have to start digging some of the less obvious suspects out of the N64 catalog. Call me when you upload Mischief Makers. My wife still plays Animal Crossing almost daily so she's thrilled about the AC updates.
  12. Pre-orders for the Xbox fridge start on Monday. Actual item will be released sometime in December. MSRP is $99. Only available from select retailers. One retailer in each country/region? Apparently, Target is going to be the only official retailer in the US. I guess it's time to start figuring out how much I'm willing to pay a scalper for one of these things.
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