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  1. I guess Sami lives under a rock. Getting people canceled for not agreeing with your opinions is the new American hobby.
  2. That's the way I took it too. But, if the CDC and Fauci and the like are telling states the vaccinated don't need to wear masks, shouldn't states start winding down mask mandates? Most states are around 60% and rising steadily, so the majority of eligible adults are probably vaccinated. This does have some issues - the ones pointed out above. Our governor is taking a "split the baby" approach. Lol, probably should have expected this from a guy that got elected as a democrat, them promptly switched parties (though the real question is why the state Democratic Party believed he was on
  3. Lol, I'd probably end up buying once of each color for my wife and letting her choose. FWIW, I'm a big fan of both Hollow Knight and Ori (though Will of the Wisps is probably the better of the two Ori games. I recommend them both though).
  4. Be happy your wife was satisfied with the Switch Lite. Mine has cycled through a couple different ones. 2017 Switch (used, first one I bought) -> Switch Lite (meh) -> Animal Crossing LE (too girly) -> Current model with the better battery. Of course, just as I finished buying/selling her discarded Switches, the Mario LE came out and I replaced mine. She plays other "cutesey" games once in a while, but mostly just plays AC. Also, I know where my cartridge port is, but I've never used it. I only buy physical editions anymore if the digital edition gets delisted. 3D All-Stars
  5. True, but what's the rationale for ignoring the CDC? For that matter, mask mandates and shutdowns were originally put in place out of fear the healthcare system would be overwhelmed and collapse. We seem to be well past that point. My state has approx. 200 people hospitalized with Covid in the entire state (they could all fit on one floor of our hometown University hospital, basically). I'm guessing it will take some time, but things will slowly go back to almost normal and masks will all but disappear by... the end of the year, maybe?
  6. Finished up Assassin's Creed II on my Xbox Series X (playing the Xbox One Remaster, with the FPS boosted to 60 fps) and it's outstanding. You can tell it was originally a 360 game, but it looks phenomenal for what it is and AC at a stable 60 fps is buttery smooth. It's pretty much everything you could ask for from the title. I don't understand how people can't find anything to play. I've got too much to play right now. Lot of back compat titles I want to play or replay. A lot of my favorite titles are back in the backlog pile because they have an optimization patch. Starting Nie
  7. PS4 version featured an updated control scheme. You could change back to the original layout via a menu option, irrc. Really like both Shadow and Ico. Shadow may be my favorite game ever.
  8. Is it a money thing? I mean, he probably needs the money, but it also seems exactly the sort of low-rent thing an aging minor celebrity who doesn't want to give up the spotlight would sign on for. I think I joked last time this came up that, if there's ever a sequel to the Wrestler, Randy the Ram should try to land a CarShield gig. I like Ric as a performer, but I think I know too much about him. I try not to be judgmental about how other people live, but... kids. If you want to be the Nature Boy 24/7 and live and die that way, fine, but maybe not have kids and a wife if you're not
  9. FWIW, I thought Darby's bump was much dumber than Jericho's. Although Alvarez says AEW just padded the set by shoving cardboard boxes under the spot, not an actual crash pad. Okayyyyyyyy.
  10. I know someone who got through 2020 lockdowns that way. I'm mildly curious about how much rates for that sort of thing went up during the pandemic.
  11. I was joking. No worries. I've been called far worse.
  12. Nick Gage will probably live forever. Even the Grim Reaper's afraid of him.
  13. Lol, what do you think I am? Some sort of luddite? Actually, I read about those features before I got the console, but promptly forgot about them. I did a little reading a few minutes ago and I'll check out those features over the weekend. Thanks. I feel like the sensible thing to do would be keep whatever I can on the space I have (internal storage + expansion card) and re-download games and saves from the cloud and MS store as necessary, but I kinda like having everything I bought at hand. Same reason I don't sign up for Gamepass or PS+. Feels too much like renting to m
  14. What's the best way strategy for storage. I'm already finding that I'm running out of space on my Xbox. At the moment, I have the Seagare 1 TB storage expansion card installed + a 2 tb Seagate Game Drive (usb). USB is already fairly full with backwards compatible X360 games + a fair number of X One games. At the moment, my basic strategy is b/c Xbox and 360 game go on usb drive, enhanced Xbox One and Series X games go to SSD expansion card. I'm going to buy another device before I get too far along and moving games to a new drive becomes a more mammoth task than it already is. My opt
  15. Eh, I played TLOU remaster a few months ago and still thought it was great. Regarding the ending:
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